Actor Leon Robinson and daughter Noelle,10, arrive at the BET Awards ’11 held at The Shrine Auditorium on June 26, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Noelle’s mom is The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey.

Check out more pictures of the father-daughter pair now!

Photos: Wireiamge/Uptown Magazine

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  1. I am guessing some of the people on here don’t have kids, b/c some of you are just cruel when it comes to kids. Please remember that the parents and the kids may see what you are writing. I mean some of you are some bullies for real…I’m just saying!!

  2. How sweet. I love the daughter Daddy thing. And I LOVE her outfit. She looks so cute!!! You all are crazy and have not taste. Maybe she needs to have he hair all greased up with 100 pink plastic doohickes on her head and she would look good. Don’t be so common and local.

  3. Leon still looks good and hasn’t aged a bit. Lil Noelle is a cutie for sure. I like the fact that she seems to have her own style. It takes a lot of bravery to stand out and be proud about it. So kudos!

    • OMG…THANK YOU!! If she dressed like everyone else where would her INDIVIDUALITY come from!! People are just IGNORANT!!

    • @What?!, so true. Actually, I think she looks cute but I am confused as to what the weather is. She doesn’t look that “out there or foreign” to me. It’s like punk rock/freestyle which has been around for a long time.

  4. Leon is one fine brotha.. Lil Noelle is cute too daddy daughter time is so precious I’m a daddy’s girl myself so I know :-)

  5. Did any of you who had something to say about her belly consider that she amy have a hernia. Think before you write stupid remarks.

    • Whoa. I bet this man drove up to give his daughter a ride to the BET awards and when she opened the door he thought “WHO THE HELL INVITED THE PUNKROCK MIME?!!”

      Oh well. What can you do. He’s a fine gentleman to pose on the red carpet with his child looking all kinds of crazy. At least the parents let her express herself. She’s only 10… plenty of time to learn. We should count our blessings… at least she’s not in heels and a mini skirt.

  6. I see Leon looks exactly the same as he did years ago. He still has that “sly” smile that leans to the side. Boy, I was in lust with him back in the day. Whew!

    No comment on daughter other than she’s cute and looks like papa.

  7. Yeah, I had to go back and check her age. I guess she still has that “baby-gut fat”. And the outfit (which is a little …hmmm) just shows it more.

  8. Its a posture thing. Mom and Dad just need to remind her to practice standing with shoulders back, pulling tummy in, strengthening those muscles. She is a child, people, be kind!

    • No they don’t. She’s 10 year old child she needs to be comfortable she has all of her adult years to be forced to wear things and walk and act in ways that won’t necessarily be comfortable.

    • She is a cute mix of both mom and dad….@ the outfit i dont think its the cutest thing, but its not bad, just a little overdone. I think that is the button on the oxford shirt sticking out not her belly button.

  9. Her outfit looks sorta like something I had to wear for a dance recital a couple years ago and Leon looks the same lol

  10. i love their relationship. Not to be cruel but I did notice her belly button sticking out. I think she looks cute otherwise and you her daddy is a fine piece of chocolate for sure …lol

    • Pretty much, kay. This site has quite a few wusses who are afraid of others expressing their opinions. Just keep speaking your mind girl and ignore them.

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