She speaks seven languages and plays six musical instruments. It’s safe to say that five-year-old Mabou Loiseau is one busy girl!

Five-year-old Mabou Loiseau’s parents spend $1,500 a week on tutors and lessons – and she spends seven hours a day in some type of instruction, with Sundays off.

She grew up speaking French, Creole and English, but her immigrant parents didn’t want to stop there. She’s also learning Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic and Russian. …She can sing her ABCs in Spanish, count in Mandarin, read fairytales in Russian, and already has an ambitious list of career goals.

“I want to be a firefighter, and I want to be a doctor, and I want to be a dancer, and I want to be a princess,” Mabou said with a smile, sitting shyly on her mom’s lap. “And I want to be an actor, and I want to be a musician, and I want to be a singer, and I want to be a veterinarian, and I want to be a mom.” Read More





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  1. Great job! Kudos to the parents…education is the most important gift a child can receive! Not booty shaking or learning the next radio hit!!!!

  2. Let’s read the fine lines and let’s analyze together.
    What we don’t realize is that: Regular school hours are often 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, it’a about 7 hours a day! Plus, we need to add at least 2 hours to get to and from school. That’s about 9 hours so far. When the child gets home, he/she spend at least 2 hours doing homework. That’s a total of 11 hour a day, 5 times a week. (11hr/day X 5= 55hr/week) However, this homeschooled girl only spends 7 hour a day and she’s done. (7hr/day X 6= 42hr/week.) Which one you would pick? She has more time in her hands then the kids who go to regular schools! The difference between her (Mabou) and the other situations is that she has more free time and she probably learns a lot, a whole lot more at home. Homeschooling is something one should read about I think.
    Don’t let the 7 languages and 6 instruments throw you off. Kids learn fast and the smarter they are, the easier it is for them to retain information. She is a lucky girl, no homework. She does it 6 days a week and Sundays off. One extra day is the extra step one needs to do better then the rest. If one wants to be ahead, he/she has to do more. For any big accomplishment one must do better then the rest. If the best does 100%, the very best must do 110%.
    The fact that she has a long list of what she wants to be in the future can only show how much positive info her little brain is full of. It’s loaded with information about different things, and that’s how it should be.
    Also, for the $1500 a week, when we read and reread the article, we realize that:
    1- The father works 16 hours a day and he might be making a lot of money!
    2- The mother is a piano teacher.
    3- “They have started hosting other kids in their home!” That literally means they have a school of some type. They make money. They seem to teach other kids from their home. They might have a music school or a language school even, because remember that the little girl’s teachers come teach her in the house! Both, music and languages.
    These are 3 substantial sources of income. They definitely can afford the $1500 a year, easily.
    Also, the mother is a piano teacher and teaches from home, which means that kids come and go from that house; therefore, that little princess definitely has other kids to play with.
    They also add that she ice-skates, she cannot do it in her backyard, which tells us that she has to go to a school for that, where again, she meets other kids. She swims, they didn’t talk about her pool, she then probably goes out for that too, and meet other kids there too.
    In other words, I just want to say that instead of judjing these parents doing this wonderful job, let’s praise them and pray for dad, working 16 hours a day. This man only wants the best for her “only” child.

    • The girl is good, not her mom. “Five-year-old Mabou Loiseau’s parents spend $1,500 a week on tutors and lessons – and she spends seven hours a day in some type of instruction, with Sundays off.”(This is not true). They are willing to spend $12 per hour. According to Mabou’s class schedule, one week 6 days, each day is 7 hours, so it is 42 hours per week. At the end, they spend around $500 a week, same as hiring a baby-sitter.

      The education is very important. How about after 10 years, to see what happen in this good girl? Maybe, we can learn something from her.

  3. Amber I agree with your comments to Sherley. She seems to make statements without thinkng. I am not American but I can relate being black and Haitian. But the Asians who come to America already have money to start there are not poor Asians majority of them. I hate when people think Asian are the smartest out of different groups. Yes every ethanic group that has the same opportunity would do as well as there do. Anyways I am Hatian and Sherley I do not know any Haitian that are embrassed being Haitian at all. Maybe in parts of of America where discrimination is towards Haitians so there do not say there are. But I live in Canada that might be different because here so many French speaking people are happy and get excited if you speak French.I would never be ashamed for my Haitian ancestors never I have a strong History that is greater then many colized countries.

