Actor Flex Alexander, singer Shanice, and their children Elijah Alexander,7, and Imani Alexander,10, attended a signing for La Toya Jackson’s book “Starting Over” at Barnes & Noble at The Grove on June 28, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

PHOTOS: See archived pictures of the family now!

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    • lmbo @Pisces we be responding to someone elses comments and bck removes them and it’s like we’re talking to out the side of our necks.

      • @Misunderstood…you’re right! Thanks for the heads up because it seems like I am responding to Ree’s comment but I wasn’t. Somebody named Ebony had posted negative remarks about this family’s looks and I was responding to those remarks.

        I glad BCK removed the remark or that someone flagged it.

        I agree with Ree, this is a nice looking family.

        Have a great day, Misunderstood and thank you again because I don’t want to seem, like you said, “talking out of my neck”. Too cute of you to say that. :)

        I’m really not a mean person and I love people and am pro family life.

  1. I was just thinking about Shanice the other day. So much so that I went and got her 1999 album Shanice. That girl can definitely blow and I love seeing Flex act. They have a beautiful family.

  2. When I saw this I was like OMG they are still together! Love it! They are a private couple & their kids seem genuinely happy.

    Wonderful family picture.

  3. I love this family their very private u never hear anything about them. Shanice was my girl and Flex um he’s just that Flex

  4. Maybe bck got the kids names and age mixed up that lil girl looks 10 and maybe her name is Imani and Elijah is 7 the lil boy but I can br wrong b4 Hmmm puts its 2¢ in LOL

  5. Beautiful family…Ok I’m going to show this picture to my 10year old daugther, she thinks all kids her age are GIANTS!!!..

  6. FLEX ALEXANDER..MMMMM! I loves me some him…LOL! BCK their last name is actually KNOX not ALEXANDER. ALEXANDER is his stage name…LOVE THEM!!

  7. I have always admired these two!! Such a beautiful couple and they have beautiful kids! I had a huge crush on Flex back in the day..LOL!!

  8. Such a good looking family. The children are beautiful…I love the little Imani’s curly locks. Elijah is a cutie, too.

    Good look surrounded by books in the background. Thumbs up!

  9. I love this family! I haven’t seen their kids since they were little. Flex and Shance has managed to make their marriage work for a long time and I am so happy for them. Both look good and their kids are gorgeous.com. :)

  10. Awwww!!! My government name is also Shanice Wilson so she’s always been one of my favorites. Congratulations to her and Flex on making it this long with two beautiful children to boot!

  11. Flex and Shanice are one of my favorite Hollywood couples. They are still going strong after 11 years! I loved Flex on “One on One,” and Shanice is unsung. The girl has a voice like none other and has not been given her propers.

    • You ain’t never lying..Shanice is truly unsung bc she has an AMAZING voice but never got her due. I remember when I was younger, she was a teenager sinigng. She didn’t sing but she SANG! I love ppl that can truly sing and sing soulful.

    • She truly does have a beautiful voice and so many others who dont get their props as well. I Love Your Smile was my song!!

  12. BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! I love it! I too want a little girl. I actually want both. Maybe 2 in 1. That way, I only have to do it one time! LOL! I am 25+6. I better get started. Haha. Peace and Happiness everyone! (ツ)_V

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