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US President Barack Obama (L), First Lady Michelle Obama (C) and their daughter Malia (R) arrive at Sidwell Friends Lower Campus for a school event for their daughter Sasha in Bethesda, Maryland, today( May 20, 2011).


Boxer Mike Tyson and his daughter Gina arrived at “The Hangover Part II” Los Angeles Premiere on May 19, 2011 in Hollywood, California. Gina is Tyson’s step-daughter from his previous marriage to Dr. Monica Turner.


Have you ever wondered how do celebs pick the right schools for their precious children? Or why some choose homeschooling? Starting with kindergarten and all the way up to high school, celebrity parents are confronted with some rather tough calls. While trying to ensure the safety and education of their children like any other parent, they also need to worry about some rather peculiar aspects such as keeping their kids away from paparazzi hungry for pictures, harassment and so on. Let’s look at some of the most prestigious schools that have opened their gates to some of the most beloved celebs out there.


Tuitions Going Through The Roof

A lot of celebs pay school tuition that often times equals the amount paid by college students in an attempt to send their kids to the best schools possible. French-inspired schools, Catholic schools for girls, you name it, celebs know how what to look for. And they look at rankings mostly based on school prestige and tuition amount. For example, the Willows Community School in California reaches tuition close to $23,000, with only a few hundred enrolled students ad homework given in incremental stages for each different grade. Rumer, Tallulah and Scout are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughters and they count among the famous kids who attended this school, and the same goes for regretted Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean. We are not sure which local locksmith service the school uses to ensure the security of the facility, but we are most certain it is an elite company.


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Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Are Homeschooling Their Kids

The reason? The “industrial age” school model for private and state educational venues in the U.S. and the fact that the two celebrity parents would like their children to learn, and not simply memorize. Needless to say they need to ensure even more safety around the house for their precious angels, and home security cameras installed by a professional company are the first step toward that.    


Polka dots are back and are everywhere this spring. The dots are on everything from headbands, to dresses, to shoes. Experts advise that when wearing polka dots, you should keep the rest of your look very basic and neutral.

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