Singer Lauryn Hill and her family, including her five children and long-time boyfriend Rohan Marley, were spotted at Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Light in NYC last night.

Hill, 36, is reportedly 5 months pregnant with her sixth child. In all, Lauryn and Rohan have kids Zion(b.1997); Selah(b. 1998); Joshua(b. 2002); John(b. 2003); and Sarah(b.2008).

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  4. I don’t know the reasoning behind what Lauryn and Rohan are doing.. but i have seen clips of Rohan where he looks wired up on coke..and for a 39 year old man he has many lines and bags near those eyes.. And Lauryn sings songs like “The social drugs” and “Repercusions”..This woman probably did not plan to get pregnant again.. But clearly it looks like they are together in this photo only taken in the beginning of July. She obviously is looking to get her music career started again..and these control games have been going on a long time. She is too moral to do the things he is doing.. but that model chic isn’t …

  5. I dont get it, but then I guess its not for me to get it. To each his own if Lauryn is ok with it then who are we to judge.

  6. @ Darcie…Who wants a tramp like Angelina Jolie as their parent, anyway? Especially if given a choice and not just randomly adopted by her. People want to judge Lauryn Hill but Jolie and her illegitimate brood always get a pass. Angelina Jolie is not married to Brad Pitt and she slept with him while he was married to Jennifer Aniston.

    Yet some people exalt Jolie to a virtual saint just because she adopted some kids from different parts of the world. The fact is, the 3 biological kids she had with Pitt were born out of wedlock.

    Angelina’s kids look raggedy in nearly all of their most recent public photos. All of the older boys in this photo have close hair cuts and the tiniest girls hair looks as good as Zahara’s hair looks in pictures.

  7. OMG what a rag patch bunch …this family looks like they’re homeless. The kids look unkept. The boys all need hair cuts & the girls look like they’ve slept with those ponytails a few days! How can you take your children out in public KNOWING they will be photographed dressed in what looks like “play clothes!” AND SHES HAVING ANOTHER ONE??!!??! Clearly this woman has been out of sorts & detached from reality for a long time & he’s the biggest h-o-e bag I’ve ever seen! I feel better about Bobby Brown reproducing than these two and Bobby sweats crack! I wish Brad & Angie could adopt them…after all they all look like they came from a third world country! TSK TSK SMH!!!

    • @Darcie – How do these children look homeless? Oh, I get it… Because they are not clothed ‘head to foot’ in designer labels, do not have mohawks and don’t have relaxed hair? How superficial are you? You must be very unhappy with yourself or maybe just hyperglycemic, go eat a cookie! #Hater

      • Why do I have to go eat a cookie? I must admit I could go for a nice biscotti right now ummm… anyway I am not just referring to their appearence in the above mentioned photos every time I’ve seen her & her children they like a bunch of ragga muffs. I mean this is this best I’ve seen her in years & even now she is wearing a winter jacket in the hot summer heat! the appearence of the children hair has NOTHING to do with the texture but the lack of neatness…but God forbid if they were bi-racial you people would have a field day about their hair not being kept!! And trust I was a big fan of her one & only solo album…i wore out my cd of miss education. But it kills me how there is a small sub-group of African American women who yield her as the guru of the Black womans experience! clearly she is not living the lyrics from her album that inspired so many. She cont her relationship with Wyclef well after he was married & she continues to compromise her self respect self esteem & mind for this Rohan. Clearly she is not the strong smart & gifted Black woman we thought she was!!!

    • Maybe just maybe some realize that material items are not that important and that it is more about what’s inside. Her children are beautiful and are allowed to be what they are CHILDREN. Not little show pieces. Let people live. As far as her relationship goes he comes from a Rasta family, which means they support large families and procreation as a natural part of life. The Rasta way of living is a far more simplistic way of life that doesn’t require alot of tangible, material, or conventional items that most have been brainwashed into thinking we need. That is their choice if they are not legally married by America’s so called laws. They clearly have a union and are raising their children happily in it. I personally think that they are committed to having a family with each other which more than we can say in a lot of other situations today. He has a set of children from a previous marriage and the rest are together. One man for her. Not bad in this day. Rohan has already explained that they twisted his words. As for “not having anything for him” he is correct. We are vessels for little lives that we are entrusted with. So a man and a womb-man create life and it is not for her or him ,but, a higher divine force with a greater purpose than serving self.

