Actress Lauren London has nothing but kind words to say about rapper Lil Wayne, the father of her 21-month-old son Cameron.

“My son’s father is an intelligent, loving and lovable person who will always be a dear friend. That is all.”

She adds, “I met Dwayne when I was 15 years old. I’ve known him a very long time, and we were in a relationship that didn’t make it. We tried more than once to revive it, and we were engaged briefly years ago, but we eventually parted ways. People see the “Lil’ Wayne” persona and think they know who he really is.”

Lauren,26, says she gets along  fairly well with all of the mothers of  Wayne’s four kids.

“We are all good-hearted women who love our children and we want them to know each other. Real friendships have grown from that foundation and the result has been more love, less drama and less trauma for our kids.”

The actress also reveals that she hopes that her son will one day have the following three qualities: “I hope he has a strong relationship with God, that he respects himself and loves who he is, and that he has an idea of his purpose and wants to follow it.”

Source: Kathleencross.com

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  1. I don’t know what to make of this situation. I think the fact that the women are not arguing and fighting makes people upset because that is the norm. Don’t try to get along with the other women, cause drama, don’t let these brothers and sisters see each other, hold grudges and be bitter baby mamas. Since this is not the case people have a problem with it, why do women have to jump at each others throat for the sake of others entertainment? Personally I wouldn’t be buddy-buddy with these women but I would treat them as I want to be treated which is with respect. For the sake of the children’s relationship with their siblings I don’t see what the problem is with getting along with the other mothers. If the mothers do not get along it causes more chaos, stress, and unnecessary heartache for the children.

  2. Everybody up here is saying the same exact thing whether u disagree with him having so many kids by different women or u agree that their here and he’s taking care of them. We’ve never seen a picture of Nivea’s baby either noone is coming down on her like u doing LL. The comment about it being trifling in the black community bothered me only because black ppl isn’t the only race that have babies by different ppl. I understand that this is bck but don’t go there.

  3. Watch a recent episode of Toya show. She goes to this acting class and the teacher tells her to reach deep inside and show emotions. Well anyway she does and she talks as if shes speaking directly to Lil Wayne about how he left her at 15 with a child and how she is forever known as his baby momma. It was real so go check it out. I like Lil Wayne, don’t care for his thug lifestyle,(which I think started more for survival in the streets of New Orleans for him and not necessarily a choice). I think prison opened his eyes to alot of things and made him set still so that he could process it all. I love how he spent time reading the Bible. However, like for all parents the real truth will come one day when children grow up and they voice their opinion of what Mom and Dad did or didn’t.

  4. As long as everyone’s happy and healthy, good for them and more power to them. There’s no one “right” family structure if all members are happy, taken care of, not hurting anyone else and are able to reach their individual potentials.

    I grew up with both mom and dad I’m crazy as hell!

  5. Lol, just about everyone on here is crazy. But everyone does have their own opinion and judgements. I’m not gone judge her, him, or the other mothers because whatever i say has already been said or discussed, and either someone is going to agree or disagree.

    But, i do wish lauren, the other mothers, and all the kids the best.

  6. I think all the mothers have acknowledged that the situation was less than ideal but they chose to make the best of it, which is the right and reasonable thing to do. And the fact that she chose not to continue a relationship with him and will still not bash him despite her being betrayed by him says a lot about her in my book. Idk who am I to judge? Men can lead whole other lives that women will never be aware of. I have seen it far too many times. I myself have been decieved more than once and could have easily been in the same situation as Lauren had I not stuck to my morals, no kids before marriage/education and def no unprotected sex because men cheat and lie and cover their tracks very well. And especially if a woman has her own life and own career booming and is not focused on her man’s actions every single moment of every day things can easily slip by her. Men are tricky. I am not going to knock her because I dont know for sure she knew he was with all these women at the same time. She doesn’t strike me as a bad person or less classy or less smart, I just see someone who got caught in a bad situation. Bad things do happen to good people. She is still pursuing her dreams and holding her head high, is private and seems truly focused on God. I have no issues with this young lady. Now as for Wayne, I leave him to God.

  7. Doing the math, if Lauren is 26 and Toya is 26 and Lauren met Lil Wayne at 15, then she was talking to him the same time that Toya had Reginae.