    Forget about those lanuage mentioned above if isn’t English or French I do not care. Because English is everywhere and French is look so higly upon that I want my son to learn it so bad and I am so happy in Canada we have French schools everyhere :). I do not want my son to be mistaken for a mexican because certian kinds of Americans will look at my son and think Mexican. I am part of the Latino culture but my son is not part of the Mexican culture he has no native Indian and Spanish blood. He is English,Irish,Scotish,French,Welsh,Austerian,American, Haitian(somewhere in west Africa),and Canadian.So to me whats the point of learning the lanuage of a culture that has nothing to do with his ancestry background.Plus 99.999 people who speak maderin if spelled right are asians. I do not know any other ethanic group that is excited to learn that lanuage plus asians do not like to learn about other cultures only if it is white so why would we negro want to learn about there cultures? Teach your children about about the Moors, Yoruba, Mali Empire ect. Teach your children about your rich african history if we do not teach them who the hell going to teach them the white schools lol the asian schools lol. So why teach your children others history if others do to gave the same respect to your history.

    P.s sorry this is long but I have been reading allot about my rich african history lie were told and we blacks all over the world need to spread the truth about our people.

    • You have absolutely no idea where I am from, what my cultural is or what I believe. Those comments I made are from personal experience.

  4. Lots of young geniuses among us. And lots of kids with the potential to do great things, if they have adults to support & encourage them.

  5. How can her mom justify playing with her tutors as proper socialization? She needs to be around children her age. I’m assuming she is a only child because they didnt mention any other children in the family doing this. She may know different languages but she will be lacking in social skills with her peers. I think she has way too much pressure on her young self. Six days a week is just too much. The father is going to burn out badly too if he continues to work 16 hr shifts.

  6. I want my kid to have the best head star possible but I also them to have the best CHILDhood possible. U only get to experience that once and then the rest of your life is compounded with responsibility. And all that they are doing for her does not guarantee her a good life or an easier life.

  7. I hope all this tutoring and education does not make this poor child utterly confused. I am all for parents giving their children the best education money can buy however; children should be allowed to discover who they are for themselves.

  8. $1500 a week!!! I wish I could get that much a week…LOL!! It will be worth it in the long run though I’m sure. She is a cutie and she will grow up to be very well rounded. Kudos to her parents.!!

  9. Congrats to her.I’m happy to hear about kids like this.

    However, $1500 is a lot of money per week. Most Americans don’t bring that how every week, we are luck to bring that home every two weeks.

    I love what they are doing but who can afford all of those lessons and on her parents salary? Sounds kind of fishy. 6k a month and 72k a year? How many Americans make 72k a year?

    Adding on, does she have any friends? I love to hear about kids doing this kind of stuff but I do hope that she is somewhat a normal 5 year old who plays outside with friends and what not.

  10. Excellent. I firmly believe it should be mandatory for American kids to learn at least one other language (Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.) in school. Learning another language will only help you, not hurt you. I’m amazed at what little minds can do if you put work in.

    • Jessica, I agree wholeheartedly about children learning other languages. I wish I had learned at least Spanish. I also wish some of these kids would master the English language as well. So many kids butcher the English language. Not only that, but because of texting, they can’t even spell.

    • Hi Jessica/Teri. I’m assuming (which I shouldn’t) you are both American. Is it not mandatory to learn spanish in schools their? Here in Canada it is mandatory to learn french. It depends where you live but all students must learn it at some point.

    • I hope she is playing and socializing with other children her age. Playing with a tutor is not going to teach her how to interact with her peers. Its great she has the oppurtunity to learn so much but I believe it is WAY too much.Six days a week is just crazy! This little girl may be book smart but if her parents arent exposing her to other children she will be socially behind her peers.

      BTW I have no idea how the father functions working 16 hour days. What is going to happen when this man burns out? Believe me it will happen sooner or later.

    • I know in certain states depending on where you at its mandatory to Spanish. Like in Arizona, California, Texas spanish is mandatory to teach in schools. In Minnesota since they have so many Somalians somali is mandatory.

  11. Adorable girl. Hope she is getting a healthy amount of play and socialization squeezed into that regime. And while I can applaud children reaching potentials and beyond, I also recognize that kids can and do get burnt out if pushed too hard. Balance is key. Best to sweetie and her endeavors.

  12. Doesn’t seem like she’s overwhelmed to me. Where I’m from this sort of thing is the norm. Most of us grow up and become well rounded adults. I was saying my timetables and doing math problems like it was nothing at her age, others were well into reading, involved with science etc. As a result we were skipping grades like crazy! Wish this girl all the best, I’d rather see her spending 7 hours doing what she does than being in front of the television watching those ridiculous cartoons etc. As long as there’s a balance of course…..

