Bobbi Kristina sings better than her mother Whitney Houston, so says Bobbi’s dad Bobby Brown.

VIDEO:Whitney sings a duet with her daughter Bobbi Kristina

In an appearance on television show The View on Monday, Brown said that his daughter “sings like a bird. She sings a little better than Whitney and she has my legs so (she can dance)….”

But Bobbi Kristina is not the only gifted child among the Brown clan: “I’m gonna do duets with all of my kids; they all sing and dance, so I’m just waiting for the right time to strike, you know, the Brown clan.”

Last week, Bobbi was in the news for allegedly snorting cocaine.   The 18-year-old and her parents have since denied all claims of drug use.

Read More: STORY: Bobbi Kristina reponds to alleged drug use

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  1. Right here is the right webpage for anyone who really wants to find out about this topic.
    You understand a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a brand new spin on a subject that’s been written about for decades.
    Great stuff, just great!

  2. I’m sure Bobby Kris can sing very well. Bobby Brown says she can sing a little better than Whitney though…ummmm..maybe he is not sober after all.

  3. @Pisces

    I agree. I think that sometimes these celebrities get special treatment when it comes to their children. In the case of Michael Jackson (who I absolutely love)and his children, I think that the media did a good job of making him out to be a terrible parent(when he turned out be one of the best). Look at his children, they are intelligent, well-spoken, and respectful. Now take a look at the children of the so-called normal parents who the media never really criticized( i.e. Bobbi Kristina, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and the list goes on. These are the ones who should have been criticized way before their kids became so out of control. As for Bobbi K. singing better than her mother, that should be put to the test. Let’s hear her belt out “I Will Always Love You”. If she can hit every note and sound better than Whitney’s deliverance of that song than I’ll believe his opinion concerning his daughter’s singing ability, but if not; he should learn to not get carried away when making statements such as those…especially when it involves “The Voice”.

    • Anita you’re right, Bobby should watch getting carried off when he talks about how well his daughter sings.

      He probably doesn’t realize what he’s saying most of the time because he’s high. For reals.

    • “Now take a look at the children of the so-called NORMAL parents who the media never really criticized( i.e. Bobbi Kristina, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and the list goes on. ”

      I agreed with you on some parts but the above statement from your post is not so true. These parents were never considered NORMAL parents according to the media. I dont even know what you would define as being NORMAL in regards to parenting. The media ALWAYS criticized whitney and Bobby and even poked fun at young Bobbi Kristina for being chubby, and having a gap when she was younger. The media put this family through HELL day in and out. I clearly remember that. just type in Bobbi Kristina’s name in google and you’ll see all the mean and nasty things that they said about this child her ENTIRE life! I dont think its fair at all. They Criticized whitney and Bobby all throughout the 90s & 2000s, and the whole time they would poke fun at lil bobbi krisitna, a CHILD who should have been left out of all that bad talk. Im not saying that whitney and bobby are the best parents or that bobbi kris is an angel. I just feel like we dont know their familial situation and we should let them live. These are RUMORS and I hope they arnt true, if they are ture, I hope they get help and work through their problems, and i wish them all the best.

      Lindsays parents were also highly criticized especially her father . .

    • I share your sentiment in wishing the best to this family, but how can we know for sure that her parents are indeed sober and clean?

      Either one of them could be the culprit that taught her how to get high in the first place…her self admitted, cocaine addicted mother could be still getting high with her own daughter.

      In hindsight, it would have been wonderful if Bobbi Kristina could have been removed from her dysfunctional home and raised by another family member in a clean and sober environment.

      Back in the day, the attorney Gloria Allred went ballistic trying to take Michael Jackson’s kids away from him because of stuff like Michael dangling Blanket over the ledge…I always wondered why at the peak of Whitney and Bobby’s publicized addictions, no one felt that Bobbi needed an advocate to intervene when she was a minor.

      That reality show they had was very revealing.

  4. You are right and it’s a helluva step up from spitting in her face like he did while they were still married and in the throes of addiction.

  5. I heard she was on drugs and saw the pics of her smooking weed and doing drugs. I was so sad to have seen that. She is a pretty girl and I hope she stay on the right track in life.

