UPdate: Actress Nia Long has confirmed that she and professional basketball player Ime Udoka, 33, are expecting their first child together this fall.

“This is the most exciting time in our lives,” Long and Udoka tell People in a statement. “Words can’t explain how thrilled we are by the new addition to our family. We feel truly blessed and appreciate all the well wishes and prayers.”

Original Post:
Nia Long is pregnant with her second child. BET reports, “Actress Nia Long showing off her baby bump in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The three-time NAACP Image Award winner looks fresh and beautiful on the beach with her bundle of joy on the way. Long, who is known for big-screen classics like Love Jones and The Best Man, has a career that has spanned over 20 years. The Brooklyn native is the mother of an 11-year-old son and can currently be seen in the critically acclaimed Mooz-Lum, which hit DVD yesterday.”

Congrats to the mom to be!

Photo: BET.com

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Another beautiful Mom having a baby at 40.

    Massai’s going to be a big brother!

    Ime’s much cuter then his name.

  2. Congrats Nia! It looks like win-win for her. She gets a baby and her son gets a sibling before her clock ticks out. Her man is good looking and younger. I am not mad. She is overgrown, mature and financially independent,has not set herself up to be anyone’s role model,not asking anyone to lend their time or tax dollars in raising her kid..why the 100+ posts is beyond me. Anywhoo….

  3. Congrats to Nia! Look at that top pic of her, you’d think she had implants, she looks great and her boyfriend is FINE.

    She did not set out to be anyone’s role model. At 40, she has lived life and is financially secure. She is not asking any of you teeth cluckers to pay your tax dollars or give your time to raise her kids.

    If you are happily married, be thankful and let others live their life. I am glad she got in before that bio clocked ticked out, close call. I wish her a happy healthy pregnancy. Better still, though that is a big age gap, her son gets a sibling.

  4. I never really thought about marriage because I don’t want to get married myself, but I’m just 21. So what does it matter to me right now. However, marriage is not taken seriously anymore. I think if you want to make a big commitment as having a baby, then why not get married. The people who up the population of single parents are teenage girls. And if they see from their parents that not getting married is fine, and then see that their role models brush to the side. Then how is that being a role model at all? Anyway, I am all for the marriage thing if u are deciding to have a baby by someone. If u were not planning to be with that person for the rest of your life, should’ve kept your legs closed.

    But anyways, congrats to you nia.

  5. Why are some of you worrying about Nia anyway? She have the money and the means to take care of her children. Guess Halle did have fertility problems…….she waited til she was in her 40’s to get pregnant!!!!! Hell is it ok for her but not for Nia? Some of you need to worry about your own marital problems and relationships. Congrats to Nia!!!!

  6. Hmmm. I find it so interesting that so many people base a child’s or family’s well-being on marriage. Children need very few things in life- mainly: love, food/drink, shelter, and stability. This can come from many, MANY different places- marriage isn’t an antidote for all. Marriage is a man-made institution (yes, people, it really is- God made all beings, and we humans are the only species that have “marriage”. If God meant for only straight, married people to reproduce, gay or single people would NOT be able to, and EVERY married couple would be able to get pregnant… God doesn’t make mistakes); if the concept of marriage was never invented, healthy, happy families would still exist. I am not knocking marriage- I myself am happily married- I am simply pointing out the naivete in believing that morality and marriage and family-rearing go hand-in-hand. Someone above mentioned that people who don’t see marriage as a big deal haven’t had a good example- I am living proof that this statement is patently untrue. My parents have a wonderful marriage, as well as many of my friends’ parents, so I have had plenty of wonderful examples. I just am not naive enough to buy hook-line-and-sinker that marriage is a requirement for morality in a happy family.

    Marriage isn’t about God, despite what your religious leaders have told you. It is an institution recognized not by God, but by humans- we are all one in God’s eyes, married or not. Rather, marriage is about your love to another, and legal status in society. Nothing more. So please stop judging Nia (yes, that’s what you’re doing, which is DEFINITELY against God)- she is woman enough to make her own decisions. And she certainly has the resources. I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  7. I’m not saying that marriage is wrong for everyone. I’m saying that for some people marriage is not the only option. I, for one, will never be a single parent but if I had Nia Long’s resources (not her man’s) I might consider it. Many men I’ve met feel some kind of way about women who have achieved a certain status. That’s a fact that makes it challenging and close to impossible to find a true mate/match. I’m also the child of a marriage / union that created an extremely unstable environment. Marriage is not the end-all, be-all and it has nothing to do with what is right or wrong in your eyes.

