“Make no mistake about it, my show is not a platform in support of teenage pregnancy,” Antonia “Toya” Carter, who became pregnant at the age of 14, says of her reality show Toya: A Family Affair. “It’s simply a win­dow view into my life and is centered on restor­ing family,” she says. “Differ­ent people relate to different issues that they’ve seen on my show. My basic mess­age is ‘it may not be our fault that we fall, but it’s our re­sponsibility to get back up.’”

Toya says that her tough upbringing-her mom was addicted to drugs and her dad was incarcerated for much of her childhood- has made her want to be a better person “because I have a determination to be the change that I want to see in both the relationships with my daughter and my mother, I’m motivated to love them unconditionally. My mom needs me just as I need her. It hasn’t changed me, it guides me….”

Source:Jet Magazine

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  1. I have read some strong comments on here and i must say I LOVE this show for more than one reason. Whom ever made the comments about it being a GHETTO MESS you obviously dont live in a realistic world. Unfortunately there are many familys out there that can relate to this family and what makes it not so ghetto is the fact that they are all trying to rise above their circumstance and do something better for themselves. Toya is not only showing that she doesn’t forget where home is she also is showing that this is where and what i came from and this is where I am now and watch out because you will be amazed by where I’m going. I truly hope her mother will stay clean, I have lived with addicts before and It is a true struggle for them mentally and yes you have to want the change. You people have to remember that their minds are already weak thats why they ended up on drugs. I pray for Toya and her family because she truly is trying to do something positive for them.

  2. This is to Jada, why are you bringing up shows that were out years ago and the times back then were different than now. How many families do you see in this day that are examples of the Cosby Show, 227, etc.? If you really look around you, Toya & Keyshia’s shows are prime examples of how many people are living or was raised in not so good environments. Toya’s upbringing was hard, complicated, like she said from family member to family member and when she met Wayne, he gave her love she was looking for which in the end gave them Reginae. Sure it was wrong (getting pregnant at 14) but if she had other choices or someone to show her a different path, maybe she would have made the right decision to protect herself. As for Keyshia, she was just trying to save her Mother, who is a mess, but that is what she thought she needed to do. As she watched her family take advantage of her, she eventually changed her tune and broke away. I grew up in a 2 parent home, graduated from High School & College so I don’t know how it feels not to be loved by your parents. I have/had friends who did but they kept going and now they are great parents/grandparents themselves.

  3. Thank You *Nope* for spelling it out…I don’t understand how some people can get on other folks head about Why they say the show is Ghetto, yet you’ve never even seen an episode! I’m happy Toya wants better for her family and in a sense; she is ensuring that her family has some sort of income, because with no one having a H.S. diploma, I’m sure there were more than a few county check being handed out. Yeah she might be putting her business on Front Street but the end result is to secure a better life for those she loves…Kudos!

  4. And we would NOT be in her business had she kept her pathetic family issues private. She did NOT have to come on national tv and show the world this garbage. She could have dealt with these issues in PRIVACY! I will be glad when this show is over

    A crackhead mama, crackhead/deadbeat dad (acting ignorant!), a brother fresh out of prison after serving 10 years, another brother who dropped out of high school, another brother that trying to be a thuggish rapper, no one (& I mean one) has a H.S diploma, baby at 14 AND her family acting like trash on national tv make her and her fam look GHETTO!

  5. Some people are an ignorant mess. wtf is “ghetto” to you? Cause this chick is from new orleans and she don’t talk like you, she is ghetto? Their accents are very strong, so i am confused on the ghetto part. I do not watch the show, but i am glad she is doing her thing. and the smart thing to do would be to tend to your own personal life, if you have one. and if you have a problem with her in anyway, get you some business,ugh.

  6. Lol Everytime I think about Toya the first thing that comes to my mind is her saying ” ray jah nay” in her new orleanes accent” ugggggHHHHH

  7. Reginae is a beautiful girl. Toya should love her daughter unconditionally, she is not to blame for how Toya’s life has turned out, good or bad.

