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  1. I don’t think its 13 years old….
    Its like a boy who crossed his college life
    and not so handsome….
    If slum b wil were a nice dress then it wil also b handsome but jaden is nt at al..,!

    • You took the words right outa my mouth…i think skinny jeans are for girls to wear. i know thats the style to wear skinny jeans but it looks awkward on boys…

  2. tht boy is 2 handsome im def feelin thm blk n wht photos i love hw lng his hair is cnt wait 4 my son 2 gro up he only 8 weeks but lookin at jaden got me thinkin bout my son n the future lol good luck n ur career cutey :)

  3. Awkward teen stage? I don’t think Jaden has hit that yet.This is one handsome boy! And with his parents..He’ll be fine. I know the girls are all over him.He is starting to favor Will and Willow is starting to favor Jada.Love the SMiths!

  4. i tell you that boy is lookin more and more like Will as he gets older! he’s a great spitting image of will and jada and he has a good sense of style and he pants aren’t hanging of his behind he has a big carrer ahead of him.

    • his pants are hangin off his butt, kind of, but they are so tight that it doesnt seem like slaggin…lol….I never had a problem with baggy pants…actually like em myself….just as many I hate when ya see the entire butt….or half of it….lol

  5. I know the girls are already going crazy over this kid! He is just too handsome….Solange’s
    Son favors him.

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