  8. It seems like the trend in Hollywood these days is for actresses to date ball players who were in grade school when they were in college.

    I know that age supposedly doesn’t matter, especially in Hollywood, but I’m just sayin”. Nia Long and Kim Kardashian.

    I say more power to them and wish them happy and prosperous futures.

        • “not clarified”.

          It is so interesting how others become touchy or hyper sensitive about some topics or others opinions. It’s just an opinion/exchange, no need for indignant outrage. If I’m not right then you aren’t any more “right” either in your opinions.

          I see more and more there are a bunch of nasty low class winches that opine here.

          • Just to clarify, when I say “nasty”, I mean in terms of nasty attitudes conveyed in comments.

    • Men have been dating younger women forever. If a 40-year-old man had a 33-year-old girlfriend no one would bat an eye. But now that more women are dating younger men suddenly it’s a controversy.

  9. She is smart to hop on the bandwagon for the second child. Marriage or not she’ll get a support check for the next 18 years. She’s pre-retired now.

  10. Oh He’s Nigerian. Let’s hope his traditional in his values and makes a honest woman out of her. If they truly are in love.

  11. All this because Nia Long got photographed on the beach while she was pregnant. SMH. No wonder she kept it quiet & hidden.

    • Sherley, girl you know race, especially the race of MJ’s children, whether he is/isn’t their biological father, being mixed-race vs. black, babies-before-marriage, are staple conversations around here. I said congrats to Nia earlier, and should’ve left it at that. I do believe what I believe, but really, Nia, her man, and unborn kid are not apart of my life, nor is what anyone else does with their lives, so *shrugs*

      Ya know.

      • By all means Teri, feel free to express your views, you never know who it may reach & have meaning for.

        I was just thinkin if it were, how pissed I’d be over people critiquing my choices when they aren’t perfect themselves.

        Maybe they are engaged or even married & we just don’t know. I mean, they did keep the relationship & pregnancy a secret up until now. IDK, but I do try to avoid the MJ’s kids, Smith’s kids, & mixed-race kids insane battles on here.

        • Oh, Sherley, girl, I hear what you are saying. I hope you didn’t take my comment as throwing shade towards what you said because I didn’t mean anything by it. You know how words can get misconstrued online.

  12. take a sociology class. like a basic one. people have been crying about the state of “the modern family” since the industrial revolution. it’s fashionable to think that the current generation is so much worse than the good old days, but it just isn’t true.

    • I disagree. In many ways, the older generation is MUCH better than today’s. As time goes on, times get more evil. Anyone with eyes can see the escalation of such atrocities taking place in today’s world.

      Case and point, as a child in the 70s, we my school used to hold candy drives. I’d walk blocks away from my house, going door to door seling candy. I was about 7 or 8 years old! A parent wouldn’t DARE let their child go door to door alone. It never was a thought back then. I could ride my bike, go skating, and play after dark without adult supervision. A parent in their right, blazing mind would never allow that today.

      I’m not saying they didn’t didn’t have evil people back then because they did or that it was perfect, but you’d have to live in it to see that it was a different world.

  13. I believe the divorce rate is up because a lot of ppl are marrying for the wrong reasons. Some relationships are just disasters waiting to happen but the ppl get married anyway because they are living in a fantasy world. They think marriage will “save” their relationship or “fix” their problems. Just like some women believe that a man will “change” or mature after they become a father or get married. All I’m saying is what you see is what you get.  And I think many ppl end up getting a divorce because reality sets in after marriage and it’s not what they thought it would be. Also, some ppl get married because they feel pressured for many different reasons and end up cheating on their spouse and/or unhappy. However, a lot of these couples stay together for different reasons such as “for the sake of the children”,  “it’s cheaper to keep her”,  to maintain their image, etc… 
    I believe marriage is a great thing if two ppl are compatible, committed and have a great amount of love and respect for each other. However, I understand if someone doesn’t want to get married. I think you can be happy without being married regardless of what society thinks.  

