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  1. aaaww His kids are freakkin ADORABLE!! I Love Cali’s eye color. i just wana hug and kiss her up. aawwwww!

  2. Sorry I did not pay attention to any of the above post .Cute Kids…and the Pretty Little Girl Cali Dream is so chubby she is busting out her little jeans ..So Beautiful… @ Game I got a 17 yr old boy potty trained and all in exchange for your Little Princess…Just joking everyone….Beautiful Kids

  3. you guys need to see the games baby pictures.
    he was sooo adorable. I always knew whenever he was going to make some kids
    they were going to be to cute because when he was a little one he was too cute.

  4. omg ive read all these comments & this is like the first time ever NO NEGATIVITY!
    keep it up guys LOL
    but yess his kids are downright cute, preciously ADORABLE.
    Believe it or not THE GAME was too damn precious when he was
    little he was tooo cute. Hes actually a handsome guy, he was really fine when he was younger.
    but beautiful children.’
    I’ve seen Harlems mom before she is very cute
    pretty dark brown skin. shes from compton
    & shes around Game age.
    & Ive seen Tiffany King & Cali mom
    shes also cute older lady. about in her late 30s.

  5. OMG Harlem has gotten sooo big i still remember him as a baby on the Documentary and Cali is so pretty looking like her Daddy well they all look like their Daddy lol

  6. Cali has those Angelina lips which will make her a beautiful sexy woman when she is 18. I can see if all over the magazines! Super model looks for sure!

  7. KING IS ADORABLE…Harlem got big & looks different & Cali has the biggest features I’ve ever seen on a lil kid, her looks gotta grow on me!

    • For real Thank you Monique! ! I knew that there would be ONE person that would say some negative nonsense.

      Beautiful children. ALL THREE OF THEM!! Two handsome boys and a GORGEOUS daughter.

  8. Games kids are the cutest, specially Cali with her adorable self.
    I’m assuming Cali just got done eating cause her pant are unbuttoned…LOL

  9. Beautiful children, he must be sooo proud of them. Cali is a dream indeed (her belly can’t fit into her jeans- sooo cute!)

  10. Awwwww! We haven’t seen Harlem in a while. They are soo cute. I gotta say again, I’m in love w/ their names. Cali looks so sweet!

    • You need to get a life of your own and stay out of the Game’s. You probably wish you were one his baby mamas…lol!

    • Wow Anaisya, really? You think the oldest one will join a gang and the other two will go on to college? How you figure? Because the oldest one is not smiling in the pic or because you’re psychic like Miss Cleo? What a very wrong and ridiculous statement. You don’t like The Game for whatever reason so you take it out on his kids?

      • @Vee, I stay amazed and saddened by the some of the over-the-top comments that are made. I just try to ignore them. I think that person may be a double poster; unsure though. LOL @ your psychic like Miss Cleo comment.

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