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  1. I recently did a system restore on my computer and have yet to reload my antivirus software. Apparently somewhere along the process something called Antivi took over my computer and I can’t do anything, not even get to my task manager to end the program. Any advice?.

  2. Tallulah is Modelesque! both girls are pretty.

    …I wonder what Aaliyah & Damon’s kids woulda looked like *sigh*

    • omgg I ALWAYS thought about that too! Aaliyah wanted kids so bad too..and they woulda been cute. R.I.P i miss her.

  3. Tallulah looks so much like her cousin Stacey Dash! She even looks like Stacey’s daughter a bit. So she takes after that DASH family for sure!

  4. Now that Ava is older, I can see Rachel, I use to think she was all Damon and Tallulah looks just like Damon.

  5. Beautiful little ladies! Tallulah looks like Damon. Ava looks like her Rachel. They are growing up so well.

      • @ Kayla: What you said was VERY unnecessary. Both children are beautiful and they both have the SAME BLOOD running through both of their bodies. There is no one being White and one Being Black. FYI: Those are colors of crayons. Not people. Any who, It’s called GENES. Look it up. Genetics are something else. You can have a child that’ll look like your Great Great GREAT grandmother or a Cousin, My cousin and I have similar features. She isn’t my sister. We didn’t come from the same womb, but our parents did come from the same womb. They were siblings. I love genetics.

        Also.. My comment wasn’t about the relationship between Rachel Roy and Damon Dash. My comment was based on the beauty of these two pretty young ladies and how much each of them look like one of their parents. I am not a negative person, so I don’t post negative comments. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO CHILDREN.

      • are we looking at the same pic?because i do not see a white kid there,all i see are two beautiful girls with their gorgeous mom…

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