  13. I’m Jamaican and my parents raised me in a similar manner as this little girl’s parents are raising her. I learned to read and write compositions in script by the age of 3 and was a 3rd grader by the age of 5. While placing such an early emphasis on education stays with and benefits me today (i’m 25, living in Asia, Ivy League B.S and M.A. degree holder) it came at a price. I cringed when I read this story. At her age, yes, it’s good to capitalize on her ease at learning languages, etc. but being around children her age and socializing is as important. I doubt that much of that is happening given her mentioned schedule.

  14. So she doesn’t speak SEVEN languages she speaks THREE languages. It’s nothing uncommon among immigrant families. Just because she can count in another language doesn’t mean she can speak it.

  15. total bulls###…..a child is a child….there is nothing wrong with learning one additional language…doing a sport or learning an instrument…..what they are doing to their child is an overkill…..to me it is horrible…that girl is not living a child´s life….she is more busy than many grown ups are….and that is just wrong

    there is nothing wrong with trying to get Your children into academics at an early age….but the way they are treating this little gal…..she will be burned out by the age of 8

      • Agree, but had this been a post about their Black child, then I could see how the Pitt-family could be on here, but the poster was specifically talking about Shiloh, when the post isn’t even about the Pitt family, let alone the little Black girl in the Pitt fam, ya know?

  16. Why is this post here?

    Seriously, you don’t have anything positive to say about this article featuring a gifted, beautiful, little girl? When there are so many articles out there claiming that we inherently lack intelligence? All you can think about is Shiloh Pitts?


  17. She’s a princess already. :)

    I like this part of the article: “Furniture is not important. Education is.” Amen!

    Young children have minds like sponges. The younger they are, the easier it is to pick up new languages (and to learn new things). Her mother said that they make it fun for her. Learning can be a lot of fun if done properly. If she is enjoying learning, what’s the problem?

    A parking attendant can make a LOT of money if he or she works at the right place (e.g. a luxury hotel) and has the right attitude. The primary source of income would be from tips, HUGE tips. And he’s working 16-hour days.

  18. I dont think its to much.. we are thinking of it as work when she may be thinking of it as more play than work.. I wish my parents wouldve had me in more when I was younger.. It weans out what you want to do later.. The older she gets she may decide hey I love this more than that.. & im sure her parents will follow suit. In the article they said when she does something bad they threaten to cancel 1 of her lessons & she straightens up..obviously shes loves learning & im glad theyve nurtured that


    • Yes, Connie I agree about alot of 5 year olds cannot spell their name in kindergarten. In regards to your comment about Asian people, they do push their children, however here in Canada they have one of the HIGHEST suicide rates in our Universities because alot are pressured to take extra courses a semester. Just something to consider.

    • Yes Condeleeza did have a similar upbringing & she has accomplished a lot, careerwise but I wonder if she is happy. She never dates (and said she hasn’t been on a date in along time), never married, never had kids, she just look dried up & boring/bored. You need a social life too.

      I think being educated is VERY important but so is having a social life,relationships and fun.

      • Yeah, an Ivy league education and classical music can’t hold you at night or take care of you when you’re sick. There has to be a balance. Sometimes, being TOO educated puts you into a very limited (dating-wise) class of people and the pickings are slim. Most of the men on her level are already married. Shoot, it’s hard for regular women like me to find someone on my level who isn’t already taken. And girl, you a mess with the “dried up boring/bored”! LOL!

      • That jab at Condie was funny, but I wouldn’t be throwing a pity party anytime soon for this very accomplished lady. I hope she is making the ‘happy’ happen for her and not letting it be defined by any one thing, be it career, kids, marital status, etc. Glad to see that the efforts of her parents paid off in a real way as those were some real hard times in the segregated south she grew up in. I admire her and her parents for being strivers and not letting adversity and prejudice stand in the way.

        As for the parents featured here, at $1,500 a week for tutors, I would assume they are banking on a future Nobel Prize winner, anything less would be too much like window dressing, just kidding, lol!

  20. I am torn. On one hand I am so proud of her for being so smart & so young. As a young child, I too was speaking 3 languages at a young age & decided to take up Spanish when I go older. I too learned how to play 3 instruments by the age of 10. I didn’t know any better so I felt it was normal. I also had the pressure of helping to raise 5 kids.

    On the other hand, I didn’t have a chance to be a child & as a young adult, I resented the fact that I missed out on being able to be a child: run around till I was exhausted, ride a bike down the street, hang out with my friends, zoned out in front of the tv, etc. I truly did resent my mother for putting too much on me. However, I do appreciate the fact that I do have an upper hand above my peers.