    Congrats Nia!

    • I agree 100% with your comment. I also believe society puts pressure on women to get married/have kids to validate her existence. Women have always been “more valuable” with a man on her shoulder. Many young girls fantasize about meeting Prince Charming and riding off into the sunset with Mr. Perfect. They grow up waiting for that “big day” and after the wedding is over, BOOM! Like you said, fantasty land was really a nightmare.

      However, I’ve talked to couples whom have been married for so many years, and I asked them how they managed to stay married so long when so many couples throw in the towel less than a year, and most stated what you said about marrying for the wrong reasons and not being willing to go through the fire when the honeymoon period is over.

      Great comment!

  14. I am so happy for her she’s one of my fav actresses and it pleases me that we’re expecting at the same time! Yay 2011 babies!!!!

  15. I really don’t understand how many of you dislike the idea of marriage but view how kids with a man without any commitiment. And sometimes some of you have multiple kids with diff men but that is ok but the foundation of marriage is evil? Do you realize that you have to deal with this trifflin man, you chose for the rest of your child life. I don’tunderstand. I think Black women need to do better and open their minds to see the value of a healthy marriage. So many negatives issues are associated with kids growing up in single mother headed households that most of yall just want to ignore. Violence,gangs,lack of education, lower incomes,teen pregnancies etc..Being a babymama or single mother isn’t attractive no matter how much you try to “dress” it up and try try to sell that idea.

    • Seriously, it boggles my mind as well. It really does. Again, I think so many girls/women haven’t been exposed to good, solid marriages. They have very little or no perspective.

      I also think society has lowered the bar. It’s going to get worse in this age of reality shows as so many people engorge their minds on night in and night out.

    • Seriously- I bet most of the anti-marriage folk are bastards!!That life is all they know so it’s “normal” for them.

      • Well speaking for myself, my parents were married when I was born, divorced and remarried by the time entered college.

    • Actually I don’t see that many people on here who dislike the idea of marriage. They dislike the anti-non-marriage stance that many of you take. They dislike the attempt to force your beliefs onto all of society.

      I don’t see many people on here saying “Nobody should get married! That’s terrible.!” I do see people saying that: A) It’s a personal choice and if someone choose not to get married that’s just as good as someone who chooses to get married. And B) Marriage doesn’t guarantee or prove anything the way many of the people who read/post here try to claim and insinuate that it does.

  16. The father of Nia’s baby is very nice looking. I hope they make it work and that she has a healthy, beautiful baby.

  17. Some of these comments shocked me. “Marriage is nothing”.??????. …..I hadn’t realized marriage was now only optional when deciding to start a family. I know the times have changed, but for those of us who actually believe in God, the rules remain the same. And for the record. If he hadn’t intended for us to be married before we had kids, he wouldn’t have bothered with the first human wedding. Adam and Eve, if u didn’t know who i was referring to.

    • Doting, a lot of people say that about marriage because they don’t know what a good marriage looks like. It’s fascinating that people shun marriage in lieu of shacking up. We live in a backwards society.

      I’d rather be a man’s wife than his pretend wife, or as they call it, “wifey.” I’m not giving a man the benefits of having a wife when I’m only his girlfriend. For some women, that’s good enough. As long as he’s present, they don’t demand anything more. I really believe that many women want to marry, but the man isn’t about to ask her. Why should he being she’s his live- in sex-giver, cook, maid, baby maker, etc. without the legality. The argument most use is, “There is no guarantee that being married is going to “fill in the blank.” My response is, there SURE is not guarantee that not being married is going to “fill in the blank” as well. I’d rather walk away, legally, with something than to walk away empty handed. To each his/her own.

      As far as Nia’s concerned, I suspected this conversation would come up sooner or later. BCK has become so predictable. All I have to say is her man is fine, and I’m leaving it at that.

    • I haven’t read all the comments, so forgive any repeats. Have you noticed that back in the day when people married, there weren’t as many divorces? Now, in the shacking up generation, more and more people are getting divorced.

