Actress/humanitarian Mia Farrow poses with her daughter Quincy Farrow (also known as Kaeli-Shea Farrow) at the 2011 Marian Anderson award gala honoring Mia on May 10, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mia is the mother of 15 children, of whom 11 are adopted. Her children range in age from Quincy, 17, to Matthew and Sascha, 41, twins by her second husband, conductor Andre Previn.

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  1. Woody is disgusting! Didn’t he have nude pictures of a 14 year-old Soon Yi? That was his stepdaughter! I think he was accused of molesting other children Mia had as well. I don’t know how he was allowed to adopt two little girls. The world is seriously disturbed.

  2. I’ve really been in awe of Mia’s quiet grace. Go ‘head girl, & let that little heifer of an adopted daughter keep that Crypt Keeper she took off your hands! But EEEWwww Soon Yi, you was wrong for that! SMDH

  3. This family reminds me of a soon-to-be Angelina and Brad family in the future. Because one of the parents is a weirdo and God only knows how those kids will turn out when they get older. It will be interesting to see them as they become young adults.

  4. Wow, eleven adopted children, that’s really amazing. I believe I also read somewhere else that a few of them were special needs. We need more people in the world like Mia because there are so many children who need loving homes (no matter what country they come from). I won’t even make a comment on Woody, just….ugh….

  5. I forgot she was the old school Angelina Jolie. I applaud anybody who gives a child a better life regardless of their race.

  6. Praise be to you Mia..11 adopted children. Wow.

    Still don’t understand the reasoning behind having more than 3 kids but you do deserve praise for your unselfishness.

    • Why can’t a person have more than 3 kids? 3 is not even a large number lol. Some people like having big families (6/7 kids)

      • Nothing is wrong with it per se. I personally do not see a reason why people want more than 3, maybe 4 children. The amount of cooking, cleaning, vacation costs, tears, noise level, etc is so overwhelming.

        I grew up with 7 brothers, (4 older,3 younger) & ughhh!! That’s why I had one child, but I wouldn’t have minded another one if I had a husband, but no more than that.

        • Regarding some people here criticising a family of more than 3 kids…

          I agree. These days, I see no reason to bring more than three new biological children into the world.

          However, if one can indeed afford it – financially and emotionally – devoting one’s life to adopting children, especially children with special needs, is far from selfish. It is probably one of the greatest things a person can do.

      • her husband cheated on her with one of their adoptive kid, had an affair and then married their own adoptive child. She went through a lot with him. Then their adoptive child had kids with her father (mia husband after the divorce)..it was so disturbed.

        • You meean Woody & the Asian girl? I thought he cheated with the nanny. Didn’t know that happened to Mia though. Men are sick..some of them will screw their own daughters, so I guess screwing an adopted one makes sense to them.

          Please, no one say, ‘you can’t help who you fall in love with'; because if that person is your family member, yes you can, it’s called free will & excersing good sense.

          • I here what you’re saying and I agree.

            This is what I read….Farrow and Allen never married and kept separate homes but they adopted two children, Dylan Farrow (who changed her name to Eliza and is now known as Malone) and Moshe Farrow (now known as Moses); they also had one biological child, Satchel Farrow (now known as Ronan Seamus Farrow). Allen did not adopt any of Farrow’s other family, including Soon-Yi Farrow Previn (the adopted daughter of Farrow and AndrĂ© Previn, now known as Soon-Yi Previn)

        • Not that it makes Woody right or anything, but he had the affair with his adopted stepdaughter. Soon-Yi claims Woody was never like her dad (Andre Previn).
          Don’t see why people have to fish in their own backyards…

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