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  5. I think that most people are missing the point here. Which is firstly another long-awaited pic of the Thick family and secondly what a beautiful family they are. And some of the people saying that the baby looks funny…that’s just wrong…in my eyes all babies are beautiful.

    PS That Robin Thicke sure looks fine :-)




  7. wow how a picture of a child brings such ignorance…smh @ ALL these comments about this childs complexion..i mean REALLY does it matter?!? oh never mind!

  8. Looks like racial complexes and insecurities are as strong as they’ve ever been in the Black community… good job guys!

  9. He is a lil’ chunk. He doesn’t look like what I pictured and it goes beyond his coloring which actually doesn’t surprise me that much. Maybe he took back in the family as far as looks or will grow into another look as he gets older?

  10. Excuse me@ I didn’t find your hair comment rude but I did find you comment about “Julian turned out just as the parents wanted him to look, which is white as Casper the Ghost.” very rude and ignorant as hell do you know them to make such a statement. Just because you marry/date a white person and have a child together doesn’t mean you want your child to look white, like any other parent they just wanted a happy and healthy baby.

    • Anna2…Uh, excuse me, but I did say that he was still a cute baby! It’s not like I said his head was shaped like Casper’s. Gimme a break! That couple’s baby looks the way they hoped he would look, I’m sure or they wouldn’t have gotten together, don’t you think?

      He’s not the first baby with Black blood to look the way he looks, nothing for you to get all crabby, angry and excited about!

  11. Funny that there are so many comments on this site coming from probably a majority of African American people–look into any of our families and you’ll see a rainbow of shades.

    Secondly, I really wish people would quit commenting about MJ’s children being his–they absolutely are!!! He brought them home from the hospital, provided for them, and served as their only parent–who else’s kids would they be? I am a African American woman, with a bi-racial adopted daughter, and if anybody were to say she wasn’t my daughter, they’d definitely hear a mouthfull.

  12. Genetics is complicated. This baby might be quarter black (with Caucasian phenotype) or completely Caucasian (only his mother’s Caucasian DNA was passed on to him). People *assume* that the baby must be quarter black if one parent is half-black but this is simply not true in the world of genetics. In the case of Nahla, it is apparent that Halle passed on her black DNA to her child.

  13. ? I see no grease or gel. Just hair blowing in the wind. BTW, there are Caucasians with curly (not kinky) hair like this baby.

    • @Excuse me,
      Yeah, it looks like they put a little mousse or gel on little Julian’s hair so that he could sport the same “do” as daddy Robin, lol.

  14. Their baby is beautiful! I never saw a picture of him before!
    I can’t wait to see Paula’s movie, ‘Jump the Broom’.

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  16. Sorry for being so blunt and coming off rude but some u asked for it…..

    *Here is a direct quote from thick himself too shut everyone up.

    Even though Robin Thicke has been coined a “blue-eyed-soul artist,” joining the ranks of Jon B and Justin Timberlake, his blue-eyed soulness wasn’t enough to get on the cover of Vibe Magazine. According Robin Thicke, the magazine has a strict policy against having “white” artists on the cover !

    While promoting his forthcoming album earlier this summer, an interview with Vibe went wrong according to the “Magic” singer. During the interview Thicke reportedly asked why he could not cover an issue of the magazine — their response “We don’t put white artists on our covers..”

    Since the release of his breakthrough album “The Evolution of Robin Thicke” featuring the hit singles “Lost Without You” and “Can You Believe,” which both charted well on the R&B and pop charts, Thicke has garnered quite a following amongst R&B and Soul music fans. So what’s up with the cold shoulder from Vibe ?

    Even though he got the cold shoulder from the magazine when it came down to the cover, Thicke says “I respect that because I live in a house with a BLACK WOMAN. I won’t use the word racism. I will say it’s a tough — but rewarding — fight.

    *Paula Patton’s mother is black & her father is black & white.

    Here is a direct quote from her

    “my mother told me when people see me they see a black woman not a bi-racial woman”

    So people give it a rest…If the two of them along with their families DO NOT have a problem with it…why should any of u…

    Oh side note: Paula and Robin met each other whe they were 14 and 15…that’s a long time and it says a lot about who they are and the love they have for each other.

  17. Mariah carey looks white her mother
    is WHITE and her father was BLACK. Chilli looks black her mother is BLACK and her FATHER is WHITE. Blake Griffin is light with brown hair his mother is WHITE and his father is BLACK. Lisa ex cast member from the RHOA looks black her mother is BLACK and her father is CHINESE. DNA is a tricking subject and none of those parents are mixed. Meaning Michael Jackson was BLACK and Debbie Rowe is WHITE. So you can run and tell that.