      Yes, many women back then didn’t have choices like they do now, but the thing is, THEY WORKED ON IT. I know couples that have been married for 30, 40, 50, and met a couple the other day that were married 64 years! The took the vows seriously when it said, “For better or for worse.” Yes, many women stayed with men who treated them poorly, but many didn’t. Many had/have wonderful marriages. They did not live together before marriage either. In fact, many of them didn’t even have sex before marriage. I really believe that has a lot to do with the solidity of a relationship as well. In this day and age, people can’t wrap their minds around that concept.

      • @Teri, two great posts. Sometimes I just can’t even with the mentality. Not even that someone doesn’t want to get married, that’s fine but just some of the logic. In another thread, someone said times have evolved, women don’t have to get married *blank stare* and in this post, “marriage is not what it used to be” *another blank stare.” As if marriage is some sort of group effort. I thought it was what two people of like minds desire and want to cultivate. One funny thing is someone said that she is richer than every last one of us. I just can’t.

        *side note* I saw the ad for the movie Mooz-Lum that she is in with Evan Ross and others, it looks really good. In any event, best wishes to them. I like her as an actress.

    • Some people believe in a higher power and are NOT Christian. As long as y’all keep mixing organized religion in with marriage you’ll miss a lot of us.

      • Celeste, where did the ideal of marriage come from? Do you think it was man made? In my opinion, marriage has always been considered a Christian concept (Adam and Eve – the first humans) didn’t have a ceremony. They were ordained by God. So, if one doesn’t believe in God or any religion, where do they think marriage got its origins from? I’m just asking.

  18. A) Congrats to Nia!

    B) There’s something very odd and off-putting about the fact that whenever a pregnancy is announced the self-appointed morality police rush in to see whether or not the person is married. And the funny part is, I doubt many of them react this way in regards to the people they actually know.

    • I do AND many of my friends that are single mothers wishes so badly that they have done things differently and had waited to until they have gotten married FIRST before they had kids. Now they are struggling daily with deadbeats for dads that won’t even watch or pay for their kids. Being a babymama isn’t cool,attractive or cute..it is sad. The kids always are the ones who suffer bc they go without. In Nia case, she has money but in the “real world” many babymamas struggle financially and rely on public assistance. The marjority of the ppl that say marriage isn’t important are usually Black women and that is sad that you don’t value or respect yourself or your body enough to think I am wife material. Don’t settle for a loser and you won’t have issues. Stop going out and looking for a man INSTAED let God bring him to you and you will have a string and healthy marriage if you both work hard at it. Your kids deserve that at least. Black families are so broken today and many pf you want to blame the Black man but I blame YOU! Start demanding better from your man and if you don’t get that then move and don’t have any kids with him either.

      • A) If your friends are “struggling daily with deadbeats for dads” that’s because they made a poor choice and picked a worthless man. Poor mate selection, with or without marriage, inevitably leads to problems.

        B) What’s sad is that you equate respect and self-worth with being someone’s wife. As if without a man’s last name you’re worthless. Pretty sad. From what I’ve seen the strongest, healthiest marriages exist when two people value themselves as individuals and take time to find the right match. The ones who think they need a ring in order to be respected or special are usually the ones who end up in bad marriages because they go chasing a ring instead of looking for the right person. That desperation and insecurity shines through and it attracts the wrong type of men/women.

  19. Her man’s name is Ime Udoka & he is fine. You go girl, I am not mad at you. Something tells me they will be married sooner or later.

  20. Totally convinced she along with Prince, Halle Berry and Stacey Dash all made deals with the devil cuz all of them are look better than most 20 year old!!!

  21. I love Nia.. congrats to her kids are a blessing at any age and in any situation BUT

    morals are really at an all time low.. I’ll be a proud “Bible Thumper”. Marriage, while not chosen by many (and thats on them), is a very necessary and integral foundation for building strong families. That is why the state of the family is what it is today.. single mama here, baby daddy over there.. kids having to split time between homes and constantly having to adjust each time. Everything good or bad starts with the family then trickles down into society. Sure marriages fall apart and families get broken up as a result but that comes from not choosing the right partner in the FIRST place, so then the problem lies with people and their choices NOT the institution of marriage in itself.

    • Amen to this comment!
      But isn’t it funny how marriage bashing has concurrently risen with the rise in the “me” generation?
      When marriage was more widely valued, there was no “reality” TV telling everyone they were so much more important and that MONEY was the answer to everything!
      Money doesn’t raise children, but strong marital unions have been proven to produce amazing kids.