  9. I agree Lauren! Your son’s father (as well as Nivea’s son father, sarah’s son father, and Toya’s daughter father) is so intelligent. Intelligent enough to Not utilize common sense and use protection while frequently intercoursing as an unmarried man with all of you ladies(not to mention his doting groupies). I also agree that that he’s loving, because he surely loves to disrespect womem and himself on majority of his songs. So loving that he doesn’t care to realize that one day his young children will hear that filth he calls music and may want to imitate that garbage that he portrays to society. If he’s such a great person than why is he lying to millions of people trying to be something he is not..oh, oh I know.. it may be that he wants to be “cool” and “respected” among his fellow female degrading colleagues. Also, engagement and marrige are two different things. It would have been a bit better to your out of wedlock child to have gotten married first (no offense). Every child is precious and I feel like a disservice is being done to them by bringing them into the world this way without both parents in a stable, healthy home. Lauren is a very beautiful person inside and out but should utilize good judgement from this point on (just a suggestion, not a command :)

  10. The most important thing is his daughter seeing how he is about with women.With her seeing his ways,it will make her want a man like her father,and that’s sad because it’s showing her to be with a guy just for his money,but it’s okay for him to be with other women.

  11. She made a bad decision which resulted in the birth of her son which I’m sure that she does not regret. It’s easily for her to be judged since her life is front and center. I’m just gonna say that I still like her and I wish her and her son nothing but the best!

  12. I’m glad the multiple mothers have found a way to get along; it’s at least important for the children to know their siblings along the way, and to have that support from all their mothers.

    @ Pisces: Child support is child support, whether it’s mandated by the court or not. If it were me, I would still have an attorney and a signed agreement with Li’l Wayne, just in case he bumps his head and changes his mind about what he agreed to do. There would be no malice in it, just making sure the child is cared for.

    As far as the rest of it… Real Talk, you nailed it. I am not jealous of a woman who has to share her son’s father for three or four (and possibly more in the future) women. I am not interested in that kind of relationship, regardless of his money and his success. That’s just unacceptable, whether he’s “taking care of them” or not. Furthermore, there are far too many diseases out there to be messing with a man who fathered two or three children in less than two full calendar years. AND THESE ARE JUST THE ONES WE KNOW ABOUT. Who knows who else he’s been fooling with who managed *not* to get pregnant?! I can’t take it!

    She can be a celebrity and have a private life. There are plenty who do. She doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone – but she chose to do so because the rumors were bothering her. I say let ’em talk.

    I don’t doubt that he’s intelligent or that he is well-meaning in many ways. But dude, grow up. You don’t need a harem to prove your manhood. Manhood is proven by the difficult things you settle down to do, being there with a family day in and day out. By what you sacrifice for that family, how you work to provide them not only with the material things, but the emotional support, the discipline and guidance through life. Thus far, what has he sacrificed? What guidance does he offer (other than the “do as I say, not as I do” type)?

    If she’s satisified with her choices, then great. But it couldn’t be me…

  13. I hope she teaches her son not to be like his father when it comes to women,because lil’wayne’s behavior will cost him his health if he keeps this up with going to bed with every woman he see.Cervical Cancer is a high rate rightnow that occurs in women who are involve with men like him.

  14. None of Wayne’s children are on child support
    “I’m not on child support with none of my kids cause I’m a great father. So it’s not determined by how much money you’re paying at all. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about being there and being that important person in their lives.”

    So many people underestimate Wayne as a father, when the mothers of his children always have nothing but great things to say about him

  15. What makes you think she is getting a child support check? Did it ever occur to you that he actually takes care of his children without the court system?

  16. Pretty actress. Interesting read. There is always so much more behind the scenes apparently which is why I mostly try to refrain from judgment. But still, I don’t know??…Also shows why its best not to double dip. The relationship went south several times before. She was given some warning it was going nowhere. I’d like to see her son, guess the double dipping served some purpose, lol.

    Interesting, no bad mouthing by the multiple mammas so far, that seems to say something to a degree.

  17. I just think he is nasty for sleeping with all of these women,and many more.It’s too many virus,stds for all of that,if he is making all these babies he is not using no protection at all.

  18. So he was engaged to her while he was married to toya and in a relationship with nivea too? He messed with all of them at the same time.He was also engaged to nivea not to long ago,he also was engaged to rapper trina who had ywo miscarriages from him.

  19. Why are they interviewing her? Does she have a new movie coming out? A new Clothing ling? Record Label? If it was not for her being a “Baby Mama” she wouldn’t even be relevant anymore….that is the sad truth.

