Model Liya Kebede, her husband Kassy Kebede, their son Suhul,11, and daughter Raee,6, are featured in an editorial shoot for Vogue magazine entitled ‘Across The Aisle’.

In keeping with the theme of the shoot, Liya was asked to share the most memorable part of her wedding, which took place a little after her son was born: “The most memorable part of our wedding,” says model Liya Kebede, “is that our son, a year and a half old at the time, was our ring bearer! I wish our daughter could have been there, too!”

What They Are Wearing:(On Liya): Rochas floral-print silk top and A-line skirt; Rochas.com. John Gallinao hat. Giorgio Armani handbag. Dries Van Noten platform pumps. (On Kassy Kebede): Armani Collezioni Suit. (On son Suhul): Ralph Lauren tuxedo. (On daughter Raee): Oscar de La Renta dress.


You can purchase Raee’s dress at OscarDeLarenta.com

Photo: Arthur Elgort

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  2. I see quite a few Ethiopians with Caucasoid features. I understand that an Amharic legend goes that they are the descendants of Solomon and Sheba. Their ancient Christian civilization is wonderful and of course they are very attractive. The only thing they have in common with sub-Saharans is that their skin is quite dark.

  3. To be honest Africa is diverse. You would realize this if you visited. Also, the rich ancient history of Ethiopia and Somalia is not Arabic is a more recent language. Keep in mind language tells us the roots of civilization and Afar (which is similar to Somali and Oromo is one of the oldest languages around). So you may want to read familiarize yourself with that. Just so you know Ethiopian semetic languages like Amharic predates Arabic. So who came from home again? My thoughts exactly East Africans are older, so don’t insult them that way.

  4. Somalis and Ethiopians are not mixed simply because they do not fit into your box of what it means to be black, which is very diverse. Their languages are older than Arabic. I think the reverse is the case. East Africa is the cradle of life.

  5. It is quite obvious that Ethiopians and Somalis are a mixed race of black and Arab that goes back several generations. They are a beautiful people. They are Ethiopians and they are Somalis. They are East Africans. And they are Africans. They are beautiful people of our world and our universe. That’s all that matters. Nothing more.

  6. I think she is beautiful! Her family is gorgeous! I love the movie she did “Desert Rose”. Watch it! She’s a great actress..I wish her the best and more success!

  7. Of course we ARE Africa and Black ! Who says we are not? I bet who ever said that has not grown in Ethiopia and lost his/her identity.

  8. People, Ethiopians, Somalians and Eritreans will tell you personally that it is an insult if you consider them to be even part-Arab as they consider themselves 100% African and wouldn’t have it any other way. Stop being so dumb people ! Just cause they don’t look as much African as their counterparts, doesn’t make them any less. AFRICANS COME IN A VARIETY OF SHADES, ETHNIC MAKE-UPS AND TEXTURES. educate yourselves before assuming dumb things!

    • the may consider it an insult to be seen as part Arab that does not mean they aren’t. North Africa is full of Arabic people

  9. Ethiopians do consider themselves Black and African which they are. I am married to one, and I am in African-American. I hate to say this but its not just Ethiopians that think African American men are lazy I hear it from other African people. I was not so shocked though because I heard before Africans do not like Black Americans.

  10. You are really mindful of color it seems, lol. I have heard that some Somali and Ethiopian people do not consider themselves black which I found interesting.

    • Not necessarily identify through skin color (since almost everyone is black), they identify ethnically through what some refer to as “tribes”/ethnic group such as the Tutsi, Hutu, Twa, etc.

      • That is true, but there is another element to it with some. Some are offended to be associated or categorized racially with sub-saharan or west african blacks. Not trying to stir any pot. I haven’t experienced this first hand but again have heard of it first hand and other. Some consider themselves to be more ‘caucasian’ leaned than ‘negroid’. I don’t necessarily like using those terms, but it explains what I am trying to say best.

        I feel people should i.d. however they wish. My issue is the condescension that accompanies this with some people.

        • Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somali and Djibouti don’t consider themselves African. They’re a mix of Arab and Black African, but have completely rejected their Black side. They call other Africans “N…” and “Slave”.

          • I am surprised with your ignorant comment. I am Ethiopian myself and I am proud of my color and being African.

            The issue with some people is that they wanted to define Africa from their narrow perspective. To be African, according to them, you have to be very dark, tall , have thick lips and flat nose tip. We in the Eastern part of the continent (i.e, Somalis, Eritrean, Djiboutian, N Sudanese and Ethiopians) don’t have that feature much and neither the Bushmen in the Khalhari desert. But I see people trying to fit you in their box again and again. Ethiopia itself is diverse in terms of color and physical appearance, let alone this huge continent.

            You have said that “Ethiopians consider themselves as a mix of black and Arabs but rejected their black side”. Wow, I wonder where got that from but I am going to enlighten you anyway. We Ethiopians never trace our ancestry from anywhere else because we knew that the oldest human fossil is not in Yemen, Saudi Arabia or Mars but in Afar, Ethiopia. So, there is no way you can come up with an equation that says an Arab plus Wester African gives Easter African. We are proud of being ourselves and proud of taking the struggle of the whole Africa during colonization as ours because we belong in it. Listen to King Haile Selasie speaking in front of league of Nations on behalf of the continent. As a matter of fact His Majesty was the only black man representing Africa at those days. To rap up, please do some research as an intellect before throwing a nonsense comment as this one. I rest my case for now.

  11. she wishes her daughter could have been there for her wedding too? uh, no you don’t lol! i’m glad they at least did it when the first one was 1 1/2. but no, you didn’t need 2 illegitimate kids. i’m jus sayin. that’s what wedding videos are for.

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