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  1. aww Ming, no hun, that’s not a drivers test, it’s much more fun than that lol!

    i’m sure Rachel Roy’s stock has rose considerably now that First Lady Michelle Obama is wearing her stuff. i’ma have to look into the more affordable pieces.

    speaking of stock, Monica should buy some in RL Polo much as she puts it on her kids lol! it’s cute, but there are other brands out there for kids that look just as nice i.m.o. switch it up sometimes. still cute boys tho.

    Angel seems like such a little girly girl princess. now i hope her momma leaves her hair alone and let it grow out so her look can match her personality.

  2. I love that the Hill brothers wear nothing but Ralph Lauren. I swear by it, too.

    Tallulah and mommy…we don’t see this often. Tallulah is a beautiful little girl!

  3. aww everyone is just so cute and good on Monica for putting those eye tests up on her twitter…a great way to raise awareness to other mothers.

    • You went way over my head with that one. If a parent dont know to take their kid to get regular check ups then that parent shouldn’t be no where near TWITTER FACEBOOK ect…

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