Nicole Dean, the daughter of producer Swizz Beatz, celebrated her 3rd birthday in London this past weekend. Nicole’s parents Swizz Beatz, her mom Jahna Sebastian, and her siblings Prince Nasir,11, and Kasseem Jr(mom is singer Mashonda),4, were all in attendance for the fun birthday bash.

Great bonding between siblings! Check out more pictures below!

Photos:Zimbio and Twitter

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  1. Celebrity or not, Why would any person (man or woman) marry someone who is a know cheater? The cheater always blames the person who they are cheating on for MAKING them cheat. When in reality its just an excuse to keep cheating!

  2. All his children look alike, very cute. Shoot he couldn’t have kept saying that little girl wasn’t his. She looks more like him then the boys. Glad to see he is in all of there lives.

  3. THIS IS WONDERFUL TO SEE. I’m glad Swizz went all the way to London to be with Nicole and I especially like that he brought Prince and KJ…AND SO HE SHOULD.

  4. Yeah Swiss has gorgeous kids! they all seem to get along well. Swiss messed up but let this be a lesson to women now… If you think being a walking matt for a man in order for him to stay with you will keep him you have another thing coming….Swiss did what Meshonda let him do, shes was too busy blaming the women for his wrong doing, and while she was blaming one woman he was on to the next woman having babies….Diddy and Kim another crazy relationship Kim is a walking matt because she feels like diddy loves her the most but no… he is cheating and everyone knows I actually believe diddy like all of his other baby mothers except her, he just with Kim for sex. and with her seperating the twins from the other daughter he has shows immaturity on her part because that child didnt do anything, she didnt ask to be here, and Kim brought her son into the relationship that she shares with Al B. Sure but his daughter isnt able to be around her sisters… come on and for Diddy to go along with that arrangement thats a punk move.
    Lil Wayne is another one who have walking matts as women the only things I like that he does is he talks about his kids and have his kids with him but he leads a negative life so does he want his kids to know about that?… all the women are cool with eachother but they are typecast as Lil Waynes baby mothers. And poor Lauren London… how you go from being a virgin to having unprotected sex with a guy who had 2 kids, a pregnant girl who was once his fiancee, and now youre with child? other than toya none of those other women have gotten into another relationship but Lil wayne has moved on fast. Im sorry money aint worth it. I have been a walking mat before it doesnt feel good and the end result is negative.

    • Number one the stupid comment was not called for, number to just because he has money doesnt mean he wants to buy sex… would you buy sex from someone when you have a person who will come back to you no matter what you did and you have history with them and from what we know kim’s only been with him for the past years so he would have to worry about diseases or consequences of getting another girl pregnant. Jump off or not the baby is not at fault for what the fathers done and you calling a woman a jump off shows that if you were put in the situation you probably wouldnt handle it well and would want the man to choose between his child and you… me being from a blended family, my father was 3 mothers of 12 children my father was not a good father (no drug addict but he wasnt there too much in our lives) but I gotta say the women he had children by all get along, we as siblings all know each other, my mother and my siblings mothers know each other and get along well together, we had birthday parties with eachother with mothers present never heard our mothers speak ill will about each other and my mother was the only woman he married. My mother and the other women knew what type of man they were dealing with, why would they put each other down? heck he already did the damage by not being there so our mothers were our support systems. Now, thats what I call maturity

    • Ok as for Pdidy’s current baby momma or wife whatever she had her older son b4 she was with diddy and he had a older son b4 he was with her.But she doesn’t want the other girl around because that girl is a product of an affair and everybody knows it because her twins and Chance are all the same age.So if I was her I wouldn’t want his other kid around my kids either that he had from cheating on me.

  5. I like the pic of all 3 kids in the back of the car and the lil girl sleeping lol.He dress them so cute ublike some other celebs on here.

  6. Wow his ex Mashonda came to this lil girls party yet she’s all mad at Alicia 4 havin a kid wit him and gettin wit him.And dang the boys look ezactly alike.They look like they got the same mom.


  8. Aww , baby qirl looks just like her daddy . I think Swizzy has beautiful kids . He should be a proud father . GOD BLESS THEM .

