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Musician Ziggy Marley showed off his newborn son Abraham(born January 26th, 2011) while out for lunch at the Coral Tree Cafe with his wife Orly and their other kids Judah,6, and Gideon,4, yesterday.

More pictures below!

Photos: FlynetPictures.com

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  1. Kids are cute. Aww..Judah’s shoe is coming off, Gideon is like, mom look & mom is like, girl, let’s go. Lol.

    Is it just me or does Orly look like a brunette version of Britney Spears?

    • Not only you…that’s the first thing I thought when I saw it. maybe it’s just this picture cause I haven’t seem many pictures of her but she looks exactly like Britney Spears here!

      • @Wakola
        Guess what? You can look “white” (in your imagination: European) as hell and still be a “Middle Easterner”. Ignorance at its best, your next trip should be to the “Middle East”…

        • That’s true in some respects, but from personal observation and reading, I have found that in many societies within the Middle East, the socio-political and familial identities has little to no connection with Europe and even less with White America.

        • Middle-Easterners are an asian people and are also related to African people. This shows in some of their features regardless of skin colour. If a black woman has an albino son is he then no longer black? :P
          I’m not saying they’re white or black, or asian, for that matter. Middle-Easterners are mixed, they are something in between.

          • @Wakola

            You’re walking on thin ice with your statement – look at Turkey, Israel, Gaza, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. These people are more related to Europe as you might think, in terms of their looks and history. They (the majority) are of course “mixed” to some degree, but many Europeans are “mixed” too (whatever that means).

            The Middle East is very close to Europe – a direct neighbor to be precise and also connected by the mediterranean sea. And in relation to your statement, you have to call more then half of the European population and nearly all people from the Near and Middle East not “white”, maybe because of their looks (not “white enough”?) or long history of intermixing. Europe, Near East, Middle East and North Africa is really diverse since thousends of years, and there is nothing new about that.

            Orly looks to me like a ordinary woman from Europe, like the most Isrealis do. I bet most people would say “white”. I don’t judge, because labeling someone and put them in a box is a stupid (racist) idea.

    • Middle Eastern is white, every middle eastern person I ask say they are white plus he has some white from his dads side.

  2. BCK what about his brother Damian’s son? I’m so tired of seeing ziggy and his family. What about pics of him and his THREE other kids?

    • I think its b/c Damian is not walking the streets of LA w/ his kids were the Paps are. I didn’t even know Damian had kids lol. & same w/ Ziggy’s other kids, they probably live w/ their mom somewhere else so they aren’t photographed either. BCK doesn’t send photographers to hunt these people down lol. They work w/ what they got

      • that is absolutely untrue, I’m Jamaican and I do not find that to be a reality. Your statement falls under categorizing and stereotyping. Why unearth would a Jamaican dress in a sweater in the summer unless they were sick.

        • I am Jamaican too. And it’s a common thing to see our fellow countrymen and women wearing heavy jackets and sweaters when it isn’t even cold outside. I’ve lived in this country for 20 years and I see it everyday among the older J’can immigrants. We didn’t grow up in JA with A/C and did not have to deal drastic changes in temperature. It was very common among Jamaican immigrants of the 50′s, 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. And we were even made fun of because of it. The kids born to J’cam immigrants don’t do the same because they have been acclimatized to the way things are here. So yes, I do know what I’m talking about.

      • I am Jamaican as well & that comment about Jamaicans wearing sweaters in the summer is just ignorant & makes me wonder the level of intelligence….smh

  3. Aww, so adorable… I love their names too. I’ve always wanted my kids to have names out of the Bible, but not any of the usual, common ones.

  4. Love their names. You would never guess to give the name Judah to a girl, but it probably fits her well. I like the beanie the baby have on his head. Cute Marley children

  5. their kids are so adorable. love their Biblical names. Gideon reminds me of Johan Samuel in this pic. looks like Judah is having a shoe malfunction lol!

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