Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade recently posed for a family portrait with his sons Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade (born February 4, 2002) and Zion Malachi Airamis Wade (born May 29, 2007) . The father of two is a full-time parent to hissons and has written about the challenges of being a single parent in an essay called  “My Life As An NBA Superstar Single Dad”.   Click here to read it.

Photos:B. Metelus

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  1. Of course she’s crazy, she lost her husband to a superstar, I’m sure he cheated on her with more women than she can name. Then to top it off, he wants to take his kids from their mother! I see it everyday, how can he be a full time dad when he travels so much. I love that he loves his children but, an award!!! Hell yeah she’s crazy, been with a guy since highschool (broke) had his children and couldn’t hide who he was dating til the divorce was final. Yeah i’d be “crazy’ too. Poor Gabby, the same way you get em is how you loose em!! Trust me!!!

    • You poor delusional thing. Putting all the blame on dwade for fighting to be in his kids life. First off dnt nobody take her kid$, she lost them herself. People break apart, and i am sure he took care of her and her family. She wasnt acting crazy when she was taking care of another man with his money, so please dont fall for the “act”, if u point one, point to her as well. Unlike her, he makes sure they talk to and see her when suppose too. Why do he have to wait two to three years to date when she kept prolonging the divorce cause she couldnt keep a lawyer, but you say she isnt crazy. Ooooooiikay! just because you lost ur man that way doesnt mean anything but maybe you have issues.

  2. mr. wade i applaud you in a tremendously. although the last two years have been hectic fighting to have a positive and active relationship with your children, you still maintain the respect for their mom. that is great! regardless, of what your personal opinions are or were of their mom, it is wonderful that you are allowing them to have that bond with her. this is will be very rewarding towards you as these handsome boys grow older. there will be no resentment and no person can ever say that you blocked their mom out of their precious lives. regardless, what any negative opinions may be presented to you, you are a true man that realizes that is still their mom. god bless you, mr. wade and your beautiful boys.

  3. I’m glad he’s taking care of those boys after everything they’ve been through don’t like the Heat but loving Wade go head baby

    • I don’t get why some women blindly side w/ other women, when all the facts point against them. Her lawyers left her, the judge had to hold her in contempt. How many unbiased people have to say the woman is crazy before you people believe the woman is crazy?

      She needs to get her shyt together and work on her anger issues before she starts fighting for her kids. I am definitely pro-women and understand that we are often disadvantaged, but that woman is UNFIT.

  4. The boys are cute but I can’t stand D. Wade bc he is cocky & arrogant and I can’t stand cocky/arrogant men…Yuck!

  5. aww, this is wonderful!!!!!!!!! great to see fathers taking so much pride in their fatherhood, need more men like Wade and Smith…

  6. #4 is the Most adorable picture!!! I’m just speechless looking at that sexy daddy and his handsome sons. God Bless this Family!

    • i agree. this man could of just deposited a check in the mail each week and said like some men do, oh i will see them when i grow up. love this story of a man who was determined to play an instrumental part in his kids lives. love you d-wade.

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