  9. When I saw the first pic, the very first thing that came to my mind was “Beautiful”. OMG! All of his kids look like him; you couldn’t even tell that they have different moms. Amazing! Cute Kids :-)

  10. I am so glad somebody spoke up about the whole Mashonda ordeal not once did i sympathize with her SORRY! but I did not for more than one reason. I hated the way she took the break up as an opportunity to build her public career back up and by bashing Alicia Keys who is a well known celebrity was a key way to stay in the public eye. If she had of bashed the other young lady then the media would not have cared so much because she was not as well known. Lets call a spade a spade. Every chance Mashonda got to tell her story she was running to the paper and the interviewers. Now dont get me wrong Swizz is in no way righ for any of his doing but in all fairness he seems happy right now whether it is for a minute or a lifetime it’s right now. I read an interview where Mashonda said that she didn’t go after the other girl because the girl didn’t know he was married “REALLY” come on now the chick is also in the music industry and swizz is one of the hottest producers out there so hit me with another story please. All and all there is more than just one side to the story and no one has heard Alicia’s or Swizz…Point blank

  11. Beautiful kids; another emotionally handicapped, non-committed, selfish and self-absorbed man. Let’s hope he got it right this time. If a woman has 4 baby daddies, we call her all sorts of names but “good mom” is rarely one of them. All a man has to do is hold his child’s hand in public or throw a birthday party for his children before he’s labeled, “great daddy.” Our society has some low standards.

      • Interesting but true. I personally don’t care if Swizz is a celebrity, whether Alicia Keys quote, unquote brought out something good in him or a change in him, or whether Mashonda stayed with him when he did wrong, he still did wrong. In society today, it seems like deeming anyone’s behavior as wrong, is judging them or looking down on them, or acting like they can never do anything good in their life again.

    • Preach! I find it amusing and sad at how many women on here praise Swizz and bash Mashonda. Reminds me of the women I heard make excuses for Chris Brown and say that Rihanna provoked him. We complain about “sorry brothas” and then are the first to excuse their sorriness. The man was married, whether she was a good or bad wife, she was his wife. If you’re not happy, get a divorce. This same ratchetness is the reason for the aids rate and high number of single parent/fatherless homes in our communities. What’s done is done and I do hope that he and Alicia make things work and that he raises his sons to have better morals and more respect for women than what he had for their mothers, and that he’s able to show his daughter a better example of what a man should be! There, I’m done ranting…

      • A leopard doesn’t change his stripes, no matter how good of a wife Alicia is to Swizz, Swizz will continue to be Swizz.

        Another reason I never attacked Alicia is I believe in karma. If she truly did cheat with Swizz then she will get a taste of the same. To me, having that blow up in her face for the world to see, if going to be punishment enough. My trying to knock her won’t mean a thing.

  12. AWW, CUTENESS!!!!!! I luv that he makes an effort to have the kids bond with each other, though they are of different moms. Diddy, take notes!

  13. @Sherley I agree with just about everything u say cause ur fair the man is clearly happy leave Alicia alone Swizz is happy and so is his kids

  14. Am i the only one who thinks Alicia Keys should get some credit here?Prior to her relationship with Swizz, he was not seen with together with all his kids.Most of the time he was with Kasseem. Nasir seems to spend more time with his dad and siblings which is lovely to see.Kudos to Alicia if she has a hand in this.

    • I agree! Swizz needed a woman that made him want to do better, he’s happy and so are his kids! He’s said before that Mashonda intefered with the relationship with him and his oldest son, now he has all his kids together! Hope for the best for everyone! Swizz’s kids are beautiful…. can’t wait to see Baby Egypt!

    • I was going to type the same thing. Alicia just may have something to do with this part os Swizz we are seeing.

  15. @Mary I so agree with u if u look back that’s what I’ve been saying this entire time. Alicia was attacked and put on blast because she is the superstar. Anywho beautiful babies keep up the good work with keeping them together nothing is better than a sibiling bond

  16. Aww, the kiddies are so cute, I think Swizz might’ve had them by himself lol, spitting images!

    As for the whole situation, I always knew about this UK baby mama and never understood why Mashonda and others were calling Alicia a homewrecker. I wouldn’t be surprised if Swizz and Mashonda had a deal where he could do whatever he wanted as long as he didn’t officially try to leave, and when he finally wanted a real divorce, she got mad. Mashonda had to know he was clearly living the single life way before Alicia, and probably before the UK baby mama as well (and I don’t believe UK BM was unaware that he was married, b/c she’s a music producer so she had to know who he was).

