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He is officially a teenager! Christian Combs celebrated his 13th birthday at Rolling Stone Restaurant & Lounge on April 1, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. In attendance were his parents Sean “Diddy Combs and Kim Porter; his brothers Quincy Brown and Justin Combs; and tons of friends and family.

Christian is pictured with a few of his friends. Below are more pictures of the birthday boy. Happy Birthday!

  • Tyson's son Jordan Beckford(L) and his friend
  • Justin Combs, Sean "Diddy" Combs, and Quincy Brown
  • combs5
  • combs6
  • combs
  • combs7
  • combs3
  • combs2
  • combs4




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  1. “invisisble bully” IS NOT COOL.
    We need NO BULLYs and bullying.

    The pictures are no captioned except for Tyson Beckford;s son Jordan. So where are you all getting the names Myles Brown and Jacob Lattimore>

  2. I do not see The resemblance between Quincy & Justin. I see the skin color & hair texture but that not a single feature that makes them resemble one another. Justin looks like his mom & Christian looks like his dad.

    Anywho, welcome to teenagerhood (yes I made that word up).

  3. Newsflash. He doesn’t have to be as fine as anyone. His only competition is himself. And who is hyping who? There are people on this thread who are not colorstruck like you who giving lil’ dude his justly props. Go find a Justin thread and stop with the childish, ok.

  4. Ain’t that funny how fast kids looks can change? I just saw photos of him from last week on another site and this week he looks noticeably different (but just like his daddy still).

  5. Jacob Latimore is NOT Chante & Kenny Lattimore Son.
    & Myles Brown & Chris Brown are Not Related. But Myles is Signed to Chris Brown Label CBE..

    • LOL! I knew Jacob wasn’t their son. But I just assumed she was talking about another kid. Jacob is from Detroit.

      So Myles Brown is signed to CB label? Oh WoW! I am excited bc I love CB. I didn’t think they were related but I wasn’t for sure.

  6. Dag Keke. Are you serious with that statement? You’re joking right? Come on now. If that statement was supposed to be a serious one, then you’re one sad individual.

    • i was thinking the same thig. he looks more like 11. its amazing how much justin and quincy look like brothers. christian looks just like kim. ppl should really look closely.

      • Um, yeah, I’m looking more closely and Christian looks like Diddy’s mini me. I don’t know what you’re seeing…lol. Now, Diddy’s twin daughters look just like Kim.
        Plus, it’s refreshing to see a kid look his age or younger than his age. I don’t know what’s in the food but some of these kids nowadays look way too old.

  7. Wow how time flys. P diddy’s son is cute and has a beutiful smile:)Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore’s son is a cutie also!!

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