      • Amber,

        you are correct “strong marital unions have been proven to produce amazing kids”

        However strong single mothers too have manage to raise amazing children.

        I would marry in a New York minute if I did not have to deal with the lies, cheating, deception, stds, broke, no ambition men!!

        When the caliber of men improve and I can meet a man who can bring his A game, sign me up for marriage!!!

        People act like all these women are given the choice to be married and they just refuse.

        I have friends who have gotten married and are divorces shortly thereafter!!

  22. Congrats to Nia and whomever the father is (non of my business) I hope she has a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby!

    • I think that’s because PEOPLE aren’t the same as they used to be. People have values. Today’s society has none. There’s no “right or wrong” today. It’s do what you do, and if it’s right/wrong to you, than that’s all that matters. With that said, I can’t say our world has gotten any better.

      People are always talking about, “This isn’t the 1940s, 50s, 60s, etc. But having grown up in the 70s, let me tell you, the world was a much better place. Many young people (not necessarily talking about you) have zero perspective on life.

      • Yup. Values. Just like when you hear “we’ve been together 40-65 years now” and you go “Omg That’s great!” but you don’t hear how abusive the relationship was or how the man or woman did wrong, act like a lot of those old timers from those days didn’t have “outside children” like we say in Trinidad and Tobago. Long ago and it still happens ppl encouraged women to stay with their husbands no matter what wrong he did. He would beat her and she’d run back to her parents and they’d tell her to be a good wife and go back. I believe that divorce rates are higher because women and men aren’t willing to put up with the mess our grand and great great great grand parents did. I doesn’t go for every couple but again, that is just my opinion.

        • Well, that goes back to the whole issue of women/men not being with someone who is not treating you right in the first place. Many people walk into marriage knowing good and well they shouldn’t be getting married. Women today have more options, so why would someone get married, then realize they are “putting up with stuff” and get divorced?

          I believe people don’t want to put up with ANYTHING. They “fall out of love” because the honeymoon, butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palm, “awww, I’m so in love” feeling is gone. Reality sets in, problems comes, and they bounce. People don’t take their vows seriously. JMO.

  23. People can have babies safely at her age. My mon was 42 when she had her last child and my sister and very much healthy. Age has nothing to do with it as long as they are able to take care of the child. I am sure she has a doctor with whom she is expressing her concerns to, if any at all. And who cares if she married or not?? Just b/c you are married when you get pregnant does not guarantee anything at all, espicially in this day and time.

    • It amaze me that majority of these bloggers are so nonchalant about “Marriage” and have very low standards about life in general. SAD!!!! My point is that when you get a certain age in life 40+ your expectations and “Morals” are so important and once you reach that age level you should’ve learned from previous mistakes or just from friends and love ones ups and downs. Mariah (married) and Halle never had children before so there situations are a different, because of fertility issues. Nia has been in numerous of relationships and already have a son. This “Generation” is over populated with way too many single parents and a very few were originally married. It’s not accepted “Celebrity” or not, because money can’t compensate for everything when it comes to a child’s self esteem, like one blogger said being pregnant isn’t like your favorite “accessories” or the latest fad. I feel no mother can portray both roles in a child’s life “Period” that’s why there are way too many momma boys and the teenage pregnancy for our young girls has skyrocket.

        • I’m DONE!!!! Because this new 21 century “Generation” is going to be “Off The Chain”. There are way too many irresponsible grown azz adults and no role models to look up too. We are defiantly living in “Revelations”

          • I agree with TheyKnow. I don’t judge others because I suffered because my mother married a monster (my father). Marriage does not always create the stability or the security some people think it does.

          • We’ve been living in the end times about 58 years before I was born or even longer lol.
            Stop trying to impose your religious beliefs on others. It’s ok if ppl don’t necessarily share the same views as you you don’t have to throw the bible at them and judge because of that. Chill out and learn some tolerance.

  24. oemgee will you bible thumpers go some where jesus yall probably dont even live by the thing yall say on here…all some ppl were sayin is having a baby at 40 is a serioussssssssssss risk let alone having it in your late 30s smh get it toghter ppl

  25. Whatever Nia does is her business she was married before when she had her first baby maybe she doesn’t want to go through that again. This is only her 2nd baby and they’ll be 11 years apart if u want to open a can a worms talk about Lauryn hill getting ready to have her 6 baby and Rohan isn’t the father.

