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  1. i always see pics with lil wayne and that one son….he never takes pics with his other 2sons…its like he favors the firstborn son lol i still love weezy tho but he should take pics with all 4 of his kids

  2. @kendall NO NO NO! Lauren and Lil wayne have not known each other for a decade not even half a decade be real now!. Nivea knows him longer and she aint known him dat long onlyy one dat has is umm toya and dats as of now, not saying you shud have 2 know someone 4 a decade to have their baby but lets not lie..
    him and lauren are dumb close though ur rite

  3. He is a real great example for the young men who look up to him. We know this is a HUGE problem in our country, yes its great he can fiancially support his offspring but there is ridiculous ammounts of men doing the same thing who cannot. These women are just as disgusting…

  4. Lauren and Wayne have known each other for over a decade.. they are really close to each other. When Wayne was on UStream on the set of Look At Me Now he had Lauren and Kam with him but said he can’t show him because lauren doesn’t want people to see him. no pictures or anything. Lauren and him are best friends they are really close

  5. OMG so cute!!!! I love seeing rappers who have the tough/bad boy image w/ their kids. Lil Tunechi is adorable, w/ his little hat turned to the side lol

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