  18. How did I know some how Michael Jackson was going to get thrown into this. It amazes me it really does. And people questioned why he covered their faces. All the BS Michael had to put up with seems like his children are doom to deal with the samething. I just can’t. ANYWHO robin and paula’s son is a cutie pie.

    • She also has a white baby and I don’t see her covering the boy’s head with a mask!!!! I have to disappoint yuo. Jackson kids are not special in any way. I never understood why he covered his kids so much. It’s crazyy!! No one else did!!! Obama doesn’t, Madonna doesn’t, royal family doesn’t!!! They are way more famous than him!!!! Jackson kids are “1/2 black” and this boy is 1/4 black. I’m not saying that his kids are not his because I don’t know but a 1/4 black child will always look whiter than 1/2 black. Jacksonn was quite dark skinned. That makes you wonder. His whole family is dark except of LaToya who has the same skin disease as Michael. It’s not impossible but would be veeeeeeeeery rare.

      • You’re sooo certain that a 1/4 black child will always look whiter than a 1/2 black child? compare Nahla(1/4) to say, OJ’s daughter Sydney(1/2)…Sydney is way whiter than Nahla. So you see, genetics does not play by our rules.

        • No, she doesn’t :)

          My MAIN point is, this boy looks white too and his mom DOESN’T COVER HIS FACE like Michael Jackson did.


  19. This woman looks white. I think she may be 1/4 Black max. Nothing strange about this boy being so white then. I live in 99.9% white country and we have people who have the same skin tone as her (and it’s not Italy or Spain).

    • I’ve looked up more of her photos on the Internet and on some of them she actually looks darker than here. In this photos she looks almost white, as I said before. Maybe it’s the light. Still, she’s very light-skinned so there is nothing strange about the boy being blond.

        • Her blonde baby has always looked white to me…just that his hair is curly, but some white people & Jewish people have curly hair too! My point is, if people never saw him with Garcelle, they’d assume he’s white.

      • Obviously your dumb a$$ doesn’t know the difference between an opinion a fact! I can’t argue with someone who isn’t “smarter than a 5th grader”…..

        • Obviously your dumb a$$ doesn’t know the difference between an opinion and a fact! I can’t argue with someone who isn’t “smarter than a 5th grader”…

        • This website is called BLACK Celebrity Kids.com soooo, if I comment on any child there’s a 99.5% chance that it’ll be a comment about a BLACK child. However, no comment I have made has ever been racial like your comments. You usually come across as a psycho, race obsessed, sick, woman with a brain the size of a gnat. If you knew better, you’d do better.

      • And yes, my name is PLAINMEAN because I make comments that some people find mean, but they’re never racist… They’re hardly ever mean anymore because BCK has become stricter. Why they allow your a$$ on here is beyond me….


  21. All it takes is two recessive traits coming together & boom! You get cute lil’ Julian here. Redheads are another perfect example, since most of them are born to two brunette parents who both happen to carry the recessive red-hair gene, but do not express the recessive gene themselves since their dominant ones easily overshadow the lone red-hair gene. You just gotta love genetics.

    Julian really favors his grandmother, if my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me.

  22. Yea genetics is crazy I seen two black parents have a blonde hair, blue eyed child. I also seen a white couple with a child with beatiful brown eyes and dark skin. It’s goes to show you God do exist. My bro and his girl dark but the kids light we thought they didnt belong in the fam but they did.

    • Probably adopted.

      Two black people won’t produce white children.

      It’s only possible if they are both biracial, preferably light skinned.

      Two WHITE people won’t produce black children.


        • Well, I did. Her mother had black ancestors!!! You see???

          SHE WAS NOT 100% WHITE. SHE WAS JUST PASSING FOR WHITE! She even looks like she is black only her skin tone is very light!

          Two WHITE people will never have a black baby!!!!

          It never happens in 100% white societies!

          • Two black people can have white looking babies…look at the Ihegboro family in England! they had a blonde haired blue eyed third child & they’re AFRICAN!!!!!

  23. They look nice and happy. I love her pants (whole outfit actually). I can’t really see the baby that well, but he looks like a little cutie; interesting looking. I’ve only seen her in one movie “Deja Vu” and I thought she was phenomenal. Can’t wait to see her in more things.

  24. wow this make me wonder what my baby is gonna look like! im paula’a complexion and my spouse is white.this kid is such a cutie c:

    • She’s mixed light..so 75% of her son is white,might be different with light all blk person…or maybe not!!! you’ll see so0n…CONGRATS Anyways!