    No comment on Toya’s mother.

  8. My basic mess­age is ‘it may not be our fault that we fall, but it’s our re­sponsibility to get back up

    I don’t understand this comment. Who’s fault was it that she got pregnant at 14. I like that she turn her life around. I just don’t like that she is blaming her up bringing on her decision making. Others have gone thru the same exact thing and their life didn’t come out that way. It all depends on the person mind set. It has nothing to do with her up bringing. In my opinion of course.

    • I think it has a lot to do with upbringing. At 14 you are pretty much a child and it is your parents duty to protect that innocence and they failed to do that for Toya. If her parents had been raising her right, she would never have been out there having sex at 14.

      But the good thing about Toya is she realises she is an adult and she can’t stay trapped by the bad parenting decision her parents made for her. And even better about Toya is she is trying to bring her whole family into this new lease of life.

      • Right. Unfortunately, many children are not as blessed as some to have parents/caretakers in their lives to teach them and guide them. How else does a child learn, other than through the interactions that they encounter? No guidance, no one telling you about consequences, then what do you expect of a child? Likewise, many of us who do have that guidance slip up as well. I’m sure we all know of a supposedly “together” family where the daughter got pregnant young or the son fell into some type of trouble.

        I think that Toya has done a great job raising her daughter, despite the life she has had. Reginae is the most important thing in her life.

  9. Her mom still look like a crackhead. Shows like this and Keysha Cole don’t help their families. Keysha Cole mother just got arrested again for having drugs on her even after going through celeb rehab. And I highly doubt if Toya mom will stop using drugs too and her brothers are all tacky. They air their dirty laundry publicly, not to help their families but for monetary gains only.

    • Well Keyshia Cole has given up on her family. Her mother didn’t want the help, Frankie just liked the celeb status that came with it. Keyshia’s family is fame hungry & i think that’s why she distanced herself from them. Her mom was out dating 20 yr olds, having drug dealers at her house, going out clubbing, being photographed by the paparazzi. Toya’s family is not like that. Toya is making sure her younger brothers get an education, her mother wants the help, she’s trying to rebuild her family. & seeing that BCK posted pics of her at her family reunion awhile back, it must be working.

    • Toya did a better job than a lot of married mothers. She got pregnant at 14 because drug addict mothers leave their kids to their own devices. Toya turned out great. I’m surprised she didn’t end up like her brothers.

  10. me too i miss shows like Parent’hood,Cosby, amen, 227, the jeffersons,that’s so raven, Different World, Sister Sister, Smart Guy and so on where African Americans were portrayed in a positive manner. I am not happy with toya or keisha cole show so i don’t watch those shows.

  11. I disagree i don’t think it’s a ghetto mess it’s cool the way she’s trying to keep her family together. We all have issues in our family that is some how relatable to Toya. If not immediate family u know someone. I also agree Reginae is cute and Toya has her head on straight

    • i will have to agree with u on this one, my mother is an addict and if i had the resources (finances) and celebrity that she has, i will fight for my family harder

      • Hang in there, girl. Give your mom lots of love, but don’t let her make you feel guilty for saying ‘enough is enough’.

  12. Beautiful pic of three generations. Toya definitely has her head in the right place. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  13. Reginae’s dimples are just too cute!
    Her mom looks soo much better than she did in the first episode of the show, hopefully that means rehab has worked for her. Im actually liking the show. Toya has a lot of pressure to fix her family. I think w/ her mother on drugs & dad in jail, she ran to wayne & had a baby.

  14. I recently started watching the show. I was skeptical about watching it at first but its actually very touching to watch. People are so quick to judge others lives and lifestyles but they never stop to think what that person might have been through which is the reason why they are the way they are. I watch the show and thank God my mother and father were both there for me and my siblings because not everybody has that support. I really hope her mom gets better for herself and her family.

  15. Reginae is a very pretty lil girl. Toya and Wayne are gonna have to beat those boys off when she gets older. I haven’t watched the show, but I’ve heard mixed feelings about it.

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