    That is the only explanation I can come up with as to why Mashonda would solely place the blame of the demise of her marriage on Alicia Keys. She doesn’t even blame Swizz, it was always about bashing Alicia.

    She got that show, the magazine cover and people actually wanting to talk to her out of all of this, and that tells me that she created this drama because she knew dragging Alicia Keys into it would get her the attention she wanted. I feel for women who are actually cheated on and betrayed, but I have no respect for Mashonda because she manufactured this drama to get her self into the spotlight, and played on the emotions of women who truly had been hurt to gain a platform.

    Sorry for the rant, but she is the lowest of the low in my opinion, and I just needed to get that off my chest.

    • Nicely said Nico.

      I’ve been saying it for years. Swizz cheated while engaged to Mashonda, she had a micarriage after finding that out. She then decided to get pregnant & have a child with him. Then he impregnant yet another woman & she stayed. She was cool until Swizz fell in love with Alicia & he actually left her. It wasn’t the cheating that hurt her, it was the he fell for someone else.

      Many women have that complex..he can cheat just as long as he doesn’t get a girlfriend, fall inlove & leave me. Sad really.

    • No, I think Mashonda’s issue with Alicia Keys is that she sang songs of an empowerment but was a homewrecker. I always gathered that what upset Mashonda the most about Akeys was not that she stole her man BUT that she was a FAN of Akeys and stole her man. And, then she had to read about it in all these blogs as if it wasn’t her husband.

      The first kid that Swizz Beatz has came about because he cheated on Mashonda. She had to know he was a never-do-right. Mashonda and the mother of his first child were pregnant at the same time. Mashonda lost her baby.

    • I think the reason people & mashonda blamed Alicia & not the other woman is because Alicia is the famous one. Alicia had the most to lose, her career was basically on the line from the situation b/c everybody was bashing her w/out knowing the whole story. Alicia didn’t wreck no home b/c MAshonda & Swizz home was wrecked from the moment he had Prince. He was w/ Mashonda, left her for another girl, had prince, went back to her, they had their son, he cheated, had his daughter, got separated, & got w/ Alicia. Alicia is not to be blamed for nothing. Swizz was clearly unhappy w/ ex-wife. & if anybody believed that bulls**** mashonda was saying about the UK woman not knowing who Swizz was so she can’t be blamed is dumb. The Uk woman is a producer, so they most likely worked together. Mashonda never had my sympathy.

      Since Swizz been w/ alicia, he’s been seen w/ Prince a lot more & is smiling a lot more.

  17. All of his kids look like him but his daughter IS HIS TWIN ….stevie wonder could of seen that baby was his lol.. j/k I love how they all know each and other and spend time together

  18. That Man, Makes Some Beautiful Babies!!! Triplets in deed! I thought the two boys were twins but Kasseem and Nicole look dead on twins for real!

    @Mary…I agree with you 10fold!! Swiss’s Lil Mama, just turned Three (3) and Mashonda’s little man is 4!!! Come on now, I don’t understand how everyone was so QUICK to throw Alicia under the bus… I think Mashonda was mad as hell that Alicia didn’t jus screw Swiss and send him home, to be all the way 100, I mean she was willing to stick with him after his 1st son, (not with her)then Mashonda was the one to confirm to the public about his daughter, so she knew about his second child out of wedlock, but she’s doging Alicia, hmmmmm :-/…That marriage was a shame and Ms. Mashonda just needed a scapegoat…

  19. Wait a minute…Swizz has a daughter that just turned 3,by ANOTHER woman who isn’t Mashonda or Alicia? WHY THE HELL was mashonda blasting Alicia, calling her homewrecker?
    I’m So confused. Mashonda really had me defending her, but now I see how TRIFLING she is. Swizz is the one responsible for leaving his family. And Mashonda was the one who couldn’t keep him happy. Alicia was NOT responsible for anything.
    I deeply apologize for all of the bad names I’ve called Alicia Keys for the past 3 years.
    Shame on YOU, MASHONDA. You knew all along that Alicia was NOT responsible for breaking your “Happy family”.

