Daniel Julez Smith,6, is a walking billboard for Gucci! While at the Billboard Music Awards this past weekend, the trendy tot showed off his love for Gucci in a $2,000 outfit.

V-Neck Web-Print Tee

Available for $150.00 at Neimanmarcus.com

Leather Bomber Jacket

Available for $1,450.00 at Neimanmarcus.com

‘Damo’ Driving Shoes

Available for $220 at Gucci.com

Bermuda Shorts

Available for $185 at SaksFifthAvenue.com

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  1. I bet Beyonces lil brother will never get these kinds of fancy clothes courtesy of Beyonce.I just feel like if she’s going to ignore her lil brother becuase he is a product of her dad’s infidelity then ok.But she needs to ignore her dad in that case and stop paying him to be her manager because by her paying him it’s like she is paying his child support.In other words B will be paying the women who slept with her dad while he was with her mom.And I bet her only reason 4 getting with that old guy was to get some money,which is so low.

  2. #Late But just realized that Kaseeem Jr had on a Gucci outfit and the same shirt as Julez at his lil’ sister’s b’day party…

    • And rest assured this child has stocks bonds and savings accounts bigger than most adults will ever see in their working lifetime.

  3. Are some of you serious? Lmao. Is his outfit suppose to look outrageous or something because it’s Gucci or because of the price? How are some of you seriously dissecting and picking apart kids clothing? It’s not suppose to look that much different than any other kids clothing. After all It’s JUST kids clothing with a different price range that what YOU are used to. Aside from that there really isn’t supposed to be that much of a difference except the name on the tag and possibly the quality of the clothes, and maybe even the style or how they make it. And Fyi the shoes are suppose to be worn WITHOUT socks. You people are strange…

  4. Oh come on people, there’s nothing wrong with splurging a little on kids…My 10 month old has Burberry and Ralph Lauren in his wardrobe and I’ll continue to make sure he dresses sharp..Life is too short, do what makes you happy. My son’s clothes will either be sold or passed on to my next baby if I have one, so I am not wasting money. I love the quality of expensive stuff-it lasts longer!

  5. Ok, so the jacket & shoes are cute. The rest is a plain outfit. He’ll outgrow it all by the end of the summer, not that he’ll be wearing the leather coat anymore anyway lol…

  6. Cute outfit except the Don Johnson Miami Vice shoes with no socks. All he needed was a patel suit and he would look just like Det. Tubbs

  7. Maybe it’s just me but I still don’t see this as being a great outfit. I’m not feeling it all put together that way. A leather jacket & shoes with no socks. *shrug* IDK. To me, the name still doesn’t make it look better, but that’s just me. *sherley shrug*

    • Well it is a cute outfit but I do agree if he’s going to be wearing over $200 shoes then he should be wearing some socks with them.And as for the shorts you can get shorts just like that 4 much cheaper.

  8. Julez is such a little cutie. As far as the outfit goes…hey it’s their money. Take the Gucci name off of it and it’s just a striped shirt and a pair of kaki’s which wouldn’t even cost $20 all together!

  9. How is it a race thing??? Suri Cruise has shoe’s that cost $1000+ dollars and she is white. It is being made into a race thing. The outfit was probably free they knew he would be going to the awards and wanted to advertise labels do it all the time. Even Beyonce said she 95% of the time never pays for what shes wearing.

    • Do you really think Suri is a sign of good and healthy parenting?

      And, can you find a post where the average American will state after hearing how much Tom and Katie spent, “if you got it, flaunt it.”

      Unfortunately, we black folks talk a lot about money, having money, and how you can hate on someone because they have money. If you question stupidity, then it’s because you’re a hater. And, yeah, it’s stupid to spend $2000 on an outfit for a five year old, who WILL grow out of it said threads in 6 months and doesn’t even have a sibling to pass the outfit down to.

  10. What is the big deal. Like @Tiana said..their child…their money…their business. This little boy is at an awards show where everyone is dressed to the max. The only reason people are complaining is because you can noticeably see the label that he is wearing. If it were a Gucci suit where you couldnt tell what designer it was from everyone would be saying how adorable he is and wouldnt even mention the label. People can dress their kids however they wish with their money. Everyone spends their money on something the next person wouldnt but that doesnt make them a bad person. To each is own. This is not a race thing…it is a wealth thing. And when you live a certain lifestyle and can afford such things then go for it. I’m sure every woman complaining on here has a pair of expensive shoes or hand bag because they like nice things…oh but that doesnt count does it.

    • Shannon, FYI: A lot of wealthy people do not spend their money on foolishness. Many drive the cars they’ve had before they got money. That’s how they keep their money.

      No one on here is disputing that it’s “their child, their money, and their business,” nor is there a dispute about them doing what they want with it. That’s obvious, but when topics are put up on blogs, people have THEIR thoughts and THEIR opinions. Why do people on BCK make that a problem? Isn’t that the reason we visit blogs, or do we all have to say the same dang thing all the time. There’s enough of that all ready.

      BTW, no I, personally, don’t have a pair of expensive shoes or an expensive handbag. I don’t spend my money that way. That’s why in my particular post, I said, “whatever” because in actuality, I don’t give a rat’s behind about these people. I just like commenting :-)

    • My most expensive handbag was a Coach for $100 & someone brought it for me. All the handbags I’ve purchased are under $25. My most expensive shoes are $39. Let me tell you, all my girlfriends, who spends way more than I do on their stuff, always want to borrow my clothes, shoes & handbags.

      But if that’s what others want to do..knock themselves out..it wont affect me or my household.