    • She is on the new VH1 show Single Ladies with Stacey Dash and LisaRaye. Last night, she was only on there for a second. Not sure if her role will be reoccuring when the series start in a few weeks.

      • I love Stacey Dash but that cast, as whole, sounds awful lol. Lauren is very pretty, seems sweet but she’s an awful actress. Ditto for Lisa Raye. I don’t understand why people continued to give her roles after Players Club. She’s awful.

        • I agree! Lauren isn’t a good actress and she always plays the same roles. And I was trying to figure out yesterday why that [garden utensil] Lisa Raye is famous!

          • I watched the movie last night. The storyline moved very slow. Unfortunately I was not all that impressed and turned it off after an hour. I want to see my black shows succeed on mainstream tv, but I don’t know about this show?

  20. ok i just want to know what the problem is…now if he was not taking care of his kids and didnt give them the time of day ppl would have a fit..but this is a man who is taking care of his kids so what does it matter how many baby mommas he has or how many kids as long as they know that their dad and moms love them and care about them.

    • How can a man take care of multiple kids in multiple households? How can he be there for all those kids when he needs them? Taking care of a child is not just financially, but also being there for them when they need you. Also, being an example to your children also represents a good father. If he’s what you call a good example, so be it.

      At the end of the day, he isn’t my children’s father so whatever.

      • I agree that in this day and age EVERY household should have a male figure. But is that reality? No ma’am! We have households with men living under the same roof with their kids and might as well not even be there. Just because someone lives with you doesn’t mean your family is “perfect”, and just because someone doesn’t live with their child, doesn’t mean they’re a deadbeat.

        We have no idea how he manages his “families”. But I can say one thing, those women don’t complain. And I agree money plays a large part, but I do think he gives his time too.

        • There’s no doubt that just because a man’s presence is in the home it means he’s a good father/man. My issue is that when those children in four different households need him, can he be there for all of them even if he is considered by many as a “good father.” Not just Wayne, but countless other fathers that have babies from coast to coast. Also, how is that being an example to your children? That’s just my take on it. That constitutes being a good father as well.

          To me, it’s like exercise and eating right is not a guarantee for having good health, but it sure is the better way to go.

        • BTW, those women don’t “publicly” complain. Also, if I was getting a hefty check just from being knocked up, I probably wouldn’t complain either. At least most of his women are doing something with their lives.

        • You made a valid point @”NewToThis”. Money is playing a major role with Wayne’s “Baby Mama” clan. I haven’t heard not one complaint from Toya, Sarah, Lauren and Nieva that Wayne hasn’t step up to the plate financially. I guess these ladies are getting some helluva cheese and them checks are being distributed “Evenly”…Not like Diddy’s case…. Remember Misa took Diddy to court because Kim Porter was getting a bigger check then she was before Kim had the twin…LOL

    • Did anyone every hear the term, “Your reputation follows you.” Forget this personal/public Lil Wayne persona, that’s what everyone goes by. He’s pretty much showing you what kind of person he is, like it or not. How many of you would want him as a mate because, privately, he’s probably a saint? If that’s your perception of him, cool. If you listen to his lyrics and see his actions, it pretty much tells what kind of person he is.

      When you are in the public eye, you have to deal with people forming opinions. If they can’t handle it, they shouldn’t get in the business.

      • @ Teri. Exactly!!! This “Industry” is not for everybody. It’s not always about the money. Your image, reputation and character play a major role. If you’re not cautions with your actions…. It can make you or break you. I’m not a Beyonce fan, but that heffa know to maneuver through this “Industry”.

    • For the record, I do not want my son to be the type of male role model who has kids planted all over the state & should be upheld as a great person because he loves them all & is a good father to them.

      It is NOT ok! We have to hold our sons up to higher standards than this. These men are the ones who are going to run households along sides our daughters; who are going to raise future generations way after we are gone. I’m sorry but it is simply UNACCEPTABLE! I don’t care what other people do with their kids, but it’s NOT ok for MY son.

  21. I really love that picture of Lauren! Her dimples are so cute. & I believe what she said about Wayne is true. A lot of people say Wayne is a sweetheart. Seeing pictures w/ Reginae & his Jr, you could tell he really adores them.
    Her situation is no different than a non celeb female. We have all encountered a woman who had a baby by a guy that we think is garbage but she will beg to differ. So I don’t understand why people are acting so shocked. Its not like LL was giving out a false image of being perfect or being abstinent till marriage.

