Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin and four other mothers-Tammy McCrary, Shannon Nash, LaDonna Hughley, Donna Hunter- explore “the overlooked world of autism, in particular in the Black community” in a new documentary film called Colored My Mind:

An educator, an actress, a lawyer, a music manager, and a homemaker; these remarkable women will merge their unique talents and incredible stories to give rise to a singular movement. With common purpose, they will examine in-depth the possible causes for the rise of Autism Spectrium Disorders in our neighborhoods and globally. Through these ladies, we will uncover the truths about why some black and brown children are not receiving the same medical diagnoses or are misdiagnosed. Through their stories, we will explore sadness, strength, joy and the ultimate hope that binds us all to fight for a better tomorrow.

Watch the trailer for Colored My Mind now!

Website: ColoredMyMind.com

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  1. wow! I watched this clip just to be curious to see what Tisha was going to say or hoping to see an image of her child..omg..I’m touched. I can’t wait to see this. *speechless*

  2. A lot of rich people children are not vaccinated, because they have that choice and the money. We as regular folks doesn’t have that choice if we want our kids in school. Fact is that money doesn’t buy anything away, not even death.

  3. I have a special needs son & although its not Autism, it is still difficult. My son was given early intervention & has conquered his special needs. People are always amazed when we tell them he was supposed to be wheelchair bound. I thank God every day.

    Keep fighting ladies. Our children need that.

    It’s about time they had a documentary for black parents. Jenny McCarthy has been making money from showing the world her son’s autism. I cannot wait to see this.

  4. This clip touched me. I felt like reaching out to Tisha and hugging her as well as the other moms. Thanks for sharing this BCK as I’ve not heard of this film until now. I will def be checking for it.

  5. When does this come on tv??? I NEED to watch it. My 5 yr old nephew has Autism but just got diagnosed. My mom tried to tell his parents that he shows signs of autism but they didn’t want to believe her and never took him to the doctor until recently. Living with a kid that has autism is challenging and hard almost everyday.

    • Autism can be difficult to diagnose as there are different forms of it and people need to get educated. There are many misdiagnosed children as well, under, over and incorrectly diagnosed.

  6. I know this all too well being that both of my boys are autistic. They are correct that for some reason it’s not addressed as much in the African Amerian community. Most not all but most AA children attend public school and public school is not set up to handle special needs such as autism. Sure they have some survices but it’s usually just a drop in the bucket of what the child really needs. It takes money and time to fight and help a autistic child. Most things like speach and physical therapy isn’t covered by insurance so you literally go broke trying to get the services your child need. I’m looking forward to seeing the documentary!

    • Please keep your head up..I can relate to what you are going through. My nephew was just diagnosed w/autism and living with his on a daily is VERY challenging. I can’t believe you have 2 boys with this. I am amazed w/autism bc it seems to affect boys mainly.

      • Thank you! Yes boys are 4 times more likely to be diagnoised with autism than girls. The earlier diagnoised the better they will respond to the treatment. It’s going to be frustrating but please tell his parents to fight and not let doctors/teachers talk them into or out of anything tell them to trust their instincts as his parents. I wish your nephew and family nothing but the best!

  7. Ok…. the tears have been awakened … that was soooo moving! I am going to rent/purchases this documentary. What amazing women. Although, as parents, we have to really pay attention to the vaccinations our children take and the foods they eat as these things have a profound effect upon their nervous systems and the immune systems. I know parents whose children had immediate reactions from vaccines in the doc’s office, and the children were never the same – autistic, developmentally delayed, etc ….. fortunately, some have been able to control the symptoms through diet and the children have gotten better, although they are never going to be “normal”. My heart goes out to these children; its not their fault.

    • Bubbles, you’re scaring me! My 10 month old has already been getting his vaccines and so far so good. I pray to God he isn’t affected. I am strict on what my child eats though!

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