    God Bless them all.


    • Why would you stand up for any man’s decision to cheat on his wife and impregnate another woman?!?!? Swizz cheated of his on volition; no one can make anyone do anything. And yes, Alicia does bear a responsibility in the demise of Mashonda and Swizz’s marriage.

      I’m not playing the blame game here because we are all human and make mistakes. But to act like Mashonda had no right to be upset with any woman who didn’t respect her marriage is absurd! Then to say “she couldn’t keep him happy…”…really? That is so sexist! Stop the misogyny and have a heart. You wouldn’t want any man to do to you what Swizz did to Mashonda. Besides that, marriage ain’t about being happy 24 hrs a day/365 days a week. It’s about commitment – for better or for worse.

      • AMEN! I do not know (understand) what would make a woman think that a man will be different with her than what he was with his wife or any other woman (women of his past). I also cannot understand why people believe that they will not have to suffer any consequences for their foul, all out-of order behavior and actions, because karma is a *****! :-(.
        Ladies, a leopard does no lose his spots overnight! We will all be reading about his flaws again in the media soon enough. How stupid will she(Alicia Keys)feel then?(as if she exempt from his ways… Baby bye, Girl please) She is going to wish she had left that no good, sorry son of a gun right where she found his a$$, with his wife (for her to have to continue to put up with his a$$, why? because she was married to him for better or worse and because it was her choice to stay with her husband if she wanted to!!!

    • Good God,they all heard about this little girl in august of ’09’,at the time,he was separated from his wife due to his affair with Alicia,so she learned about the girl after already knowing about Alicia and Swizz,so not only was he sleeping with his wife when that girl was conceived,he was sleeping with Alicia too…Mashonda has any right to be upset,and saying that she couldn’t make him happy…ridiculous,blame the cheater instead of finding ways to bash the wife,when a man decides to cheat,he doesn’t matter how good you take care of him,he’ll still cheat…

      • WRONG! I defended Mashonda ONLY because she was DMing me some bullsh*t. After calling her out on her lies, she blocked me. You all may not know that Mashonda is NOT innocent in this whole mess. You all can continue to blame Alicia, Nicole Levy(Nasir’s mom) & Jahna Sebastian all you want, but the fact remains that no one is responsible for the demise of that “Happy Marriage” except for the two married parties.
        Mashonda may be suffering from the same mental illness that her Momma(Heather) suffers from.

        I can’t stand liars…That goes for Swizz & Mashonda. Swizz lied to ALL of the women & Mashonda lied to ALL of the Bloggers & the people who empathized with her.

  20. Beautiful!! Swizz has some BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN!! What a blessing! I can’t wait to see Mr. Egypt. I know he’s a Cutie Pie!

    • Prince Nasir seems so loving and affectionate. I know he is. All three of them are. They are being raised well! Kudos to Swizz and the children’s moms.

  21. 4 kids 4 different women call it what you want but that’s a fact and if he were a woman…..that’s all I am saying

  22. Those triplets are beautiful. =) I love the fact that he and his children’s mothers are allowing their children to have a sibling bond.

  23. They are all very beautiful and look so much alike. I especially like the picture where she is sleeping, they all seem to have a good bond. I hope they continue to have a strong bond as they get older.

  24. this is awesome now diddy take note @how Swizz allows all his kids to know one each other regardless if one is in a totally diff country.

    • yeah,Diddy really needs to take note,and be a freaking man,instead of allowing the women get in the way of the bonding of his kids.

    • Agreed. Various kids with various women but everytime you see him he’s got all his kids with him. If I didn’t know better I would think all of them lived with him.

  25. Oh WOW..I love these pics!!! The bonding between the kids is sooo great. I love Swizz and he is a great dad. He don’t let no one stop him from seeing his kids and allows all of his kids to know one another…just so great! All the kids are adorable and cuties.

    • When is everyone gonna wakeup, Swiss Beats is a doggg, All of these children or at least 2 and the one by Alica were created and or born while he was married, he might be a good dad too bad he can’t show his kids how to be good men and daughter how to find a good man, and Alicia nasty baby, nasty, what makes you think he will be any different with you?? Or did you find another baby maybe yet??

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