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Summer sips on some watermelon lemonade.

June Ambrose’s daughter Summer has been having a terrific summer thus far. The mini-fashionista and her mom have been going on shopping sprees, lunch dates, and much more. Check out the pictures below!

June, who is a celebrity stylist, also has a son named Chance, with whom she had with Manager Marc Chamblin.

June’s clientele includes artists such as Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Sean Combs and Jay-Z.


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  2. Yes she does have a son and his name is “Chance”. I have never seen a photo of him either but his dad is Marc Chamblin.

      • Really? Lol I never heard that one
        Not to sound dumb or ignorant, but if she was Jay’s kid I would think she would be a little more caramel lol. But genetics are a tricky one haha.
        Now yall got me sitting here comparing photos lol

      • oh word? you know what, now that y’all mention it, she sure is sellin the looks. things that make you go hmmm… 😛

      • I never trusted JayZ..he comes off to me as a snake. Unlike w/that little boy, he still hasn’t denied that this is his child. And he can get away with it bc Beyonce seems to be too naive and dense.

  3. She is so cute. Beautiful hair and face, cute little sandals, dress and hat. She looks so happy, healthy and tended to.

  4. She’s cute. The picture of that salad thing made me laugh. She does not look interested in that food at all, she wants a burger lol.
    I’m glad June dresses her “normal” & girly & not crazy like herself b/c sometimes June dresses a little weird lol

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