“I just want to make a name for myself and work hard and earn it,” says Iona Prep (NY) junior cornerback Justin Combs,17, who currently has football offers from Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, and Wyoming.

“I really want the school to be big on tradition and big on football, and also balanced with academics,” Combs adds.

Combs says ultimately, he is looking for a school that will help him achieve his academic goals– he has a 93 average at Iona Prep — as well as develop his skills as a football player.

“I’m going to play college football,” Combs maintains. “Everybody thinks I can do whatever I want because my father[Sean “Diddy” combs] is blessed, but I don’t want to be in his shadow. I have found a passion for football, and I love it, so that’s what I want to do.”

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Photo: Justin is pictured with his mom Misa Hylton-Brim

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  1. I’m sure he’ll go into business is this football thing doesn’t work out, one thing for sure he received a great education at the private, expensive schools he attended.

  2. What happens if football doesn’t work out? The mentioned schools aren’t known for popular football teams –are they?

  3. Kudos to Justin…. Wow it’s been 17 years since he was on the yacht with his mom in Biggie’s “Juicy” video. Wow!!!! time flys

  4. I think Misa has a lot to do w/ her sons humbleness & his want to not to be in his fathers shadows. B/c Christean is in Diddy training right now lol. He’s making appearances in music videos, appearing at concerts, dancing & sounding like Diddy. Quincy is the same (even though Diddy is not his dad).

  5. I always had a crush on Justin..he is handsome.org. Justin is smart and gifted on the football field and that is sooo awesome. I hope makes the right college decision and remain focus.

  6. I, for one, am proud of him and I don’t know him personally. He’s well spoke and driven. Good Luck, Justin!

    It seems like Christian and Quincy want to be like Sean…not saying they don’t have other ambitions just that Quincy has express wanting to do music and Sean’s song mentioned Christian wanting to be like him.

  7. He seems like a very well-balanced young man with his own mind. Good for him. Every child should pursue what their passion is. I am sure his parents are very proud. I like this picture. They are definitely a lovely pair.

  8. Justin I’m proud of you. The sky is the limit. Glad to know you have your not only speak your mind but stand up for yourself.

  9. And ppl thought because he got a Maybach for his birthday Diddy was teaching him to be a leach for life… smh glad he is proving them all wrong.

  10. Smart, handsome and rich..the world is his oyster!
    I would love to see updated pictures of Misa’s other children.

    • there are pix of misa’s other children on bck’s site. just type misa hylton in the search box and u will see them.

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