Bridesmaids star Maya Rudolph was spotted at a Farmers Market with her daughter Pearl,4, last week. Maya is pregnant with her third child, who is due in July.

“I think I’m 25 months pregnant…Honestly, because it’s my third [child], I feel like I’ve been pregnant for like six years, seriously,” Maya said recently.

Check out more pictures of the duo below!

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  1. Hey y ‘all is trying to be match maker…LOL! Yes! They would be so cute together one day. Blanket and Pearl LOL!!

  2. I wasn’t going to comment but ignorance is showing on our posts. Phenotype, the physical expression of genes can vary widely. You cannot look at one multi-racial couple and expect their children to have the same physical characteristics as the next child of a multi-racial couple. The gene pool that contributes to what a child looks like can go back several generations and combine in interesting ways. I cringe to go here but that is why it is embarrassing to watch Jerry Springer and Maury and hear a guy say that the baby doesn’t look like him. Children may not look like either parent. Their genes can be expressed to give them a look that is uniquely their own. Genes control things like hair texture, hair color, skin color, eye color and shape, height and a number of other physical features. There is no predicting what a child is going to look like. It depends on how the genotype is physically expressed (phenotype). That is why a black child CAN look like mom or dad, or great, great, aunt Helen, or have fair skin, blue eyes, and blond hair like a past Caucasian slave master. Blacks used to know the value of a good education. It goes very fair in leveling the playing field. Once you are educated, no one can take it from you. Please graduate and pursue higher learning. I did.

    • I guess you guys don’t f…… know what a tan is… even many so called “white” people become brown in the sun.

  3. Maya does have another daughter. The baby she’s pregnant with now is her third child. It is interesting how Pearl and Nahla are 1/4 Black, but the Black is very prominent in them. And then you have kids like Victoria Rowell’s daugher and Paula Patton’s son who look Swedish. Very interesting.

  4. @ THE KIDS IS NOT HIS SON .. every time you type a comment on here your ignorance showa! There are MANY biracial children who do NOT have a curl pattern to their hair! Go on somewhere, sit down, read a book and educate yourself on genetics! You are so stupid!

    • Dang. I cant wait until Paris, Prince and Blanket do their 60 minute interview with Diane Sawyer 10 years from now and set these haters straight.

      Have you seen pictures of Paris when she was little? Her hair was curly. Its not as curly has Mayas daughter, but it is curly. at least in a jewish way. Now Blanket and Prince? their hair seems to be straight. but biracial kids have straight hair.

      • @ HereWeGo, THANK YOU!!!! these people are so sure that MJ didnt father his kids when the woman who birthed them has said enuff times that she concieved them with Michael.
        Paris’ hair was as curly as Pearl’s at one point, but now it’s wavy. That happens sometimes. Prince’s hair CANNOT be called straight either! People who claim that are just twisting the facts to fit their fiction.
        Blanket is the only one who’s hair is sorta straight, but so what? Sally Richardson’s hair is straighter than his & she’s mixed as well. mixed people DO have straight hair.
        @ THE KID IS NOT HIS SON,”It doesnt happen three times”?! Says WHO???? My uncle has FOUR, & he’s darker than MJ,actually he’s about Wesley Snipes’ complexion, no joke! SMDH….just by the comments on here, you can easily tell who uses their own brains & who’s BRAINWASHED by the media’s version of the truth! LOL

        • You are crazy please. I have mixed people in my family and they don’t look BLACK!! Please shut the heel up!! Michael been had a DNA test done. Why?? Because he wanted to make sure they where is his kids before he gave their mom money!! You are dumb ass hell!! Look at Eartha Kitt daughter.

      • I’ve seen pics of Paris where her hair was as curly as Pearl! But as some kids grow, hair color,Texture, & even eye color can change….seen it plenty times. Just sayin.

      • @ sigh, Agreed!!!! It’s extremely PATHETIC!!!!! Pathetic for these wannabe self-proclaimed genetecists to twist facts just to support their own fictions! I mean COME ON, if two Africans (the Ihegboro family of London) can hav a white baby, why cant MJ with his mixed bloodline? Educate yourselves before writing IG’NANT comments! PP&B Jackson are Michael’s shorties…END OF STORY! And unless the haters come with video tape proof of the supposed “artificial insemination” they’re claiming,I’ll just go on believing Debbie & Michael, the parents who were actually THERE when their kids were conceived!

      • Just so you know, I am a brown-skinned black woman married to a hazel-eyed, blonde haired white man, and we have two daughters. My two year old is almost my color but with poker-straight hair. It is as fine as a baby doll’s hair–no curl pattern. My seven month old is white-skinned (NOT light skinned, her skin is white), with blonde, curly hair and blue eyes (that are starting to change to hazel). Sheila is right, and I’m living proof! I wouldn’t have thought in a million years my children would look like this, but they are examples of the wide range of blackness our culture can have. No matter their looks, we are raising them to grow into strong, beautiful, Black women. I hope they aren’t faced with so many ignorant stereotypes when they are older.

        • Why can’t your daughters be proud to be both Black and White, an example of the willful blending of people?

  5. Interesting how Pearl is darker than Maya especially considering that her father is white. Nonetheless, she’s a very pretty girl.

  6. Pearl is beautiful! Maya is an amazing talent just like her mother the late singer Minnie Riperton. I can’t wait to see the movie Bridesmaids. I can’t believe two of my favorite comedians, Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig are starring in a movie together. GIRL POWER!!!

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