“He’s blond, he has blue eyes. It’s crazy,” Paula said of her son Julian,1, while on the Chelsea Lately show yesterday. “Everybody’s like, did you have anything to do with this? They think we like adopted a Russian child.”

But Paula adds that her son will tan up in due time. “Blackness takes time,” she said. “A tan is coming in, the hair’s curlier, I’m telling you.”

Watch the video below!

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  1. if not russian than eastern european. Ms. Patton is bi-racial her husband is white. This equals more white than blk, 75% white.I don’t understand why mrs. patton is even being displayed on this website,this is indeed blackcelebkids.

  2. Haha! Nice clip. My big brother was very light when he was a child and he’s fully Black! He definitely darkened, but quicker than Paula’s boy as he had his afro by the time he was around 1-2 years old.
    Cute little boy anyway which was always going to happen with his prettyful parents.

  3. He is such a cutie and right now he looks like his grandmother Gloria Loring who happens to be white, blonde hair and blue eyes, and he may never change he may continue to look like Gloria Loring, and that will be all good, what does it matter, and hopefully he will sing like his grandma who was a great singer in her day.

  4. For those of you who do not know this “Russia“ does not have a look. They would like you all to think narrow minded. Did you know Russia has asian mixed look people or gypsy looking people and middle eastern looking people ect. Russia was a big Emipre just like England, France, Spain, Roman, Arab and Persian ect Empires. Half of Russia`s population does not look white. All we need to do is read history not by one person by several historians of that time and now. Just like Southern Europeans have african ancestry and just like the middle east ect have african ancestry. People are so shocked when I tell them not all Russians look white.

    • Big thank you to you Jane, was about to say that! People are so uneducated! :d I hope they know that the kardashians are from the area of the world! Think paula should make sure she looks beyond the skin tone. And teach him about the black culture she always promoting. No offence but Russian people are hardly blonde. They have light brown to black with more euro-Asian features. Even the White russian have a mixed race look to them,he child just looks White europrean. More English if anything.

      I have biracial friends who have Russian and eastern European partners and believe me there children come out either dark or always have Asian eyes. Look at mila KUnis for a start!

  5. Lol she was very funny on the show…hope she doesn’t seriously tan that child though lol.

    Blackness does take time but it doesn’t always work that way. My brother was adopted at 3 months old and he was close to the dark complexion of the rest of my family however he started to get lighter and lighter. By the time he was one year old some (very rude) people would ask ‘who is that half-white child’ or ‘who are you babysitting for’. So they don’t always get darker….

    I get where she’s coming from though….you carry a child for nine months you would think they would at least have the decency to look a little bit like you lol!

  6. He actually looks like how he should come out though.She herself looks lationo or something and the baby’s father is white so if he gets darker it probably won’t be by much.Also his hair could very well stay straight.He will probablt have3 some identity issues tho when he gets older.

  7. Haha she must have saw my comment.I was the first one to suggest that he was adopted and WOw she actually said blackness takes time wow.That’d be funny if he never blackened up.

  8. She seems very likable as a person. I’m betting the baby’s hair will get darker. Seen this happen lots of times. His eyelashes are very dark. True blondes have blonde eyelashes.


    • I agree connie1. I first thought he was one of Donald Trump’s kids or grand kids. You’re alright, connie1 and I’m glad you’re not thin skinned and keep coming back. 😉

    • I think everybody keeps forgetting that Paula is biracial, not black. This baby is 75% white, so I doubt he would be caramel-colored.

      • We’re not forgetting that. But she’s no different from other blacks. As a matter of fact, all black Americans are mixed to different degrees.

    • omg, im sorry yall..i was so tired today and shouldve just went straight to bed but i had to check on my fave website,bck. Im sorry yall..i truly meant to say Robin Thicke.

  10. I love Paula and her hubby Alan Thicke. Their baby is a cutie. I can’t wait to see her new movie “Jump the Broom”.

  11. Its called GENETICS my baby is 100% black and she has lite eyes and a light complexion it just strange but it thats how it goes…Cute baby he looks like his grandfather to me…

      • You’re right. NOBODY from the plantation is 100% black, lol. That’s why mixed people really are ‘African Americans’. They are Americans descendant from Africa.

        • PREACH ON!!! I would say that we black folks need a serious debriefing in regard to our history!!! I respect people Like Paula, Halle, Mariah, etc., who realise that they’re no different from black people who are really MGM(multigenerational mulatto)& make it their business to embrace their blackness! I’m sure little Julian will grow up proud of his black roots, unlike some mixed folks like Tiger woods who told Oprah that he feels offended when he’s called black. SMDH

          • i think its wrong when ppl say they’re only black when they’re mixed. your denying a whole part of ur history and disrespecting that half of ur family. no side is more important than the other. Y shouldn’t he relate to his father and his fathers family? i thought we left the “one-drop” rule back in slavery times. smh.

