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President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, First Grandma Marian Robinson, daughters Malia,12 and Sasha,9, walk toward Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., today(April 29, 2011). The first family is headed to Alabama where nearly 210 people were killed in a devastating tornado. While in Alabama, the president and the first lady will survey storm damage and meet with families of victims.

More pictures below!

Photos: Reuters/Ap

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  1. Will Malia even be taller than her daddy soon!?The girl is only 12.Goodness!She gets taller everytime!BOTH SUCH BEAUTIFUL GIRLS and a beautiful family!!

  2. man, i think Malia is officially taller than Michelle. pituitary gland in overdrive lol! the whole family looks so lovely. love the way their clothes always seem to coordinate with each other. i think the trip will be a good learning experience for the girls. thoughts and prayers with those effected by the storms.

  3. Beautiful family. Malia is so TALL! My goodness! Gorgeous! She favors President Obama’s sister and Michelle. Sasha’s too cute. Love the blazer.

  4. Wow! Malia is sooo tall! She has some long legs! The First Lady is suck a lady and very graceful, and you can see she is instilling that in both her girls. They seem to be Ladies first and foremost even at their young ages.

    • Hope you or your loved ones weren’t effected. That is good on the President and his family to give first hand attention to this. To think some blowhards were still pushing that idiotoic ‘birther’ thing while this was going on. Priorities anyone?

  5. They were supposed to be going to Florida afterward to watch the Shuttle takeoff (that’s why the girls are there), but, they just postponed the Shuttle takeoff.

    • evidently they still went to Florida and toured NASA’s orbiter processing facility. just saw some pics online. that seemed to be just as interesting for the girls, i think.

    • Malia is so tall. She’s almost Michelle’s height looking at pictures and they are both wearing flats. The girl is only 12 and looks to be a good 5’9″ already…Tall and photogenic…can you say model material???

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