R&B singer Lyfe Jennings has become a father for the fourth time-his fiancee has given birth to a baby boy,Lyfe Michael Jennings.

Marquita Goings gave birth to the couple’s first child together last month(March 11th).

Lyfe, whose real name is Chester Jennings, is currently serving three-and-a-half years behind bars at a Georgia prison, a result of a violent altercation with an ex-girlfriend in 2008.

The 37 year old is also a dad to two sons and a daughter from previous relationships.

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  1. Omg all you people who judge . smh , leave the family alone. That is not your life to say anything about it. The name she picked is beautifull , i hope the baby is healty & doing good. As for lyfe , so what if his name is Chester. It’s only a name for crying out loud . He has good music and loves his kids im sure . Yes , he’s in jail . Everyone makes mistakes okay , like your life is all that fantastic . I bet each of you guys have someone you love or care about in prison , smh . How classy ? Pfft. How classy are all your comments ? Leave the beautifull family alone .

  2. CHESTER? bah ha ha terrible name. The mother, with her interesting name too, could have name the boy Michael Lyfe Jennings, this sounds a little better. The baby will probably be called Michael, Mike or Mikey. Can you image Marquita yelling “LYFE, COME BACK TO ME!”

  3. Know what’d sad? That name isn’t bad compared other names I’ve heard like:
    Adolf Hitler (he has a sister named Aryan Nation)
    Superman (his parents wanted to name him 4ever but they couldn’t because the name had a number in it)
    Original Black God (I kid you not, he went to my school)
    Vagina (pronounced vuh-g-nuh but who’s going to think that?)

    I could go on and on…

    • Heck! The name “Lyfe” is WAY better than named “Chester”. I feel sorry for the other son if he’s a Chester, Jr. Chester the Molester. Not a good look.

  4. He didn’t do 10 what? And what in the world did he do to his ex to get 3 years.That girl from Teen mom beat her fiance ON Tv and I know she didn’t do much time at all.She got out on bail and had her daughter taken away from her for a minute but got her back and moved on with her life.Also how are they havin ^^^ while he’s in jail.Did she actually go there just to get pregnant by him.That is so stupid.I guess she just couldn’t wait.

  5. I didn’t know he assualted his wife? WOW. I love Lyfe music but he don’t seem like a stable individual.

    • Trust me, I had no idea either. I figured he fell off for a while like most celebrities do. At least he didn’t get “LIFE” in prison, so he’ll eventually get to meet his son. WOW! how do you explain to your child that they’re the result of conjugal visits?

      This story is almost as sad as the MYSTICAL story. What’s wrong with these women. Ummm, Marquita, get a clue.

  6. But oh yeah, congrats on the beautiful addition, no matter the circumstances they arrive into, babies are great!

  7. Sooo, between the time of that altercation with his ex-girlfriend, he met this women, proposed, and impregnanted her? Wow! Seems like a lot of this was overlapping. This is pretty pathetic though, he got her pregnant(and she let him) after knowing he could be serving jail time.

  8. Lyfe is so talented and I really wish he would get his act together. He has the most beautiful voice and I love his music!! Congrats on the birth of his son though!!

  9. Did she really name the baby Lfye Micheal? Oh not a good idea if she did. I too thought the baby was with the other lady with all his other kids..smh. Well, congrats and I hope the baby is healthy.

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