          • To me when someone says their black that doesn’t mean that their African American.Black can be any person of color,so I feel that they r denying their other ethnicities.

  12. Oh that’s funny! Ellen Pompeo’s daughter was quite light too when she was younger and but now like Nahla looks more 1/2 black as opposed to only a 1/4. Julian may darken up or continue to look white like Victoria Rowell, Persia White and Eartha Kitt’s daugthers. We’ll just have to wait and see. Nonetheless, he’s a chunky cutie.

    • That is so true about Nahla.Nahla looks about the same complexion as my 75% black child.My daughter is 1 and still has my fair complexion.So I think Nahla just got her moms complexion.

  13. She probably just didn’t expect to have a baby thats that white like Mariah will be surprised if her babies look black since she kept calling them bi-racial. He probably will darken up my little cousin is mixed and he looked like a little white baby for the longest time and now he just looks like a light skinned black boy

    • I doubt Mariah is surprised at however her kids look. And race aside Mariah is very light skinned and has some features of a caucasian, and Nick is darker, so there’s a chance her kids could look like her or look like Nick or one could look like her or the other Nick. You never know, and quite frankly is was laughable at how so many people were going on about how they would be chocolate/caramel covered, when you can’t say how a child will look. Genes/DNA are unpredictable.

      • I was going to say that most of the time genes/DNA are unpredictable only with children conceived by interracial couples but then I remembered one of my cousins in Africa : both her father and mother are 100 per cent full black west africans but for some reason , unlike her siblings , she came out light skinned with blue/greenish eyes ; and nobody can say that she is not the daughter of her father because she looks just like a perfect photocopy of him !!! Anyways I still think genes are unpredictable and you don’t know what you will get only with children from mixed couples……most of the time.

        • I agree, genes can vary greatly even among those who consider themselves to be “pure”, especially in isolated communities that have had mutations occur over long periods of time (Ireland, Scotland, aboriginal Australia & Oceania islands are great examples). My maternal grandparents are as Irish as they come, but had six children who each had very different hair (dark blonde, white blonde, dark red, light red, light brown & dark brown) & eye colors (blue, green, grey & brown). None of them really look similar at all, but they come from the same parents & from a rather isolated community of Northern Ireland that had extremely little interaction with the outside world until recent decades. You just never know what you’re gonna get sometimes with genes, even in homogeneous places like Japan, Ireland or Central Africa.

          But aside from that, it looks like Julian got a lot of his grandmother’s genes, because he looks a lot like her in this picture!

  14. Awww!! A long as they know the baby is theirs to hell with what others think. He is cute and healthy and that is all that matters!!

  15. its funny because when he was first born his hair was black, then in a family photo his hair was red, now hes blonde. so cute hes a little chamillione( probley spelled wrong)lol. hes just trying to figure out what looks best.

    • I’m going to volunteer an answer for this one. Some children (white children in particular) hair change color as they age, sometimes in a short time period. My husband (who’s white) was born with no hair with exception of a dark brown in the back. He said that rubbed out in a few months then when his hair grew in again, it was sandy blonde (and it shows in pictures). As he got older, the blonde disappeared and it was pretty brown by the time he was 8 or 9. Not sure if that’s the case in this instance, but it could be. Now he’s older and he’s grown a beard and its blonde and his hair is brown. I just chalk it up to humanity in all its brillance! LOL

  16. Why is she betting on the baby darkening up? I hope he stays snow white juts to spite her. He’s fine just the way he is and she she love him the way he is instead of hoping he’ll darken up.

    • She is obviously joking, and responding to people who look at him and ask if “she had anything to do with this”? Dont get your panties in a wad!

    • I am quite sure she loves her beautiful baby no matter what he looks like. That’s just like mothers saying ‘I don’t know where you came from’ when our children act like fools. Calm down…it’s not that serious.

    • Most brown-haired white people are born with blond hair and blue eyes. Mine changed to brown hair and green eyes.

  17. Paula is a good sport and seems good natured. On second look, this is a beautiful Mother’s Day photo of Mom and son. Paula has class and seems like a down to earth lady.

    • I love Paula, she’s very down to earth & humble.

      I personally think he has her features. Look at the shape of the eyes & his cheekbones. If she was turned sideways, one would notice it better.

      People just need to look beyond the complexion, but that’s just me.

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