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Actress Reagan Gomez-Turrentine and her husband Dewayne Turrentine have welcomed their second child, a son named Tyger Turrentine. Tyger was born on Saturday, April 2nd.

The proud mom Tweeted on Saturday¬† morning, “My son Tyger was born at 7:45 this morning. As big as I was, I can’t believe this brotha was only 5 pounds! Lol. I’m good. Baby is good. Hubby is snoring away with Tyger on his chest. So Tyger looks just like hubby. Like JUST LIKE HIM. Oh…he has my ears[sic]”

Tyger joins his big sister Scarlett Turrentine,3.




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  1. congrads! that name isn’t as bad as a family friend naming her son Astro. I thought it was a cute nickname but she really named him Astro. All I can think of is the Jetson’s dog. Watch, now that its out there a celebrity will name their kid Astro.

  2. CONGRATS, Can’t wait to see lil Man!!! I know the pics will be up soon, Regan is they type that don’t mind showing off her lil ones!!!!

  3. They named him Tyger. I am a follower of her’s on Twitter and she was tweeting from the time her water until her labor got intense. She kept her fans update.

  4. Are they tennis fans?

    Tyger (Tiger), seems like more of a nickname, but It’s not that odd, to me. Maybe cause i’ve heard names like Hero, Baby Girl, Princess and Pilot.

    Congratulations non the less. Children are truly a blessing. I’m sure he’s a cutie just like Mom, Dad and Scarlett.

  5. Aww congrats! I’m surprised the baby was only 5lbs too.
    Not loving the name, but I wonder what the story is behind the choice?

  6. I had a feeling she had given birth today. I don’t know why, but NE way, congrats to Reagan, Dewayne, and Scarlett on their newest blessing.

  7. Blank stare. what goes through the mind of celebrities when they come up with their childrens names?Mariah I pray she has some normal names picked out. Smh Congrats though. but they wrong for that name lol

  8. I am so happy for them..now Scarlett is a big sis! I love the name “Tyger” so unique. I am sure he is a cutie and I can’t wait to see the pic of him.

  9. Seems like that pregnancy just flew by. Congrats to them. He really does have some strong genes since both these babies look just like him.

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