  26. Nia is so beautiful. She doesn’t age at all, i bet the little one will be a cutie too!
    Being that Nia is never in the news or on blogs unless she’s promoting something, finding out about her personal life is probably not going to happen. Maybe she’s in a stable relationship w/ a man. Who knows, but its none of our business. If Nia wanted us to know, she would have let it be known lol. & Marriage is not for everybody, its not what is use to be. Now a days marriage is a contract that states you guys can share a last name, get on your partners health insurance, & who gets what money. I’m only 21 & i’m not thinking about marriage right now (gotta finish school 1st lol) but when that times comes when i want to start a family, Idk if i want to get married. My man is gonna have to do a lot of work to convince me that marriage is for us lol. & have you guys ever heard of common law marriages??? I’m tired of bible thumpers coming in here trying to say what they are doing is not right.

  27. Just turned 40 myself and WOULD NOT have another baby @ this age for LOVE or MONEY!

    Happy with my 1 child!

    No way, no how!!

    Better her than me!

    My guess would be that if she doesn’t have this baby now that biological clock will stop ticking so best of luck to her!!!

  28. For the record, some… in fact MANY people are not Christian, so “your” God’s rules are not everyone’s. As long as her children are healthy, happy (well educated and open-minded) then they will be okay, regardless of who the father of this new baby is or whether or not Nia Long gets married. BTW – She was married before to her first child’s father and it didn’t work out.

    • lol, goodness sake, any religion speaks to marriage and when you take God out of the situation, marriage was actually done to secure familal wealth, it has benefits…don’t get married, I really don’t care…you’ll see that without it, you won’t be able to make certain decisions…

      • I don’t agree with that. I’ve seen situations where couples who weren’t married or not even living together had more well rounded children than couples who were married and living together with their children. Marriage doesn’t guarantee anything IMO.

        • Yeah, and there are people who played Russian Roulette and missed the bullet. People diet and exercise and get all kinds of illnesses even though they’ve taken every precaution not to. It’s about exception vs. rule.

  29. Your response to my comment is strictly ridiculous. That way this world is so f#$&k up because people like you with no moral. What happen to marriage before the baby carriage? We bash teenage pregnancy and the same thing applies to women having wedlock babies at age 40+ or at any damn age.

    • I also agree with you to a certain extent. I think marriage is the optimal situation to have a child BUT I also believe if a woman is older, responsible and financially stable on her own and she hasn’t found the right partner, she can be a single parent. Hopefully, there will be positive male role models in their lives. I especially feel adoption would be ideal in these situations. They want a child and the child needs a home!

  30. I read this earlier and was shocked along with a lot of people. I don’t knwo why, but her pregnancy came as a surprise.

    I always liked Nia especially on Boyz in the Hood and Fresh Prince.

    Congrats to Nia.

    • @Teri, it was a surprise to me bc I haven’t seen her with a man in years. The paps are good with finding stuff out but Nia hide this one well.

  31. I may sound old fashion. lol But, being pregnant has alot to do with being married. I’m not going on my Bible stance but I’m sure that is the way God intended it to go down. lol..imjustsayin. Of course, everyone does not believe in God. That being said, that is their business. Needless to say, I love Nia Long and hope she has a happy and healthy pregnancy!

    • honestly if God meant for only married people to have children don’t you think he would have created human beings differently, at least make them have a reaction when they have sex out of wedlock? it takes absolutely no thought or special effort to have a baby, i think that is what God (if you believe in that) intended.

  32. Maybe not married, but at least in a stable, long-term relationship with the baby’s father one would hope.

    Children aren’t accessories – like the “it” handbag or new pair of Jimmy Choo’s you just “have to have”. They need the best possible “stable” environment to help them grow into secure, well-balance adults.

    Marriage of the parents is optional (some folks simply don’t believe in it), but a steady ongoing relationship with the father – though not always possible – should still the preferred option.

  33. Congrats!!! I love Nia Long AND I love women who have kids in their 30s/40s. That will probably me someday..I hope she has a safe pregnacy too. I wonder who the baby dad is?

      • I was going to respond same way until I read your post. You took the words right out of my mouth…thank you!