      • agree with both Teri and Sherley. i get complimented all the time on my “cheap” stuff, and when i tell people how much i paid for them and where i got them from, they can’t believe it. i take pride in the bargains i find and i refuse to go broke trying to keep up with the Jones’.

        but as was mentioned already, this family can afford to dress him like that. no one is disputing that. but is that the wisest investment for $2,000? probably not. again, just an opinion, not a fact.

    • All of you say you shop bargains and that is cool and all but Jay-Z and Beyonce together are Billionaires. The Knowles family alone are millionaires and they CAN afford many things you can only dream about. $2000 is chump change to them. They will never be broke and while some wealthy people chose to hide their wealth others don’t. It is their life and they live it the way they want chose too so leave them alone. He is the first rich kid to wear expensive clothes and won’t be the last.

  11. Oh gosh, now people are making this into a race thing. Don’t “we” nothing. Speak for your SELF. THEIR child, THEIR money, THEIR business.

    • It is a race thing. And, yeah, the people purchasing his clothes actually sing A LOT about money. Having money. How much they have. So, it’s not surprising.

    • I’m with you. I don’t see it as a race thing. Donald Trump, his youngest child. He had gold plated ceiling in his nursery. Do you think he’s gonna have his child wear anything? No, baby boy is going out wearing custom made suits that cost more than your rent lol. Suri Cruise, has a white mother & white father. Her shoes & clothes are very expensive & she’s just walking the starbucks in her dresses. Angelina Jolie had matching valentino handbags for her & Zahara….It can be a social class thing. People who are living above their means spending hundreds of dollars on their kids clothes knowing they can’t afford their rent next month.
      *Black people have a complex lol

      • OTT things done for a house are totally different. And, in some cases, recognize that a designer created something specific for the child. Gucci jackets that are retail for $1200 exist. Valentino baby bags do NOT. So a designer that is fond of an artist and knows the kid likes XYZ will likely send a comp to said child. IF Zahara was alway around in a $2000 outfits comment would be made.

  12. Even if I had the money, I, personally, wouldn’t spend that kind of money on children’s clothing. That’s just me because I’m not into wastefulness and materialism. A child doesn’t know the difference between a name brand (which I refused to continue to make THEM wealthy with my money) or the Gap.

    Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you spend it foolishly. He’s not my kid nor is it my money, so…

    • Agreed. As quickly as a child goes through clothes, it’s a waste of money that could be spent on something more meaningful.

      No way is my son getting Jordans for $100. He wants to walk on money, I’ll tape two $50 bilss to his feet & he can have fun.

  13. Did you get his Gucci cloth belt in there too? As soon as I saw that jacket I knew it was Gucci. Just didn’t knw they made it in children’s size. First ppl complain they dnt dress him right when he’s out now they complain his outfit is too expensive. SMH

  14. Black folks are always the ones saying stuff like “well they have money” like that explains away wastefulness.

    Whomp, whomp, whomp.

  15. I loved his little outfit! I always liked the way Solange (& Swizz Beatz) dress their son(s) especially for events. They still look like kids, but stylish and funky. I also think it was fitting for an award show where people usually wear things of that price tag. *shrugs* Plus it’s not like his people can’t afford it.

  16. And what is he supposed to wear??? His auntie and uncle are Beyonce and Jay Z. Why wouldnt they put him in clothing that they wear. yes $2000 is a lot of money for a 6 year old to you and I but not to them. Is he supposed to wear the Gap or Childrens Place? Nothing wrong with those places but do you think members of his family wear that…NO. So why would he. They live a certain lifestyle so why would you expect him to wear anything less.

    • I agree. If it’s cute & you can still afford to pay your bills when you’re done, WHY NOT?! You can’t take the money with you when you die.

    • IDK..why not something from the RocaWear kids line?

      I truly do not care what he wears..I’m playing devil’s advocate.

      • Oh, no. Not rocawear!! lmao. That label along w/ all urban labels (baby phat, Ecko, Apple Bottom, south pole) are a no go & been died for a couple of yrs now haha. (Well depending on where your from. I live in Maryland, wearing Rocawear is not cool. But I know people from New york & the south who still wear it)

        Have any of you thought that they spent this much money on his clothes because ITS AN AWARD SHOW!? He’s going on an award show & is going to plastered on everybody’s tv, why would they just throw him in anything? The other pics of Juelz when he’s walking the streets w/ his mom, he’s dressed very regular. I don’t see anything wrong w/ them spending $2,000 on his outfit, & that goes for any race. They’re dressed to the “T” so, so should he. I hate seeing parents wearing expensive clothes & so well put together, & then they just throw whatever on their kids.

        • LOL at your urban clothing comment haha. Its true though. And seriously, people do spend tons of money for certain events. Some parents may rent their young child a tux for a wedding while others may buy the tux and let the kid get a few uses out of it. I’m sure they’re not gonna just throw away the clothes after he wears them. And for his family, the $2000 Gucci outfit for the Billboard Awards might be like a regular family spending $200 on a tux for their own child. And then again like someone else said, they might not have even bought this. Gucci could have give him the clothes for Ad reasons.

  17. I was just wondering how much that cute jacket cost.Appararently his mom prob didn’t buy this.Beyonce prob did which I still can’t believe anyone would pay almost $1500 for a kids jacket.That’s allot of money.

  18. I mean with all his family and such he definitely they money for it. 2,000 dollars to them is like 20 dollars for the average person.

  19. Wonder if I would spend that much on one outfit for a 6 y/o even if I had it…don’t think so. Nice outfit though!

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        @@@@#Late But just realized that Kaseeem Jr had on a Gucci outfit and the same shirt as Julez at his lil’ sister’s b’day party…

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