    My son knows all the languages that I know, but simply by speaking to him. He plays a lot of sports, but only the ones he wants to do. He is allowed to be a child & make childhood mistakes. Having Haitian parents, she is probably in church on Sundays. I would hate to see all the sacrifices her parents are making be wasted because their daughter decided to rebel at a certain age. I will definitely keep her in my prayers & awesome job young lady.

    • Sherley, as long as I’ve been reading your posts, you seem to be an excellent mother. Your son is very blessed. It’s amazing what you learn about people you blog with.

      I think the key word is balance. There’s nothing wrong with pushing children as far as they can go, but there’s such a fine line. Lord knows, before you know it, life has swiftly passed by. Once I hit my 40’s, girl it was zoom, zoom, zoom! LOL.

      • Aww Teri, thank you. I try very hard to be the best mom I can be to my son. To hear it from a stranger warms my heart, thank you so much. I know he loves & appreciates it & it makes it all worth it..sometimes.

        Thanks again.

        • Sherley, you are very welcome. I appreciate excellent parenting. When I see it, I call it. I know it’s not an easy job and there are moments you want to pull out your hair. I’m glad your son appreciates it because great parents (whether single or not) are a blessing. People say children are a blessing (and they are), but I say GREAT PARENTS are a blessing too.

      • I agree with you Teri. One never knows the truth with people behind these posts, but I am of the same opinion about Sherley. Sometimes you can just “feel it” LOL.

  21. I was just talking to my sister about this story passing on my thoughts, and she said that it is very common in other countries for children to live their lives as this young lady is. She said Americans see things differently, and that’s why many American children are lagging behind. and we’ve become so dumbed down. She also said while the public school system is teaching kids how to put condoms on bananas, and not preparing them to be productive adults, other countries’ children are far ahead of ours.

    • Your sister is correct. Although I was born here, my parents were not American born. However, my brothers didn’t get the same treatment as I did. It’s sad that immigrants come to America & take advantage of all the things Americans have right in the palms of their hands. Take Asians & Indians for examples, their morals, ethics, education & self values are so much higher than Americans.

      • Whoa whoa whoa!!! PAAAAUUUSE!!!!!!!!

        …I HATE it when people start making blanket statements about ENTIRE countries. Broad assumption is at the base of prejudice. And immigrants are ALWAYS the first to start generalizing.
        I know b/c I come from them)

        If YOU haven’t PERSONALLY met EVERYONE in the world, then you’re not qualified to start labeling people you’ve NEVER met with blind attributes. Being a 2nd generation Jamerican, I have PERSONALLY witnessed the pro-active dynamics of MANY families, including AFRICAN-AMERICANS(gasp!); they would take GREAT OFFENSE at being told their “morals, ethics, education & self values” were so much LOWER than Asians and Indians. smh

        My God, Michelle Obama would fall out the East Wing window from insult at that comment!!! There are Mabou Loiseau’s all over the country, all over the world. If her parents are using a wise parenting strategy is the question being posed…THAT IS ALL!

        Just because you don’t see it on the news, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, so Speak only what you know lady…it hurts less feelings.

        • You have absolutely NO idea where I am from & who my parents are. I do not make broad generalized comments..I state my opinion. On this specific topic, I’m speaking from what I do know.

          That is where I’m going to leave it.

          • Quote: “Take Asians & Indians for examples, their morals, ethics, education & self values are so much higher than Americans.”


          • Why would those comments be insulting to people who know it doesn’t apply to them? I can never understand that, if the statement does not apply to you, why get emotional over it?

            My opinion..I stand by it. You want to get insulted over it, figure out why that comment makes you so emotional.

      • Just because your born in America doesn’t mean you have a better chance of making it than any other person. I hate it when people put Americans on a higher pedestal than others we have problems like everybody else.

    • You are talking about American children with parents who don’t care. Take the story of Ben Carson, for instance. His mother didn’t overwhelm her boys like this. She simply made sure that, instead of running the streets, they were in the library or spending time with their mother. He is now THE top Neurosurgeon in the country. How many noteworthy Haitians are there? China is another country that believes in too much too soon. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that they have the highest suicide rate in the world. What do you think?

      • Unfortunately, many Haitians do not claim the fact that they are Haitians, (like Usher), thus not hearing much noteworthy people, but Garcelle, Jimmy Jean Louis & Sam from the Sixers are Haitians. Not sure if they count.

        Completely agree with the suicide rate comment. There is a down side to pushing children to achieve perfection, as it is unreachable.

