Selah Marley is featured in the latest issue of  Teen Vogue magazine. In the issue, the 12-year-old budding star talks about wanting to follow in her parents’ musical footsteps.

She tells the magazine, “Singing is my favorite thing to do. One day I hope to get signed to a record label.”  Besides looking up to her famous parents Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, Selah admits that she is a big fan of singer Justin Bieber.  “I am a huge fan of Justin’s. I love his personality and his looks just take the cake!”

To find out what Selah has to say about her mom, pick up the latest issue of   Teen Vogue!

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  1. I thought it was Willow when I first saw the pic. She’s very pretty and favors her mom greatly. I like that that haven’t messed w her eyebrows to much. The bushy brows keep her youthful looking.

  2. Lauren’s daughter is beautiful. Very pretty young lady. I can see her mom in her. Ms.Hill needs to hurry up with that comeback!

  3. Beautiful girl, and she seems like she has a good head on her shoulders. no doubt she will make her family proud no matter what she does.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks she favours a young Kyla pratt but she’s a spitting of her mother also .. bless .. xxx

  5. Nice to see Selah. I remember when she was born, Nove 98. LH was promoting MisEd while pregnant. Selah is in her belly in the ‘That Thng’ video !

    I’m glad the makeup was kep to a minimum.
    Selah looks like she had/has a unibrown like Lourdes Leon.
    She doesnt have her Mom juicy lips, but I see resemblence.

    Now only if the clothes were better. No TEEN should be wearing $440anything! mui mui etc. All this ish is tooo expensive.

    Clothes in this TEEN mag should be from 4ever21, H&M, target, jcpenny, kohls, kmart, foreman mills… REASONABLY PRICED STORES!

    • These things are moderately priced, imho, but then cost is SUBJECTIVE. If you want your kid in cheap, ill fitting clothes from the likes of Kohl’s, Target, Walmart etc. that’s fine, but don’t push your budget requirements on the rest of us or our kids.

  6. I’m really surprised that Lauryn is letting her go into the business.I’m not quite sure what she has done to warrant a spread in Teen Vogue, but she is indeed a beautiful young lady. I’m sure that she will get a deal based on her pedigree. Hope she is prepared if/when it happens.

  7. She’s very beautiful. :) The makeup artist got carried away with the blush, though. She doesn’t have a need for it.


      • @KeKe- it is kind of weird how much they worship a kid (I won’t say the name bc I am tired of hearing it, personally). People want to throw having money into the mix, but money don’t make ppl happy or good ppl. There are a lot of ppl (both famous & not famous) who got money, that are miserable and mean.

        I don’t know if either girls are talented bc I haven’t heard Selah and “you know who” is just getting her auto-tuned career started. However, I wish them both well. I don’t like most of the music artists today anyways.

      • @Connie- No, you are the only one that want hazel eyes(and probably facicial/body implants). What? Are you not happy with how you look or how your life has turned out, so badly that you want to be someone else (especially a kid,geez)?

        Gain some self-esteem and make your neccessary life changes because no one wants to look like her or anyone else except you!

    • Thank you very much!!! I’m sick of Willow. No need to compare beautiful Selah to that spoiled little daddy’s brat!

  8. She is pretty. But am I reading it correctly? 12 years old? No way, she looks way older in this picture, more like 16.

  9. She looks a great deal like Lauryn. I had to laugh when they said she looks up to her famous parents…when did Rohan become famous? He is only known because of his father and being the father of Lauryn’s children. He is simply linked to people who are famous not from any accomplishments of his own.

  10. Every time I hear Justin Beiber’s music now, I hear her youtube versions in my head:) She is beautiful and looks just like her mom.

  11. How cute is that baby picture!?! What a beauty like her mom. She has stunning eyes. Wish her much success with her career. Lauryn is one of a kind. I was listening to her unplugged cd the other day and Bob Marley is one of my all-time favorites. Their music just speaks consciousness. They didn’t need auto-tune, could play atleast one musical instrument and to my knowledge they wrote most of their music. True musicians. If she has half the talent as Lauryn and her dady’s family, I’m sure she’ll go far.

    • BTW…I love her name. I want to give my children biblical first names and while there are many male names to choose from that I like, their aren’t many girl names that I like. Selah isn’t an actual name in the Bible to my knowledge but I’m still thinking about using it. It means “pause, and think of that” or “stop and listen”. I hope that Selah will put out music that will make her generation “pause and think of that” and will make as big of an impact as her family did, instead of just putting out music that we can whip our hair to (no shade, I like Willow). I was in my sophomore year of college when “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” came out and listening to that cd in my dorm room was one of the few things that I remember about that year. That’s truly when I fell in love with hip hop. That cd made me look within and think about the impact that I wanted to make on the world. I hope that she makes an impact like that. And I won’t even start on Bob Marley’s music. So yeah, get your education girlie and work hard so that you can give your generation something to “pause” to.

      Sorry y’all, but I just felt like sharing today.

      • These are beautiful words.
        And you are right to put thought behind the naming of your children, there is power in a name!

        • I wish people would realize that instead of just throwing some letters together or trying to combine names and coming up with something that’s hard to pronounce and spell. Sometimes I literally just SMH. But to each his own.

          • What difference does it make the name of her daughter to you? It is so impossible living on the planet with such closed minded individuals, you don’t even know the origin of her name, it may possibly mean something SHI!

      • @shi, I fell in love with hip hop when I was in 2nd grade. LOL!!! I was a freshmen when Lauryn’s “Miseducation” cd came out and fell in love with that cd. I would listen to it ALL day,literally. That cd spoke so much truth. Unlike the music we have today, sigh.

        • I was a big fan of hip hop growing up, especially Tupac and female emcees like Queen, MC Lyte and Salt N Pepa. But this was the first hip hop cd that I personally felt I could relate to. The entire cd was just crazy. If it had came out earlier I probably would have tried to learn the craft and spit a rhyme or two…lol So with this cd it was like I feel in love with a great friend. Not trying to sound all deep or anything.

          As far as hip hop today, I don’t even know what to say. I mostly just listen to old school R&B and Hip Hop, gospel and neo-soul (which I feel sort of took over where hip hop left off as far as being conscious). Don’t get me wrong, not all of today’s hip hop is bad, but as a whole I’m disappointed. Especially because I know how it use to be.

          • YES!!! I agree with you about listening to the old hip hop cds and vids on Youtube. I miss good hip hop, female emcees (without the big a** and fake everything else), neo soul music and good r&b (who sang about love/relationships and wasn’t trying to be rappers). Those were the days…at least we got to experience the “good stuff”.

      • To add the word Salah is found at the end of certain scriptures in Psalms, such as Psalms 3. The word Psalms means to sing or celebrate.

      • Great post, Shi.
        I too remember Lauren Hill’s album that year. I was around Selah’s age and I couldn’t stop listening to her music and those powerful lyrics. It made quite an impression on me–I remember listening to it non-stop in ’98. It was practically the soundtrack to my year.
        I like Biblical names as well. They have a very important significance and beauty. I personally love the names “Naomi” and “Eve”.

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