  8. whose the boy on the far left with the Canada Polo shirt.. He’s fine lol. Is he one of Rohan/Lauren’s kids because he looks a little older than the ages posted for the couple’s kids

  9. The whole time I thought the little girl was wearing rain boots, but now i see that she’s wearing socks w/ her sandals. I hate that style on little kids lol. & I hate it when women wear socks w/ there heels lol. She’s still a cutie tho

  10. I’m confused too. Are they together or aren’t they? Is this his baby or not? If he denied paternity of this baby and he knows he is indeed the father, that is quite disrespectful to say the very least.

  11. Didn’t Rohan say “no one is having anything for him”?

    The family is cute, which boys isn’t Rohan and Lauryn’s son?

    I like Zion’s Ralph Lauren Polo…I wonder why he picked CANADA?
    Well I’m British and Canadian, so I appreciate it.


  12. Ok, I’m confused. They are together and he is the pappy of the unborn baby??? That’s a lot of kids! More power to them.

    • I am confused too PlainMean. If she isn’t pregnant by him and although they share children and provided she is currently in a relationship with the baby’s father, why are they together at this event looking super duper happy? I don’t know. Maybe it is just me.

    • Tell me about it. I don’t get these two. If you are going to create a huge family like this why aren’t you committed. She certainly is. This is a real dizzy guy. He doesn’t want to commit to anything except jumping in and out of bed with her. This is one relationship that I really don’t get…..not that I am expected to..but, I’m just saying.

  13. Lauren looks great! I think her performing again is bringing back her inner peace…just a thought. Any who the kids look amazking as well!

  14. My Name Is BOB (Baller On A Budget) June 30, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    “This guy has more kids with his mistress than his wife”

    Stop spreading lies Rohan divorced his wife in 1996. Lauryn Hill was never Rohan’s mistress.

  15. Musical is called “Turn Off the Dark Light”?
    Guess Lauryn and Rohan turned off the light quite a lot with their 6 kids… :)

  16. Lauryn looks good! She’s big for 5 months; I wish her a healthy pregnancy. The baby girl is adorable with her big afro puff and I love the little one in the purple shirt’s expression. He looks like that in the other pictures as well. Rohan seems to be full of fun and energy.

    • C’mon son, Rohan IS NOT MARRIED. Smh, put that rumor to rest will ya? This is Lauryn we’re talking about. She’s not going to be having kids with another woman’s husband and smiling about it.

      • Agreed. Lauryn is many things, including a woman of morals. The fact that she didn’t marry Rohan is THEIR personal matter. No one has to understand it, if it works for them, then her fans should be happy.

        • Quote: Sydney July 6, 2011 at 11:15 am
          Agreed. Lauryn is many things, including a woman of morals. The fact that she didn’t marry Rohan is THEIR personal matter. No one has to understand it, if it works for them, then her fans should be happy.
          Sydney: If she was a woman of moral should she have been having pre marital sex? Sex w a married man? Continued non marital children?

          I love LH’s music. But she is a hypocrit.
          God says if we repent he will forgive. But one must not continually keep sinning!

      • NoDoubt July 1, 2011 at 5:28 pm

        Rohan WAS MARRIED when he has Zion (August 97) & Selah (Nov 98) with Lauryn.
        Perhaps now he is divorced from but in 97/98 he was not.

  17. She has beautiful children…VERY cute! Lauryn is looking better and I hope she has a safe pregnancy. I didn’t know she was only 36. I really hope Spiderman play comes to Chicago soon.

  18. look at lauryn at the apollo when she was 14yrs and look at her daughter, they could be the same person. She really made a mini me. Beautiful family.

  19. So…has he claimed the newest one yet? Last I saw on his Twitter he said, “2 things, I’m not married and I don’t have anyone expecting anything.”

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