It looks like like Shayne Audra,16, is following in her mother’s as well as her sister’s footsteps. Shayne, who is the daughter of Eddie Murphy and Nicole-Mitchell Murphy, recently did a modeling shoot. Check out the pictures below!

Shayne’s sister Bria Murphy was recently signed as the spokesmodel for the mega brand Dark and Lovely┬«.

Does Shayne also have what it takes to make it in the fashion industry?

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  2. I do see Model in her.. She will probably grow a little taller and be just as pretty if not prettier than her sister Bria. Both are beautiful!!

  3. What’s up with all those celebrity daughters wanting to be a model nowadays??? She’s no modeling material. She has one look in every photo and blank eyes. Get a real job! The world doesn’t need another model! With all the money daddy has in his bank account she could afford to go to Harvard or Yale and be useful to society! I guess she’s not smart enough (as well as her sister).

    • I don’t agree with the smart part, BUT I do agree with the job part. Its pretty old the celeb kids wanting to be rappers/singers/models and such.

  4. the only modeling i can see her do is in Ebony/Jet magazines or Vibe mag. just ethnic modeling no mainstream modeling.

  5. Shayne said specifically that she didn’t want to be a model, but maybe she changed her mind. She does look mature, but most kids do these days.

  6. I also want to add that alot of models you see whether it be in the fashion business, meaning high fashion, or in magazines, or whatever they model in or for, if you saw in them in real life, you probably wouldn’t instantly go “Now she’s model material”.

    • Most TOP MODELS are girls who were spotted by fashion experts on the street or in a grocery shop. They do look like models in real life. The models you are thinking about are somebody’s daughters and quazi-celebrities who went into fashion business because it’s “so glamorous” and “easy life” in “luxury”. They look “like models” only in photoshoots but it’s not the same quality as top models. The fashion industry could do without them. Seriously, not every celebrity daughter has to be a model. There are other career paths.

      • The majority of models in the business are not TOP MODELS. And seeing as in the fashion business they’re not always looking for a pretty face than no every person you see on the street would not always look like a top model. Not to mention makeup does wonders to a person’s face, so just because they look good in makeup doesn’t mean they look good out of it.

  7. You never know, she’s young and just beginning, so you don’t know where she’ll go or what she’ll do. It also depends on the type of modeling she wants to do. Plus, you never know what people want, sometimes they switch it up and surprise you, and instead of liking the person with the “model look”, they take someone who doesn’t exactly look like a model. What was this shoot for anyway because it’s just being assumed that she wants to model?

      • She does appear older than she is. From past pictures, I’ve seen her in things a little to grow for her in my opinion.

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