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Halle Berry and daughter Nahla,3, enjoyed some ice cream in Los Angeles, Ca on June 27, 2011 before heading to a local park in Los Angeles with friends.

Nahla had fun playing with her little friend.

Halle had fun, too.
More pictures below!

Photos: Fame Pictures

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  1. Cute pics, but as a private citizen and parent, I wouldn’t be too keen on playdates with a celebs kid with paps all over the playground like that. I agree with Trisha, but then again I am having the pleasure of viewing the pics here.

  2. The lil boy is such a cutie pie and nahla looks like she had a blast- she is adorable. I’ve always adored Halle and guess that I will always do so!

  3. Is Halle still with that squinty eyed French guy? Anywho, Nahla has grown on me, she is cute. She looks a lot like Halle’s mom to me.

  4. omg..Nahla is such a cutie! She really enjoys the park. Her playdate is a cutie too..love his mini fro! I really wish I could hang out w/Halle..she just seem so real and down to earth.

  5. Nahla is soooo cute!!! Halle’s dress kind of reminds me of a night gown lol

    BCK I think you should post the comment the singer Pink made about the paparazzi stalking celeb kids. I know she’s not black, neither is her kid. But what she said is so true. I like seeing the cute celeb kids & enjoy this blog. But I think the paparazzi is getting out of hand when it comes to taking pics of the kids. The park should be off limits for the paps. Do they think the parents of those other kids want their kids face plastered all over the internet b/c they had a play date w/ Nahla? Mind you there are sick, perverted people who go to parks to take pics of kids, they’ll blend right in the paps. I remember there was a pic of Suri cruise at a private pool w/ her mom. The paps snapped a picture of her w/ her pulling the swimsuit bottom out her butt & another pic of her hand in the swimsuit bottom.
    I understand a snap shot of them walking down the street, but parks where other little kids are playing is wrong to me.

    • Trisha, I know you were addressing BCK, but I have to chime in on this topic. If the paps didn’t take pictures of celeb kids, there would be no BCK. As long as there is supply and demand, the paps will be in business. I understand the children/privacy issue, but on the other hand, I believe these celebs need a reality check. They are well-known, and people wanna see them/their children.

      I mean, when Pink’s baby made her appearance, how many of the people claiming “these baby pics should be private” clicked to see what the baby looked like? We do it here on BCK everyday. If pics Alicia Keys or Mariah’s babies were posted, we’d all be curious and wanna see what they looked like.

      If these celebs don’t want their kids being seen, they need to keep them indoors (which I know is unrealistic) or move to a place other than Hollywood, New York or any other entertainment hub because the paps ain’t stopping nor is the pubic (supply and demand). JMO.

      • A good majority of BCK pics are taken at events, personal photos the parents put out themselves or walking down the street. Those are good. All I’m saying is playgrounds should be a place that the paps should NOT be allowed to go. Just imagine how you would feel if you were at the playground w/ your kids & a bunch of camera men were standing around taking pics? lol
        Celebs are only paid for their entertainment services. They don’t owe us pics of their kids. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BCK! But I will be just fine & still enjoy a celeb if they didn’t show their kids. They are regular people like us. 10 yrs ago, a celeb could walk down the street w/ their kids & not have to worry about their kids being photographed.
        All I’m saying parks/playgrounds is a big no no. BCK would still be a running site if the paps didn’t go around playgrounds.
        Thanx for your input Teri!! :)

        • Hey Trisha! I overstand what you are saying. I really do. I would hate if someone was going around snapping pics of me, and I SURE would hate it if they were of my child. That’s why I could NEVER, EVER become a celebrity. LOL. There are pros and cons to every job, and unfortunately, they have to deal with people who make big bucks for the pics. I know celebs are paid to entertain, but part of that mean being in the public eye, and being in the public eye is a price they pay for the career they chose. When they have kids, their kid(s) pay the price as well. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is what it is. By no means are they obligated to show their children unless they choose to, but as long as people wanna see and there is money to be made, that’s something they are going to have to deal with until the laws are changed.

          You have mentioned that 10 years ago, celebs didn’t have to worry about their children being photographed. Oh, but they did. Didn’t Britney Spears almost get in an accident with her first son in the car in Bev Hills? I’m not sure how long ago that was, but the paps have always been a problem.

          Again, I really do hear what you are saying. :-)

          • Lol I always said i couldn’t be a celeb b/c i would be catching more cases than movie roles lmao.
            Britney’s 1st son is like 6, but i remember what your talking about. I just pulled any random number out my head. I’m young, so 10 yrs seems like a long time ago to me haha. I’m only 21. But I’m talking about before the internet was so popular & no blogs were around to post pics lol.

    • BTW, I do understand about the pics of non-celeb kids. I think there should be, if it’s not all ready in place, a permission slip for the parent to sign authorizing pics of their children.

    • I’m with you. Parks, schools, private swimming pools should be off limits. I too love seeing the pictures & am glad I get to see them, but there are some pictures I can do without.

      But it comes with being a celebrity.

      • I agree that some places should be off limits! The children of celebs didn’t sign up for this crap. I also feel that just b/c you are a celebrity doesn’t give ANYONE the right to invade your privacy. They signed up to act and not be an open book. It’s just wrong! If the celebs have their kids at public events then, Yes, I would love to see the photos but not the ones where common courtesy should be extended.

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