        • lol..yall are too funny! This same thing was said on another site and they received the same reply. I guess they meant that considering her age she should be married. I don’t know if that made it better. I’m just translating. lol

          • i always find it funny when the women on this site bring up marriage. as if being married guarantees a solid household. or guarantees a woman won’t have to raise a child on her own. how about we have evolved and dont have to get married anymore. i would hope that the child has a father/mother, that have good sense and are responsible and loving,moreso than them being a family.

          • I think the concern that she’s not married or in a committed relationship at this age while expecting an infant, is likely because the physical demands of having a newborn are challenging, and ideally for the young (just look at the natural construction and cycles of our bodies).
            As women get older they’re more susceptible to fatigue. Not that women who do this can’t be in great physical shape, it’s just that with the amount of energy it takes to raise a child, some are concerned for her and would hope there was a partner to ease the emotional and physical burden.
            But what do we know? There could already be one…

    • You can be 40 and still have a safe pregnacy and long life..age has nothing to do with having a healthy baby.

      • that is just not true….the chance of the child having child that has trisomie 21…also known as the Down Syndrom becomes much higher for women….starting around 35-years- of age….so most babies are born well and healthy…but the chance of a not-healthy-baby is bigger….Nevertheless…..Congrats to Nia and her man…and also the big brother…May God bless them all!!!!

    • reading all the post I am wondering why everyone is judging her for being pregnant at 40. we didnt judge halle when at 41 she was pregnant and gave birth to nahla. or, maya rudolph (bridesmaids) who is almost 40 any day now about to deliver her 3rd child. Or, maria shriver who was 43 when she had her last child. and,mariah carey 41.

      Why is there a double standard with some women, then with others.

      Nia, is still within child bearing age, seems to be a great mom and wants to have another child. She’s really not that old. lets be happy for her like all the others her age and pregnant. celebrity or non celebrity and their are many!

      • also, tamera mowry approaching her mid 30’s, just getting married, wont be starting a family until later. is it b/c the Mowry twins act so young for their age? B/c these girls are not young at all.

      • It amaze me that majority of these bloggers are so nonchalant about “Marriage” and have very low standards about life in general. SAD!!!! My point is that when you get a certain age in life 40+ your expectations and “Morals” are so important and once you reach that age level you should’ve learned from previous mistakes or just from friends and love ones ups and downs. Mariah (married) and Halle never had children before so there situations are a different, because of fertility issues. Nia has been in numerous of relationships and already have a son. This “Generation” is over populated with way too many single parents and a very few were originally married. It’s not accepted “Celebrity” or not, because money can’t compensate for everything when it comes to a child’s self esteem, like one blogger said being pregnant isn’t like your favorite “accessories” or the latest fad. I feel no mother can portray both roles in a child’s life “Period” that’s why there are way too many momma boys and the teenage pregnancy for our young girls has skyrocket.

        Flag this

        • Being married doesn’t guaranti a solid household, but it does guaranti your child being legal,and it doest guaranties your dignity&pride, how can you be a role model to your child with the fact that you’ve conceived a child out of wedlock??

        • Not everyone has a traditional view on marriage. Some people are happy being together without the ceremony and guess what? It works for some and just as marriage doesn’t work for some. I think that a lot of times for some ppl marriage is just a show and they don’t even want to get married or aren’t ready but because of the pressure parents and other ppl put on them they feel like they need to. There are times when a father is present in the household but might as well not be caus he isn’t doing anything but providing financially (Like a friend and many neighbours I know). I mean if that’s the case he could move out and drop the money for the mother every weekend. My point is that I don’t believe in marrying just to because ppl want you to and because you want a child or children and a significant other. We should accept the fact that not everyone has the same views and out looks on life as we do, don’t look down on anyone because they don’t think like you or do what you believe is “right”

        • My mother had my sister and I when she was 40 and my father was 33. Nothing is wrong with having a baby at 40. It’s just not good to have the babies after 40.

        • no one knows if she’s planning to get married or not. ok so if she’s married will that make everyone happy? The very most important thing is for her to pick a man who wants to be a hands on excellent dad. married or ummarried. There are tons of women in a marriage where the husband is not around and spends no time with the kids, and all they can say is “they’re married.”

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