Incarcerated rapper Lil Boosie’s daughter Iviona Hatch(far right) is a lyricist with a cause. Writer WynterSpring of NikkiPanache.com writes:

Iviona “Da Princess” Hatch, a 10-year-old honor roll student, has released her debut single, “Daughter of A King and A Queen,” a song she made in honor of her parents.

Being that all of Lil Boosie’s assets have been frozen during his trial (more info here), Iviona, in conjunction with UHatin? University, made the song to help raise money for her father’s defense fund. In the song, she speaks of her father being her musical inspiration, the love she has for her 6 younger siblings, and how she plans to get her education FIRST and focus on fame later.

Staying on top of her academics and using her talents to benefit a worthy cause, Iviona is most definitely setting a good example for our youth!

Daughter of a King and Queen by uhatinu

The track can be purchased here. All proceeds go to Boosie’s defense fund.

WEBSITE: Iviona Hatch Facebook Fan Page; Boosiejustice.com

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  1. Proud of her! I cant imagine what her and her siblings are going through. I liked the rap! Great job! She probably has so much pressure on her, being the oldest of the siblings. Beautiful Family!

  2. After reading this article that just posted two days ago, it seems that Lil Boosie is a troublemaker and is still causing problems even in jail. He seems like a menance to society and probably shouldn’t even be let out. I don’t know why the mother even wants this person around he kids but I know I wouldn’t.

  3. Reading this really made me cry i know what she is going threw while her dad is going threw his trial more power to her and his family…the songg is sweet : )

  4. The kids are cuties for sure. However I don’t like that they are using the kids to help raise money..I agree w/the commenter above, the mother of the kids need to get a job or lil Boosie family..not the kids. I don’t like that the kids are raising money to get their dad out of jail when their dad should be leading by example which he clearly has NEVER done before. This is a sad story and life the kids have been subjected to.

  5. her mama needs to get a job so she can support her family while her husband is incarcerated…this little girls should not be doing this and this is too much pressure for her no one is going to buy this song ..(lets be honest) so its going to be like she failed…

  6. Awwwwwwwwwww that song was super cute! I like how she called her parents her King & Queen.
    That little baby, is so cute. He looks like a little man lol

  7. Once I read that she was an honor student I was down for whatever she wants to do. Kids r precious I think it is beautiful what she is doing for her daddy.

  8. that was cute and all that…but I can’t put anything towards ur defense, now if they had said it was for helping support the kids, maybe. but nah, I can’t even get behind that

  9. All I can say is she looks like her mom & glad she’s an honor roll student.

    A child working to help support her parents…hummmm

    • @Sherley, yeah even though she wants to help out and that is sweet but at 10, she really should not have to be doing this.

  10. I’m sorry, but I think it’s shameful that a 10-year-old child is put in a position to raise money for her locked up father’s defense fund. That’s too much to put on a child. And what if the record doesn’t sell? How will she feel then? Both parents should be ashamed.

    • Exactly! She is glorifying her father, who is a criminal. This man should have thought of his family before breaking the law.

      • That is something she did on her own. No one pushed or forced her to do anything. In her eyes her mom and dad are kings, who are u to tell her otherwise. Who are you to past judgment when u don’t know if he did it or not. “glorifying her father who is a criminal” u ought to be ashamed, she has unconditional love n respect for her father, whether he did right or wrong that is still her dad. There is a such a thing as forgiveness and understanding but u people are so damn judgmental n hypocritical sitting behind ur computers. Criticizing everything. I had a father who was falsely accused by someone and sent to jail…never committed a crime or was arrested because someone didnt like him and was jealous…luckily he was let go when they found out dude was lying and was guilty himself….false accusations happen and people do things out of spite. The only people who know what happened is him and god so stfu let that girl do what she’s doing…it’s what makes her happy.

  11. ExtreMeLy CuTe!!! I love it! I want to support her …does anyone know where to buy her song?? My neice would love it!

  12. The kids are super cute. they all look just like dad (but better). Good job Iviona for focusing on skl first, cause fame is not promised.

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