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Musicain Swizz Beatz, his sons Kasseem Jr.,4, and Prince Nasir,11, along with his friend Tony Parker, were spotted at a match between the New York Red Bulls and the Chivas USA on May 15, 2011 in Harrison, New Jersey.

According to Swizz Beatz’ wife Alicia Keys, the dad of four is “very present in his children’s lives. I wouldn’t be able to love him otherwise. We are doing what is best for the children,” she says.

More pictures below!
Photos: Getty Images/Twitter

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  2. Tony probably learned his cheatin ways from SWIZZ. As for Alicia what comes around goes around . She will deserve what she will probably get. I know it is none of my business , good luck to them all . Whatever

  3. You really do have to love the irony of these two sitting together.

    On another note, as for the pics of Egypt, I personally don’t think that anyone is going to rip the kid apart, same with Lauren London’s. But it has to be remembered that in life you’re always going to get negative feedback in life, that’s just the way the world turns. Some people aren’t going to like the way you look, dress, behave, your name, the way you speak. So what!, and as for the mean and nasty people on the internet, they’re going to be mean and nasty no matter if it’s Alicia’s kid or someone else’s because that’s just the way they are.

  4. @Trish and Tammy I agree with the both of u they would rip AK’s apart if she put a picture of the baby up here that’s the same reason I think Lauren London won’t put a pic of her baby up here BCK ppl can be really harsh at times.

  5. Or could it be that she lives in England and is not in the next town over where he could just rush over to pick her up for a photo op!!!! Cut the dude some slack. I am sure he loves ALL of his children equally and when he does see his ONLY daughter I am sure that their quality time is just that QUALITY!!!!!!!!!

  6. What about his daughter? We need to see him spending more time with his daughter. He is married and live with Alicia Keys so Egypt is not deprived on his dad nor his brother. His daughter is the one in question.

    • hmmm could it be that like ak, the daughter’s mom doesnt want her n the spotlight. she has to be deprived cause u dont see her picture?

    • Well the last time Swizz tweeted pics of him w/ his daughter people were saying he’s only doing it b/c he wanted to prove a point & wasn’t genuine. So there’s no pleasing people when it comes to Swizz & his little princess lol

  7. I wanna see baby Egypt too. But w/ all the mean things people say about Alicia, I can only imagine what a Egypt post will be like. There could be a post where Alica Keys talks about doing charity but somehow the post turns into bash Alica & pity party for mashonda. Things are mentioned that has absolutely nothing to do w/ the post. So I can picture a baby Egypt post won’t be good lol. It’ll be like a Chance Combs type of post lol. So i can understand if she doesn’t want pics of him out yet.

    The boys are cute!

  8. OK already!!!!…Now I’m starting to get sick of seeing Kasseem Jr and Prince. Can please we see some pics of Alicia baby? I wish she would of grace the cover of June Essence magazine with the baby.

  9. Boy…when are we going to see a pic of lil Egypt? I thought AK would have had a picture of him in Essence, but nope.

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