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Singer Bobby Brown, his fiancé Alicia Etheridge, and three of his five kids were spotted outside a hotel in Miami, Florida on March 21, 2011.

Below are more pictures of Bobby Brown, Alicia, his older kids La’princia and Bobby Jr, and his youngest son Cassius, two in May.

Photos: Fame Pictures

  • FP_7016343_BrownBobby_Miami_BRJ_00_10
  • Cassius Brown
  • Bobby Brown, Bobby Jr, LaPrincia, and Alicia
  • FP_7016346_BrownBobby_Miami_BRJ_03_10




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  1. Oh, he was promoting the set-up angle? The way the original poster wrote it, it sounded as if he confirmed drug use or something.

      • Mama, the song is actually called “Roni.” :). I am still cracking up from the other thread when you’ll were speaking in whatever dialect that was…ebonics? I said to myself, now you know this don’t make no sense LMBO.

        • Fashionedbygod33, Thank you, chile! Guhl, you know I don’t nuttin’ much about songs and such.

          I is jest tryin’ to be sociable on this her site cuz I loooves me some BCK and conversatin wit y’all nice womens.

          Take care, baby, wit yo sweet as sugar self! :)

  2. Cute family. God bless Bobby! He’s certainly getting a second chance. I wonder if Bobbi Kris is close to her siblings. I would have never thought that Whitneys child would be the troubled one. Oh well…

    • I saw on another news outlet that she was pregnant a few weeks. Her nose does look the beginnings of another pregnancy. That could explain why she looks the way she looks.

    • I think Miami is in the 80s or something or at least the 70s. The weather is quite nice down there last I heard. Darn it…lol.

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