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  1. Love her or hate her, Nene rakes in the ratings. Her son a is handsome young fella. I’ve always thought he looked like his dad. She seems to be closer to this son than the oldest one. I hope she’s finally gotten “her hapy back”.

  2. I love Ne Ne also her son is cute Ne Ne tells it like it t i is she is by far my favorite from the Housewives keep doing what u r doing girl

  3. NeNe son is handsome he favors her broke down husband with that throw back Jeri Curl. I see them mosquito bites torn his legs up. That’s one thing I hate about visiting is those darn mosquitoes during the summer time. Gotta love NeNe that’s my Girrrrl.

    • Hahaha! “favors her broke down husband” and ” mosquito bites torn up his legs”. I didn’t want to say anything, but I sho wuz wondering what was wrong wit his legs. Thank you for clarifying, keverno. :)

  4. Brent looks like one of those three brothers BCK features, Kwame, Kofi and Kwesi. I think he looks like Kofi, the Middle one.

  5. Brent has gotten so big. During the first season he went to Mason Elementary with my kids, and his big brother would pick him up. This is when I realized reality TV was not so real because they did’nt drive any of the cars you see on the show. Although my son said he was a really humble, nice kid.

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