    Even though I don’t think she should have to explain the situation between her & Wayne to the public/magazine, I’m glad she did. Hopefully now people can leave her alone & stop being so mean. She’s a private person, before her son, you never heard anything about Lauren’s private life. In another part of her interview she said something like she was trying to figure out if she should clear up the rumors about her personal life but feels she doesn’t have to b/c its her life. Celebs no longer have personal lives & i think thats unfair. We as “regular people” are always telling people to mind their own business. We don’t send out letters to our neighborhood when we have kids or go thru a divorce & i don’t think celebs should have tell us anything about their lives off the screen. They are only paid to entertain. (Unless they do a reality show).
    Like i said about Baby Egypt Dean, Lauren probably doesn’t want to show Cameron b/c people say mean things about her, so they’ll probably say it about her baby. She’s probably protecting him.

    • I am in TOTAL agreement with you on that Trish. I think celebs get judged extra hard just because of who they are. If they were just some average Joe Blow off the street we wouldn’t care. I think Wayne has a tender side too but for ENTERTAINMENT purposes he portrays himself as some little gangsta wannabe…too each their own. That doesn’t mean he isn’t an EXCELLENT father or friend. We can only go off what society tells us and shamefully most of us believe EVERY word they say without proof therefore generating a NEGATIVE view of the person. We don’t know him personally so we only linger on what negativity we hear and what society/blogs tell us….SO SAD!!

    • Trisha, I really enjoyed your comment. And totally agree with it.

      Yes, I agree with the other posters that what Lil Wayne was doing was WRONG! But this is LAUREN speaking from her side. Again, like so many of “us”, we have no clue what a man can be doing on the other side of town. I believe she was truly in love with this guy. And probably still have much love for him. Yes, he has kids by 4 women, but only two of them were born around the same time (kinda like Diddy’s situation).

      IMO, a lot of women are envious/jealous of Lauren (talent, career, BEAUTY, etc. (they may disagree, but SHE is the black CELEB with the post!))that they have to continuously dwell on her ONE flaw to accommodate their insecurities… and I see this among us all the time.

      And I can’t get over the sarcasm about the moms (sistawives) getting along. That’s a great thing! Black women who can get along and build relationships for their kids. Can’t be mad at that!

      • @NewToThis,

        Everyone (for the sake of this conversation, women) have a right to have whatever outlook they want to have with respect to their own lives; the right to set standards and strive for that, etc. Not only do I find your below quote disturbing for me, that type of thinking or viewpoint is unacceptable to some women and that is their right. Everyone is not following the norm although, very popular. It is clear that LL was feeling some sort of way and felt the need to address the matter. Whatever. Good for her. For the most part, I have not perceived people’s comments as being holier than thou or judgemental insomuch as it is just their annoyance and frustration with this type of lifestyle.

        “And I can’t get over the sarcasm about the moms (sistawives) getting along. That’s a great thing! Black women who can get along and build relationships for their kids. Can’t be mad at that!”

        • @Fashion, if I am reading your comment correctly, you have a problem with the moms getting along.!? I don’t think I can even come up with a reply for that one.

          • No, not that the mothers are getting along but the fact that all of these women are sharing the same man as a father for their kids. Yes, it does have a “harem” type vibe or as someone mentioned, sisterwives. That concept is not appealing or acceptable to some women. That’s what I am talking about. Personally, I believe that it is the man’s responsibility to ensure that his children get to know one another, but to each his or her own. If women want to develop friendships or whatever else with the other women or other woman, then good for them.

    • Its sad that people are on here still judging the fact that he has several kids and how trifling it is. They are the main ones that probably have like 5 kids by 5 different men. WE just don’t know their situation b/c its not in the public and they can hide behind BCK..SMH!!

      • I’m one of the ones with a comment about his multiple kids. Actually, whatever blog you visit, that’s what most people comment on. Just like you, people have their point of view. Does that make them wrong and you right? I can assure you I don’t have multiple kids by different men.

        BCK readers are not in the public eye so there’s nothing to hide behind, and I’m sure people don’t give a rat’s behind about any of our lives. That’s why entertainment blogs exist. Why do people get so offended by other’s opinions?

        • Well good for you then maam!! It’s certain people on here who are always pointing the finger and finding something negative to say so I chose to say how I feel as well. If that’s you then that’s you..LOL!!