    • I do agree that Americans need to step it up a bit. But, at the same time in most other countries only children that are considered to be the smartest and best are given the opportunities such as this and the rest work in sweatshops and such. In America we believe everyone deserves a chance. Now, if we start weeding out the future janitors and sanitation workers in elementary school we could focus more on the future doctors and scientists. You think this is better? Also, immigrants come to this country for a better life right? So that means in the other countries it must not be so well or you would stay there?

    • I hear you up to a point. American kids ARE lazy, we don’t ask very much of them. But Americans in general are happier people. I do believe there is such a thing as compromise in this area. It is GREAT to expose her to many things and to stress and encourage education and learning. BUT I honestly believe that when a child is laying in the grass looking at the sky or running up and down the street or watching earthworms crawl, that that too is learning. Many of those overpushed children grow up to be neurotic, stressed out adults who don’t know how to connect with the world around them. Childhood is learning to connect with the world around you (sucking on honeysuckles and making mudpies with your friends) – it is learning what happy feels like and face it, as adults – no matter how busy or successful or rich we are – we are ALL just trying to obtain the feeling we had when we were kids.

  22. While I think this is amazing I do have to agree that it seems a bit much for a 5 year old. I mean 7 languages and 6 instruments? She’s just a kid.

  23. I’m with the rest of ya’ll. While reading this story, I was overwhelmed. I believe in a good head start too, but she’s 5. I was taken aback by the 7 hours a day, Sunday’s off. She’s thinking about what she wants to be when she’s only 5. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with children learning and keeping busy, but they should be children as well. They should be out playing and enjoying things children do.

    This is usually what happens to Asians, and many of them grow up with so much pressure to succeed and are often depressed and suicidal.

    You only go this way once, and trust, once you reach a certain age, time goes very fast. I hope this child reaches her dreams, but I also hope she is able to be a baby as well.

  24. When I have a child I want them to only learn Spanish fluently bc I feel that it will help her land a job better in America. And I would allow him/her to be in one sport & one music activity such as ballet/instrument AND that’s it. I plan to stress education bc it is important but I also think having a childhood is equally important.

    If this is what she feels is best for her child then hey so be it. Very cute and smart little girl.

  25. I think the only languages she probably needs to learn are Spanish & Madarin (the most common used global language). I hope she grows up to be educated professional; doctor, global businesswoman or something to that nature otherwise all of this will be a waste of time if she turns out to be a dancer/actor. I don’t know I think its a bit obssessive, I would allow my daughter the entire weekend off to be a kid.

    • Spanish is useless outside of the Americas. In Europe, you need German, and French second. If you want to work in business and speak English or Japanese, even better.

      But Spanish has pretty much no relevance outside of the Americas. I don’t know where this young lady lives or plans to live as an adult.

  26. AWWW how cute! Definitely reminds me of my childhood. Similar to this young lady, I have Haitian parents so me and my siblings grew up speaking French/Creole and English in our household. And we also learned spanish because my father was fluent in spanish too. We played Piano also :) Of course this young girl does so much more, and im glad she has all of these opportunities! She’ll have a very bright future! Wish her and her family the best :)

  27. I think that’s very overwhelming .If she got to pick her favorite language and her favorite instrument to learn then that would be age appropriate but I think speaking 7 languages and playing 6 instruments is too much for a 5 year old! I agree a good head start is good but still sounds like a lot. I’m personally happy that my parents choose to allow me to be a 5 year old when I was younger but to each is own!

  28. Sounds like the parents are expecting too much if you ask me.she’s a kid for crying out loud.Why does she need to learn 7 languages? I agree it’s good for a head start..But for a 5 yr old this might be a little too much

  29. She wants to be a lot. I hope she’s allowed to be a child. She certainly speaks like a five year old. I’m a FIRM believer in a good head-start. I also know the consequences of too much too soon…believe me.

    • I totally agree, a good head start is great, but it also can have its consequences if the child is given too much too fast. I met a number of kids raised like this little girl in college & many of them ended up suffering from severe burnout during their freshman year. One even committed suicide because he was so sick of the constant pressure from his parents to be “perfect” & become a doctor. Yes, true prodigies (those who are insanely gifted in an area or field that they love) can handle long hours of study at young ages, but even their studying must be moderated or else burnout is inevitable.

      • well written. I think most of the time parents from other countries who was not born in the U.S know that a better life comes with an education.

  30. Well done mom and dad! I certainly hope that Sunday is full of fun and relaxation.
    $1500/week..what do her parents do for a living?

      • um..no offense but those aren’t well paid positions. I’m wondering how they are able to aford $1500 per week for all of these lessons. I am assuming that they have some other financial help from family members.

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