  6. i could not have said it any better.Did her parents really deny that she was doing drugs. and did she really think that boy who sold her out cared about her. omg Forget the singing right now. Not one to judge I pray she gets her life on track and leave drughs alone. That was sad seeing that boy holding the tray and she snorting away. Oh I forgot that was her twin.,

  7. Whitney gave her the perfect name ” Bobbi” this girl is a carbon copy of Mr. Bobby Brown fasho. She looks exactly like him then his other kids.

  8. I really do not understand why they did not get that girl any braces.

    I truly hope and pray that she is not a drug addict and will truly do something outstanding with her life to be a testimony to kids everywhere you can be great despite growing up in an environment where both parents are drug addicts.

    • I’m sure that her parents would have gotten her braces if that’s what she wanted. Many people love their gaps and don’t want them “fixed.”

  9. Cute father daughter pic. I now see clearly where she got the gap from. It is cute on her and hope she keeps it.

    I do hope that she is not doing the “white lines”. Too cute for that, rich, and if she can sing as good as or better than her mom, gifted as all get out.

  10. O how i miss the old days when privledged ppl when emphasize education and morality. Than riding this shallow empty Hollywood gravy train. I mean there is Nothing wrong with talent and having it. But it seems like there aren’t a lot of folks stressing education these days. I dunno maybe I am old fashioned. But if I had the means that some of these folks have I would try to steer my kids *if i had any* in the old way of education. Not because they need the degree for to get the “job” but education matures u and enlightens u. But I digress.

  11. Obama has admitted to using coke and marijuana when he was younger (I believe this was in his book). And, Bobbi Kris has admitted that the girl in the pictures on the web are of her; she said she was set up by her then boyfriend to make it LOOK LIKE she was doing what she was doing. If you want to believe it, it’s up to you, but it’s not fartetched to believe that a teenager might try it, even if just once.

    As for her singing, really, if she was half as good as Whitney, we would have heard her singing by now. Bobby just sounds like a proud daddy talking.

    • Correct.

      Bobby is trying to say that singing is in her DNA…no, DRUGS is in her DNA.

      It’s what she’s been exposed to most in her young life even more than her Daddy’s singing and dancing or her mother performing.

      Even Auntie or cousin Dionne Warwick likey the cocaine.

      Crack is whack but coke is okey-doke seems this family says.

  12. Forgot this part..

    Bobby must still be hitting that stuff! Her mother is one of the greatest singers of all time. I’m sure Bobbi sounds good but never better than her mother.

    • Lol, Bookworm! You are probably right. I also want to add that it is time for an intervention from Bobbi’s Mom. Whitney told Diane Sawyer.. “CRACK IS WHACK”!

      It still is “WHACK” and help your baby if you can before she ruins her life!

    • She sang on Good Morning America with her mom…she cannot and I repeat cannot sing unless she’s gotten some lessons recently.

    • She sang on Good Morning America with her mom. She cannot sing. I repeat she cannot sing unless she has received singing lessons recently.

    • I agree, no way she sings better than her mother. Was Bobby trying to take a dig at Whitney or something? I don’t know.

  13. Look at her parents! I wouldn’t be shocked if it was her!

    BTW, She looks just like her dad! She got the gap and everything!

  14. With all of the drug abuse, etc. that this poor child was exposed to during her early childhood, it is amazing that she has made it this far still intact.

    I always found it amazing that authorities early on never removed her from her parents custody for her mental and physical well being.

    • WHER T F was children’s services when this girl was growing up? Just another example of how the system failed :(

  15. Hmmmm, I guess only time will tell if she’s as talented as her parents and/or if the drugs rumors are true…
    Bobbi Kris is surely the right name for her because she clearly favors her dad more than all his other kids do.

  16. I wouldn’t be suprised if the rumors are true. After all she did grow up seeing her parents do drugs and kids do what they see and not what you say. I too hope they are not in denial about this. This is truly very sad :(

  17. I really hope that Bobby and Whitney are not in denial, if there is a problem, face it and get that girl some help and unfortunately it will be harder now that she’s 18. There are even rumors circulating the net about a sex tape, I feel for this girl rather it’s true or not

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