Actor Idris Elba and his daughter Isan,9, attended the “Captain America: The First Avenger” Los Angeles Premiere at the El Capitan Theater on July 19, 2011 in Hollywood, California.

Isan’s mom is Idris’ ex-wife, Liberian actress Dormowa Sherman. The couple divorced in 2001.

The star also has a son named Ortega, who was born last year.

Photos:Fame Pictures/Wireimage

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  1. WOW! Daddy’s little girl. She’s nicely dressed. His daughter is beautiful & seem extreemly polite & well mannered. She waves & smile @ the crowd with lovely grace. Idris Elba is a gorgeous black man whos masters his craft so well.

  2. He just has that Black man swag most women like.
    Confidient, Presence, and being nice looking helps, lol.
    His daughter is cute, I like seeing brothers with their kids.
    Someone made a comment about her hair. She has braids but she is showing her bands its a popular style overseas.

  3. Lol, 86 comments and not even the majority is about his daughter. I guess I will cosign lol. But she really does look like him.

  4. I really enjoyed the exchanges ladies. Lol. It was a nice departure from the usual rhetoric. Even though, there is still some misunderstandings (no pun intended lol) around these parts. Much love.

  5. That’s funny. I though Idris was married to Atlanta based make-up artist Kim Elba. At least that’s who is paying child support to, unless there’s another Idris Elba.

    • @XXXX If u haven’t read the earlier post my real name isn’t Kim and there isn’t another Idris get ur mind right that is my man!!
      Misunderstood Elba

      • Unless Kim is from Liberia and is named Dormowa Sherman she ain’t the ex-wife and he’s only been married ONCE. lol

        • Well hell my real name isn’t Dormowa Sherman either but it can be whatever he wants OWWWW! Celeste he wasn’t climbing BACK OFF boo

          • Hrrrmmphf. You tryin’ to act like you know but you really just mis-understanding what’s actually going on with me and DRIIS right now (including the climbing).

          • Tee hee! We climbing all over – coughs– just joshing. I do think he’s FOINE but I’m just happy that he’s stepping out/being a good father to his kid. That just makes my crush on him more intense though. sigh lol

          • Celeste trying to kill us from laughter so she can have him to herself. Don’t fall for it.

            *falls off chair dying of laughter*

            My son is looking at me & saying ‘is it that serious mom, it’s a blog.’ OMG!!!

          • I’m happy to oblige! I’m glad we had this time together, to unite and fight over Big Driis. He looks to be a doting father and that only makes my crush worse. Happy climbing y’all! 😀

  6. Now that Sherley and I (and Idris) have cleared things up in here I can compliment him on keeping his beautiful little girl away from the red carpet until now when she’s about to become a pre-teen. I would hope that this has enabled her to be more down-to-earth and well-adjusted… but I could always give Idris a call to check in about that (Sherley!). lolol

  7. By the way, Idris recently revealed publicly that he was done with marriage but on the phone he told me that there’s a special place in his heart for me!

  8. LOL. I had me a good laugh with all of the fun banter between the ladies in this thread. I love me some Idris too, but I don’t share PERIOD, so carry on ladies lol. Morris Chestnut is my first love anyway :).

    His daughter is a cutie. Didn’t know he was married twice. Only familiar with first wife Kim I mean, Misunderstood LMBO.

      • @Misunderstood, I see you have your picks and they are starting to overlap into mines now lmbo. I’ll give you Shemar Moore okay? lol.

        • Ok u win I don’t want Shemar he is good looking but don’t care for the light skin brothers! I’ll stick to Idris and sneak with Morris every now and again lmbo

          • @Misunderstood, as I think about it it’s a good thing that you don’t want Shemar because I let my girlfriend have him a while backlol. I see though that you are still talking slick. Good luck with the sneaking around lol :).

          • @FashionbyGod33 we’re going to handle this once and for all! U have to stop being selfish as a child u was taught to share and Morris is worth sharing Misunderstood Chestnut it sounds wonderful lmboooooo

    • Hold up, how yall find out about my side man? Morris Chestnut will not be taken nor shared. Uh huh…I am swinging now.

      Taye Diggs is available, back up off my mens!!!!

      • Oh no Sherley, not you too. I love you like a sister but yeah, commence tha swingin’ because it’s on lol. This just don’t make sense. Have your Idris and go on now and how kind of you to offer Taye knowing darn well no one wants him lmbo.

        • Poor Taye..I tried.

          I was happy with Idris & Morris as a side piece until all of you started claiming your slices. Being a nice woman, I’m offering to share but dang..yall being insatiable. 😉

      • Sherley I thought we had come to an agreement sharing is caring I’m not backing off ur mens!!!! Misunderstood Elba sounds good

  9. So Idris has been married twice? I didn’t know about this girl’s mom. I thought his only prior marriage was to Kim.

  10. Funny I still call him Stringer Bell no matter what other roles he plays.. and y’all gonna have to pry him from my cold lifeless fingers.

  11. You’re right… he’s not cute. He’s FIIIINE!! That man just drips sexiness. But, he’s definitely not cute. *wink*

  12. Isan is a cutie pie I’m with Sherley GIRL that man is beautiful damn I just had a moment I’m back Mrs. Elba I like the sound of that. BTW I want all his babies lmao!!!!!1

    • Wait hold up now!!! I’m willing to share him but you want all his babies to yourself? Now where did I put my boxing gloves?

      • Sherley why do we have to fight u have a beautiful son we can share him I’m just bearing the rest of his 2 children lmao

        • Alright, I like you so you can have one just ONE of his babies..happy? Sheesh, making me rationalize my man. =}

          • Well, y’all know what the REAL deal is, so I guess Idris and I can be entertained by the back and forth.

    • This just posted 2 hours ago and there are 14 comments abt Idris already..lol! He is a true heartbreaker for sure.

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