      • I think he’s trifling for having multiple children by multiple women he never married. I have a brother who has 3 kids by 3 different women & I call him trifling as well. Love him to death & will stomp a mud hole in your butt for him, but he’s still trifling.

        I have 1 child because I know the invention called birth control. In my line of work, when a woman or man comes across my desk & they have the same situation as lil Wayne, I think the same about them.

        Does that make me judgemental, sure but I rather be judgemental than to have to explain this to my child.

      • @theyknow having kids by various men have become a trifling trend in the black community.

        its trifling when its done by celebs and non-celebs.

        nothing at all cute about it.

        but people like lauren who do these types of interviews want others to see it as normal. well it isn’t and never will be.

        and if she doesn’t wanna be judged then she should quit talking about it.

    • hello trisha Lauuren London said she was a virgin and claimed it numerous times but thats not the big wowzer… They only have one photo together and I know shes private but privacy in a relationship is never good… this should be a lesson to young women… we get into a relationship and we want to be private, dont want no one to know we are dating the man…. Im telling you if im dating a man everyones gonna know because when youre quiet and on the low with your relationship you better believe the man has another woman somewhere that aint affraid of being known.. I have only seen Lauren in one photo with wayne…. one…and that was a very blurry photo… even the asian girl who has his first son has more photos with wayne then she does…. two if she knew wayne since she was 15 whether she was dating or not dating she shouldve saw his behaviors and habits. My 2 best friends are men been my best friends for 10 years, i love them, their both attractive, but I have known them long enough to see how they treat women and thats not what I want in a mate. at the time lauren became pregnant he had a daughter and a son who was a couple of months at the time and she still slept with him now Iwouldve looked that situation alone and said Im gonna have to past with having sex because sex with a friend just changes the friendship. To me it seem like Lil Wayne was looking for a young pretty naiive girl o have sex with and he preyed on lauren and go pregnant. hell as crazy as solange is I even knew he was dating her. dont be private with your ish, the joke will be on you

  22. Instead of TLC’s Sister Wives… BET or Centric should create Sista Wives starting Lil Wayne’s and his baby mommas. He got 4 women to profile too and they can talk about how they all get along for da kidz.

  23. I really like Lauren. I think she’s a beautiful young lady, and based on interviews I’ve seen with her, she seems cool. I’m sure lil Cameron is a doll baby.

    People judge others by what they present whether the person is a public figure or not. What he presents to the public is extremely negative to me. This is a man who had Lauren and Niveah (or however you spell her name), pregnant at the same time. What kind of character does that represent? What kind of example will that set for his children? The lyrical content to his music speaks volumes as well.

    Everyone forms opinions of people whether they want to admit it or not. I don’t know what attracts women to this man, but knowing how some women can be, it doesn’t take much.

    You can take a pit bull, put lipstick on it, dress it up all nice and pretty, but it’s still a pit bull.

    P.S. I bet if Lil Wayne wasn’t who he is today, women wouldn’t give him a second glance. Money and fame are real aphrodisiacs to a lot of females. In advance, for the Lil Wayne fans who will show up and inevitably start flapping their lips because of other’s opinions, take a seat because opinions don’t change, so get over it.

  24. sorry but theres nothing cute or acceptable about several females sharing one guy and all getting knocked up within months of each other.

    that mess is trifling and no matter how they tell this story over and over again it will still be trifling.

    the best thing to do in this situation is to just stay quiet. keep the explanation for their kids when they grow up and ask why all of them were born in the same year.

    • @Realtalk…. I agree with you totally on that. It’s very trifling and there’s no other way to justify the situation. I pictured her as this classy smart young lady. …WOW!!!! Lauren defiantly did a move that the “Hoodrats” do in the “Hood”.

        • @theyknow….Yes that “eliminates” her as a Classy Smart young woman is by “Choices” she make. You can lose your “Classiness” due to having a baby with a man that gets two women pregnant in the same year, drugs, infidelity, sleeping with your BFF man whatever that’s out of the norm. Lauren did some sh– that “Hoodrats” do in the “Hood” and that’s common. She is in a different status now as a upcoming Hollywood actress doing red carpet events, endorsing clothing lines, music videos ect, which created her a strong Celebrity fan base, and young girls really look up to her. When entered into that “Industry” it’s not all about you…you play a major influence and that comes with the territory. Lauren did some this irresponsible sh– in her mid 20’s not as some teenage. What happen to “Morals” in the Industry, just “Morals” period?

