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Jacob Latimore, Mindless Behavior, and Keke Palmer attended Nickelodeon’s 24th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards at Galen Center on April 2, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Check out more pictures of the young entertainers below!

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  1. wow thanks 4 not putting any one down i love kiki palmer they say i look exactly like her but im i school right now gotta go

  2. Since KeKe is ALMOST an adult I think her dress is very “age appropriate”. She is ALWAYS classy and NEVER trashy. Nothing is hanging out and she’s covered up. GREAT CHOICE KeKe!! I love your little black dress and those shoes are HAWT!!

  3. LOL! Jacob Latimore (14)is signed to Jive Records (same as CB) and he currently has a hit song out called (Like ‘em All feat. Diggy) that has been on 106 & Park consistently. He is all over Youtube so you can check him out there if you like. He has toured with JB, MB, CB, Willow etc. Most recently, he has appeared on Tyler Perry tv show “House of Payne” as a friend of Chyna McClain. He also has acted on “One Tree Hill” tv show on the CW, and had a lead role in a movie last year called “Vanishing Point”. He is an excellent dancer and soulful singer. I don’t think he will blow up this year but I am thinking on his next album he will blow up. Its just too many teens/kids out right now and he is being over-shadowed right now.

      • Yes! You can buy tickets at ticketmaster.com. You should really check for KCA tickets a year in advance. Anyone can go but its just about buying the tix before they are sold out. The show is in Hollywood also.

        When I were younger my sis, cousin and I got to go bc my aunt worked at the Nick corporate office. I went a total of three times (twice as a kid & again when I was a teen). It was really fun! It wasn’t the best seats bc we were in the back but we still managed to get slimmed! That slim flies far so you will get hit with something. LOL!!!

        • OMGoodness, I wish that I had known this a year ago! My daughter will be 16 1/2 this time next year, so I’m not sure if she would still be interested in going. But, I will at least look into it. Thanks!!

  4. Maybe you haven’t seen it bc you are not out in L.A. I live out here and this is all I have been seeing is boy and even grown men walking around in skinny jeans and skinny shorts(that is what they are called). These boys are from L.A. so they are wearig what other boys out here are wearing. It is the style here. My nephew is 13 and he got a pair and ride around town on his skateboard. It is just their style nowadays. I am sure our parents didn’t like our style of clothes either nor understood us. Just let them do them.

    • You don’t have to live in LA to see everyone and their brother wearing skinny jeans–trust me! These boys aren’t even wearing skinny jeans in this photo anyway. I liked some of their video outfits, but in general a lot of stylists for boy bands aren’t great.

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