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The OMG Girlz-(L to R) Zonnique(Star), Breaunna(Babydoll), and Bahja(Beauty)- have a new look and sound!  Check out their latest song “So Official” and see new promo pictures from their upcoming album.

Check out pictures of the teenage girls below!

Photos: Facebook/OMG Girlz.net/Derek Blanks

  • Zonnique
  • Breaunna
  • Bahja
  • the girls




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  1. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I
    clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  2. These girls are my life tiny grate job with the girls you an the girls did grate you and when I make my first song because immah rapper and Singer to look out because it would be about all of use y’all should hit me up real talk

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  4. Im 13 and yes I also think they have ‘grown’ but they have another song. U can say its like they song they made when they was younger(pretty girl bag). Its called ‘gucci this’ I listen to that song over this one because thats the kind of thing im into but I like this song too.

  5. i dont think a nose ring or an outfit makes you act “grown”….they are entertainers so they will push the envelope a little…and most of the time when girls are fast…its the little bald headed cheesy ones who already have kids and live with their boyfriends at 15

  6. These young girls are only doing what is before them, their mothers. Zonnique has pink/red hair, Tiny has the same colors every other day and Bahja is only looking like her mother with the bleached out blonde. They are pretty girls but I think they have grown up very fast, but that is Atlanta the dirty south, every thing moves fast there.

  7. Much success to Tiny and the OMG Girls. It reminds me of the Xscape days. One of favorite groups of all time. Nothing like Destiny’s Child with Beyonce and her backup singers Michelle & Kelly. What I loved about JD as a producer and manager is that you heard every last one of those girls on every song during the Xscape days. I wish these young ladies nothing but the best!!!!


  9. Lol, its funny cause that actually sound kind of good.

    However, I am young and if I think these little females are growing up too fast, then something wrong. At 15 I was into boys, but they were not even on the agenda or menu. Still having water balloon fights.

    I am not saying they have to whip their hair or anything lol, but they need some songs and images that fit a 15 or 16 year old and not a 18 or 19 year old. And I wish i would have fixed my lips to ask for a belly ring or nose ring. thats none sense. All in all the beat threw me off in the beginning, but it was good afterwards.

  10. Tiny is taking these girls in the wrong direction. I’m glad reginae and lolo left this group because I doubt their parents would let them dress in this manner. With all this focus on them performing has anyone actually heard them get air time or media? I didn’t hear of them until BCK posted about them.

    • umm not really you all to see what reginae be wearing for a 12 year old… i know a lot 12 years not allowed to wear what she be wearing short shorts, tight pants, one shelve off shoulder… naw check again a reginae style.. it to grown for 12 year old?!

    • well bahja and lolo aree sisters soo if ms.shamra let bahja wear iht most likely lolo would have had it on as well

  11. I think Reginae and LoLo will have a group together. But all those other young groups that have been out,had the same mature look and sound. 3LW were like 12-15 when they came out with “No More”…talking about relationships issues. Destiny were like 14-15 just started out,Aaliyah,etc she was running with R kelly looking and singing mature. so these girls are no different. The times have just changed.

    [comment omitted]

  12. they put Lourdes/lolo out of the group so they could make the girls more sexy….they could have a 11 year old wearing a push up bra…lolo was the only one with charisma in that group…

  13. I have to agree with @Shady Oakz…what is up with the sex appeal. Young Bahja is looking like shes “trying to be sexy” and i just think kids need to stay kids especially when their like 14/15. Beautiful and talented young girl nones the less. I hope they have great careers in the music business but no need to rush the sex appeal.

  14. why does zonnique have a damn nose piercing she is only 15. Tip needs to get out of jail asap and Tiny should not allow that.

    • lol only do zonnique have a nose piercing, bahja have a belly button piercing. i guess it’s good if there moms allow it

  15. Am I the only one that noticed what direction these girls went in??

    Sex sells but is not obvious thats the road Tiny chose to take because they kicked the little young one out??

    Not tryin to be negative but when a young female girl group trys to sell sex it bothers me, because that young girl who is clothed and a nerd gets picked on because they arent with the latest trend..#bewhoyouare

  16. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but this song isn’t bad. They sound good. This song has a very grown feeling. It sure is better than 99.9% of the things I’ve heard played lately by anyone.

    Congrats to them. I hope they go far, but I really hope they keep their innocence.

  17. This is how I see it. Bahja is Beyonce Zonnique is Kelly, Lourdes and Reginae were laTavia and LeToya and Breaunna is Michelle. lol

      • I was thinking the same thing about Zonnique being compared to Beyonce for that same reason. But anyway, it’s still and interesting Celia.

        • I agree about how the girls are compare to Destiny’s Child, but i dont think the can hold a candle to them in the musical dpt. these young girls are over sexualize…to much make up and hair color for such young ladys. I think they are pretty with out all of the extras.

          • I agree!…Don’t want my 9-yr old listening to them anymore now that Lolo and Reginae (the younger members) are gone…These girls here are OVER sexualized…Not cool…Plus the blond hair and blue eyes I saw them with before…SMH..No thank you! LOL

  18. I’ll give it too them, the girls sound nice. Pretty voices. They need to stay afloat because people are forgetting about them…

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