          • I have heard stories of successful, CEO’s Women that are rich/classy/smart that still mess with the “bad boys.” Does their smartness go away b/c of who they decided to sleep with? Or is Lauren not classy & smart b/c she decided to keep her child? B/c she could have taken the easy way out by having an abortion when she found out she was pregnant just so she wouldn’t have to deal w/ the bashing. She would be walking around smiling & you guys would be saying how classy she is. Lauren has always said in interviews she loved the bad guys. She is still classy, smart, & beautiful in my eyes. All i’m saying you don’t know anybody’s personal life, but when they are thrown in the limelight & their privacy is taken away, you find out somethings. If you or any other BCK commenters life was put on a blog, i can bet some harsh things would be said. Lauren’s story/situation is nothing new & there are thousands of regular Wayne’s walking around the streets. So before you start judging these celebs & looking down on them, remember you could be putting down a friend or family member that could be going thru the same thing.
            BCK commenters are some of the most judgmental people i have encountered on a blog. God i hope none of you are my friends/acquaintances/family in real life lol

        • shes not classy or smart for knowingly having unprotected sex with a guy who was screwing various other females raw at the same time he was screwing her.

          all of them knew he was doing all of them at the same time. who they trying to fool.

          the mess backfired on them.

    • Keep it real sista. I agree that this is irresponsible behavior. Our children need strong families. We need to start by building strong unions that will ultimately create strong foundations for our children. All of the baby making for selfish reasons is unacceptable. Children are gifts from a higher force which require a community and a strong family structure to help them to become assets to our society rather than extract from it. We have been duped into the idea that our children need material items to feel loved. Nope they need solid family structures with both a Mom and a Dad as it takes two to make them and equally to raise them. Basic law of nature. “My sister’s mother” and “my brother’s father” are normal statements these days. When I was a child no one dare asked whether my brother and I had the same father. This packing up our children for a weekend with Mom or Dad and their new partner is not good for our babies. This type of behavior that Lil Wayne,P-Diddy, and others perpetuate is selfish and irresponsible.

    • It may not be cute and I don’t see how they are trying to portray it as being cute at all. The bottom line is the kids are here now and they are being taken care of.point blank period….I’m sure when the time comes they will explain it to the kids.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. You said it in a nutshell. One can dress it up with words however they want. It’s still trifling.

    • What about STD’s? What about putting your life at risk when having unprotected liasons. We women, now mothers, need to respect ourselves more. These mothers of lil wayne’s children were not ready or prepared to have children. Regardless if the father can afford child support or not, he is still not around on a daily basis to care and be there for his children. Children need love and nuturing, emotionally and physically, everyday. That’s what makes them well-adjusted human beings. Amen

      • nivea and laurens were born within weeks of each other

        the asian one hers was born 1 year before theres.

        he was doing all them at the same time.

        men like wayne is why the HIV rate is high in the black community.

        running from female to female spreading disease and sperm.

        now look at wayne hes got every other woman on his arm at the NBA games except the 3 he knocked up.

  25. Now since she’s cleared that up people will stop assuming thing about their relationship. But she seems to be a good mommy and its good that the women aren’t being childish about the situation and they are letting the children now their brothers and sister

  26. Everyone seems to jude Wayne based on his appearance and his lifestyle but we don’t really know him as a person or how he is to his kids. He seems like he is a very loving person and that is probably what attracts these ladies to him, not the looks or the money. I didn’t realize they had actually dated before. I’m sure Cameron is a cutie!!

    • I also judged Lil Wayne by the rap persona he came out with but after I saw thus documentary about him, my opinion changed. Dewayne is trying so hard to replace something that was missing from his life, thus the many women.

      Although it doesn’t explain the choice in not choosing to wear protection, but I can truly believed he loves his children.

      Personally, I believe Dewayne wont allow the baby mama drama. Maybe I’m giving him more credit than he deserves..*shrug*

    • Agreed. The only thing that we know is what he puts out there for us to see. I think it’s great that the mothers are trying to maintain a relationship with each other for the sake of the children.

      However, I will JUDGE him and everyone else who refuses to use protection to at least TRY and prevent not only pregnancy but DISEASE!

      Anyway, London is beautiful almost makes me wish i was into starkist.

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