    • Truth be told, he does look like something MAY be wrong but hey it could be the lighting or the angle the pic was taken. Who knows? As long as he’s healthy and they’re happy, that’s all that matters. He’s still a cutie with those rose colored lips and those long eye lashes :)

  25. robin is sooooooo fine his wife is very pretty and lil daddy is soooooooo cute my goodness he got big so fast.

  26. Awww, I wonder if they want to have another one…I know it was difficult carrying to term, but sometimes once a couple has their first child, the following are easier.

    as for Mj’s kids: there is no comparison. Although, I believe those are his kids, he isn’t biracial. Paula is. Most biracial (white/black)kids with a black father are lighter than a child with the reverse makeup (does not go for all. i.e. Lauren London)…some biracial kids with a black mother are really light, but they are a “different lightskin” if you know what I mean. It all depends on your background.

  27. Ah, it’s so good to see Paula, Robin, and Julian. I really like Paula a lot, and can’t wait to see “Jump the Broom.” I heard it’s really good.

  28. I love Paula Patton and can’t wait to see “Jump the Broom” next week. I can’t tell who the baby look like. And to all the ppl that question MJ kids here is proof that the baby can come out looking pure white. He is a cutie!

    • Paula Patton is HALF WHITE u dope of course that kid is gonna look pure white.

      Michael Jackson is BLACK not half white

      • umm not so fast PJ.what about halle berry kid? their is no telling when a child is mixed what parent it will take after.

        • @keisha,
          Yeah, I’ve always been amazed at how strong the African American genes are in Halle. Her daughter is mostly white, but really looks just half white! Go figure, huh?!

      • You dope? Wow. I do wonder why MJ kids are always brought in when there are blacks having light or white looking kids?

        The baby looks cute here, wish I could have got a full on shot.

      • @PJ *first off I didn’t know she was half white so no need to call me out my name. I am her complextion same length hair and I am Black so she could easily have just been light-skinned like myself. You are ignorant.com!

        • Please tell me you did NOT just say (write) light skinned??? THAT IS SO IGNORANT!!!! You and your kid are what keeps this bullsh&t going… Dark skin vs light skin. The common factor is SKIN!

          • @j..You are annoying.org! In case you are not aware African Americans and Black people come in so many different colors and shades. And yes I did just say I am light-skinned because that is what I am! I really don’t care what you or anyone else is nor what you have to say. You sound insecure with yourself and probably lack self-esteem so I will excuse your ignorance statements. No solid argument given..youamess.gov!

        • RIIIIIGHT, you know this for a fact cuz you were in their bedroom when they were or (in your mind) were not getting busy?! Get REAL, there’s no way you can tell who a kids’ parents are just by looking at their appearance. If that’s the case, then OJ Simpson’s daughter Sydney is not his either?

        • You obviously don’t can’t see.Paris looks just like Latoya,her aunt when she was younger.Prince looks like great grandfather(Joe’s father)Samuel Jackson ,and well we know Blanket is Michael’s twin,check out comparisons on the web or youtube.They are light because so is Latoya,Joe Jackson,and Joe Jackson’s father.That’s the side the took more of.Don’t forget the oldest two mother is really pale,and Michae had a skin disease which also contributes!

      • Michael, like all black people, is of a mixed background. Why do you think Joe Jackson has blue green eyes? So Michael’s genes, plus Debbie’s white genes could very well produce white looking kids. I’ve seen black people darker than MJ have white looking kids…you just never know.

    • Yeah… not a good arguement in favor of those being MJ’s biological kids! You’re going to have to pick an example of someone who isn’t half-white themselves.

    • No way it’s been a year since he was born! I seriously didn’t think that he was that old already.

    • Halle Berry 1/2 white her kid still lo0ks mixed…depends on those genes,and who ova power who!!! I love is button nose!!

    • If only Michael could be that light…. You forgot that he was black in the 70s.
      Paula and her hubby have almostt the same skin tone!! Not saying the kids are not his because I wasnt there when they were being made but c’mon! Blanket, yeah I could say is his. The older boy… huh. Not sure. Looks too much like the doctor. Mabye if I never saw the doctor in my life I could twist my eyes and say that he slightly resembles the Jacksons. But I know how the doctorr looks like. Im not 100% sure, sorrry.

      • You forget Michael’s father has blue eyes, so that means Michael’s genes are mixed. Therefore, his mixed genes plus those of the kids’ white mother can produce white looking kids. Besides, those kids are the same complexion as Latoya, who is the lightest Jackson out of MJ’s siblings.

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