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To plank or not to plank? That is the question[Mama Guru]

Hank Baskett and family hit the Santa Monica Beach[BabyRazzi]

10 African Americans behind you kids’ favorite shows[BMK]

Diggy Simmons films video for copy and paste[Freddyo]

Get a behind the scenes look at Diggy’s new video[BCK Videos]

BCK says: The Fresh Air Fund is in need of 850 host families for this summer. Host families are volunteers who open their hearts and homes to children from the city to give them a Fresh Air experience that can change lives. If you could help, then please check out FreshAirFundHost.com.

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  2. Can someone explainto me waht planking is, and what’s it’s about. I’ve been confused since I saw pictures of it.

  3. This is riduculously stupid. Putting a child on the stove? For fun sake? Where is the fun? What happens when the kid climbs tries to do this on their own & accidentally turns on the stove? This is not funny nor cute. Just plain STUPID!!!!!!!!

  4. ok yall ima a singer and in the omg girlzz group i think this is stupit to im with yall on tht one

  5. We do planks in our yoga/pilates class and it is great for building strength. My body is strong and looks amazing due to some of these exercises. Don’t knock it til you try it!! ….In the proper setting, of course.

  6. [curse removed] people. why would someone put their baby on top of a stove? I guess people still don’t know that Australian man who started this game got it from pictures of slaves being planked on top of each other on slaves ships.People need to do more research

    • You should do research before following the bandwagon. Planking did not derive from slavery. The definition of planking means to lie or lay stiff as a board..as demonstrated by the pictures ppl are posting. Planking is used to strengthen core muscles.

      Slaves were placed in planking or board like positions on ships so they may transport hundreds of slaves at a time.

      You want a reference to slavery, how about black ppl stop referring to themselves as the N word? How about black ppl stop shooting each other for the simplest reasons they can find? How about black ppl stop hating on each other because one has straighter hair or lighter complexion than others?


    • Agree, especially for a baby that has no choice to say yes or no to participating. Looks like there’s on one of the baby’s legs already. This picture is horrifying.

  7. Let’s how that jumping off buildings is NOT the next trendy thing to do!!!

    This planking “thing” is just plain silly?

    So now that they have taught that baby this behavior she will climbing on the counter and stove when it’s on, and there’s noo ne to monitor her.

    These parent(s) deserve a visit form child protective services, asap!

  8. Planking is ridiculous. It’s a full-on sign of boredom & stupidity and if one chooses to engage in it….definitely NOT ON A STOVE! #commonsense

  9. I think Planking is funny, but i wouldn’t put no baby or anybody on a stove. You can plank anywhere as long as its not where i prepare my food & its not unsafe. There’s a website dedicated to planking, i died in laughter at the pictures LOL. I had my friends 4 month old baby laying on the floor & then she got in a position like she was planking, it was too funny. But just like most trends, this will die out too so i don’t see the big deal around it & the “hate” for it. I think pet rocks are stupid, but the older generation thought it was cool haha.

    Baby Hank is GORGEOUS!

    • Trisha, guuuuurrrrl, I’m one of the many of the older generation DID NOT think that Pet Rock nonsense was cute. I always thought it was stupid. It just seems like people need something to do, you know, to occupy themselves. Some people read and I guess some people plank. I guess some of us just don’t get what’s so fun or entertaining about it. I guess a lot of fads are really stupid to me, and this one tops the list. Some people just seem to be followers. *shugging shoulders*

      • Lmao people are bored now a days. But its summer vacation for the kids & kids don’t go to camp anymore or vacations so they are bored. But I rather have a kid plank (on something safe of course) then cause a bunch of trouble in the neighborhood or get into bad stuff. For all we know, that little baby could have been in the care of her older siblings or cousin. Maybe I think its funny b/c I use to do a bunch of crazy, weird stuff when i was younger to have fun & occupy my time since I was the youngest &my older sisters wouldn’t play with me lol. & I think everybody is a follower in some type of way. If one kid sees another kid w/ a game, he’s gonna want it. If a Guy sees a man driving a Benz, he’s gonna want one. If a woman sees a lady w/ a nice purse she may want one. I say have fun, but don’t go to the extreme to trump the next person. Since this fad is very old in other countries, by the end of the summer planking is gonna be a piece of wood again lol.

        • If I left my child in the care of her siblings & I find out they did this to her. I’m whooping everyone in the house behinds. I don’t care if they knew what was going on or not, I’m doing like my mom use to do, take a belot & start swinging.

          Have my baby on top of the stove & showing it to world. Whooping for everyone!!!!

          • Hahaha i found out about the pet rock from the VH1 special “I love the 70′s.” This man thought it would be a bright idea to sell kids rocks & treat it like a pet -____- & people were actually buying their kids rocks. Being a 90′s kid, if my mom brought me home a rock & told me to have fun, i would feel insulated & not loved lmao

        • @Trisha..Thanks I swear I never heard of a pret rock before and I am proudly a 90s baby too and would not be into a pet rock.lol

  10. Whoeever positioned that baby like that over the stove is STUPID.COM!

    Diggy is an awesome teen..I just love that kid!

  11. Well planking should be okay, but it’s some people that take it to extreme, a man in Australia tried planking on a balcony railing on the 7th floor and fell to his death, the game is ridiculous and sometimes fatal.

  12. Bank Hank is starting to grow into his looks. Nice family vacay pics.

    The above picture of this baby planking on top of a stove is absolutely ridiculous. I’m sure the stove was off & cool, as well as a persont here for safety purposes, but did it really need to be done?

    There needs to be a trend growing brain cells & actually using them. I want to see how many people jump on that wagon.

    • I absolutely agree with u 100% planking makes no sense what so ever to me. Planking is so dangerous I wish some ppl use their brains. Baby Hank is handsome he looks like his mom. Diggy career is taking off I wish him nothing but the best. I was surprised at some of the 10 African Americans especially the ones that worked on Sesame Street kudos to them.

        • No this isn’t funny and all of the people involved are NOT willing participants bc that baby has no voice and no idea what is going on. As for teens doing it..heck I don’t care but leave the babies alone until they are able to speak for themselves!

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