Miles Brooks has already won an award for his first short film “Pioneer”.  It’s safe to say that this five-year-old’s acting career is off to a promising start.

This is what “Pioneer” director David Lowery had to say about little Miles:

“We found Miles in an open casting call. He was four years old, the youngest kid we saw, and he’d never acted before. He was so calm and patient and had an innate ability to internalize whatever directions I’d give him. We were pretty certain from the moment we saw him that he was the right kid. Once he had the part, we spent a lot of time working with him, just getting him used to the idea of being around cameras and lights and such. And we read a lot of stories to him. We had different versions of the story from the film that we’d workshop with him; shorter, less intense iterations. We had his dad read him a version of it every night before bed the whole week leading up to production, but we left certain details out so that they’d catch him by surprise when we started shooting. And we’d practice his dialogue too, and different ways of saying it. Since he couldn’t read yet, he just learned the part through gentle repetition.”






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  1. Their a difference between young kids acting and young kids singing, kids that act are only filming for short periods of time a day, they get lots of brakes, they have play areas on set, and can practices their lines at home and are out of the public eye up. Unlike child singer they have the same pressers as an adult singer they‘re in the studio for long periods of time, tour from city to city state to state and country to country for month at a time, have long hours when they have concert, have go to a studio to practices unless they have one at home and are very much in the public eye. A child actor for the most part don’t have the added presser of caring the success of a movie on their shoulder because it a collaboration of people and 9 times out of 10 the adults in the movie or the writers will get blamed if the movie bombs. In contrast to child singer who has the presser of the success or failure of their album on their shoulders and if it bombs the only person that going to get blamed is the singer. There are laws to protect child stars from being over work and unless I’m wrong their not any to protect child singers.

  2. he is sooooooo cute!!! Just precious, you could eat him up.

    and lol @ the baby just bouncing in the back ground.

  3. I think
    You need so help!But I agree with you (can’t believe it). shouldn’t this little boy be playing on the playground with his friends in the dirt instead of meomorizing lines?I’m just sayin I’ve seen people say Willow should go place with her friends!Honestly this isn’t a Willow post so let’s not go off topic. but I do agree as along ad these kids enjoy what they do, so be it!

  4. He is too cute, especially when he was copying the moves from the movie lol. That baby in the background made me LMAO

    **I gotta ask tho (not to start an argument) but why is that when celebs allow their young kids to act/sing, people look down on them & say that its basically wrong & their kid should be in school. But when the average family decides to allow their young child to be an actor/singer, its praised?

    • You make an excellent point. Not to start anything either but I bet if it was a certain family, people would say this child is being pimped out and needs to stay in school. no names but you know who I’m talking about. double standards much?

    • Interesting point..I know for me things should be about true talent and sometimes I’m annoyed that celeb kids have opportunities to act, sing,etc even when some of them lack talent.

  5. Yes this kid is a natural. He definately has the personality for television not to mention he is ADORABLE! He also seems very smart too.

    • Yeah my daughters are this complextion but me and my husband are just light skin!Not that matters anyway. I think this person just wants reactions

    • @ Cee Lo
      ?! What makes you think he’s biracial? My skin and eyes are about the same color as his and I am BLACK (and proud!). I have cousins (also all black as in both parents are black) with blonde hair and one with blonde hair and blue eyes.

      • All these comments about being bi-racial verses light skin are really ridiculous among African Americans…. If you dig deep into your History books bloggers…. The white men raped and torture our Black ancestors, who created these different color shades that we make such a big fuss and fight over. Do you think they cared about color shades for what they did? Hell to the No!!!! and can care less today in the twenty first century. So we need to stop the foolishness and embrace each other as a culture regardless if you light or dark.

  6. Awesome. He is too precious What a talented little guy who is definitely well on his way. Congratulations.

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