“I love staying fit and healthy,” says 10 year-old CJ Senter whose passion for fitness has led him to become one of the youngest fitness instructors in the US.  Just this year, CJ launched his first workout DVD titled Workout Kid:

Workout kid is a DVD fitness series which includes two 40-minute long workouts especially for kids, one for beginners and a second, more advanced workout for kids who have been exercising for awhile. Both videos feature safe, fun moves that get kids off the couch and moving around to upbeat music with kids their own age. Some of CJ’s signature moves include Power Jacks, The Shredder, The Fighter, The Invisible Jump Rope, Butt Kicks and Flyaways. Offering encouraging words and motivation, he stresses proper workout technique, taking frequent water breaks, stretching, and emphasizing correct warm-up and cool down time.(Source)

Besides working out, CJ enjoys playing football and running track. Oh, and his favorite subject in school is math.

Website: WorkOutKid.com
Watch Cj in action now!

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  2. I relish, lead to I found just what I was having a look for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  3. Very good young man, keep doing your thing. I support health and welliness. I have to get your information out to all the young ones I come in contact with, I will start with your DVD. I proud of our young black kids.

  4. He is such a handsome lil man. i wish him all the best for the future. i want to get his Dvd for my nephew who is 9 years old…he spends most of his time infront of the tv watching cartoons or playing on his palystation games (and is fat as a result)..the only exercize he gets is when he does physical training at school. Smh

  5. Handsome, fit, smart & making money. All the makings of a superb black young man. Do your thing. I wish you nothing but success & happiness.

  6. @FashionedbyGod33. i really just looked at the video on yahoo too, like a minute ago and then come to BCK and he is at the top of the page.

    Anyway, Whether people think he is just being showcased for money or it is all fake, or if people see him as a inspiration. it does not matter, it is just good to see a child wanting to be active and not sit around all day.

    Check out Yahoo’s comments, then come back to BCK comments, “Totally different.”

    • @ writer, so those comments must be negative and mean-spirited because comments on BCK thus far are positive in regards to your totally different comment. In any event, I don’t even want to look.

      • so true..I hate reading comments on yahoo or aol. They are always mean spirited. Especially if it involves a Black or Latino person. People’s real prejudices and racist thoughts comes out on those sites. Thankfully, BCK is a positive site for our kids.

        • @Seriously, this is true. Sometimes it amazes and saddens me the vileness and hatred that people harbor.

      • @FashionedbyGod33, and you would be correct. I accidentally seen this story on yahoo first. And @Seriously, you are correct too. always something negative on yahoo.

    • That’s why I stopped reading and commenting on Yahoo stories because most of the comments are always hateful and racist. I’m happy for little man he’s doing something that he loves and it’s also positive!

  7. He is so cute and he looks very fit. I know he will have much success in the future. Maybe he can help other kids want to get fit and active like it was back in the day. Most kids only want to sit around watch tv and play video games. Kids don’t play outside like they used too.

  8. I think what he is doing; staying active, physically in shape, playing football and track..is great! I can’t stand these lazy kids that only want to play video games or be on the computer.

    • i know right! then you actually try to get ’em outside to do something and they start complaining within minutes. i remember you couldn’t keep me in the house. i used to live outside.

      • Fashioned, I had to chime in on this one because we played outside to the point we hated going in to use the bathroom or even drink water. We used to drink from the garden hose.

        It’s funny too because we ate anything we wanted (at least I did), and we weren’t fat. I think that is because we did play outside. I miss those days!

  9. Cute kid..he looks like a lil professional! I think this is a great idea. I had a feeling he was into football. I wish him well.

  10. Awww, lil man is fierce. I LOVE the video. CJ’s a very handsome young man doing it big. I’m so proud that BCK features kids/teens doing something other than entertainment.

    I hope you soar to the sky, CJ. Congrats!

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