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Angelina Jolie and her children-Shiloh, twins Knox and Vivienne, and Zahara- were spotted heading to a London Aquarium on the South Bank today.

Zahara appears to be a mini-fashionista in the making. Check out her walk!  More pictures below!


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  1. I know she’s adopted, but I think Zahara looks a little like Angelina Jolie. To me, there’s something about her features that look similar to AJ’s. Cute kids!

  2. Juriah, thats your opinion, but it doesnt make you right. I’d say Zahara is the most stunning, but then again, all those kids are gorgeous!

    • Shiloh has been the same height as Zahara for a while but Zee is actually getting taller recently so that’s good to see.

  3. Angie has always said she lets her kids pick out their own clothes, hence Viv’s outfit lol. I think it’s cute & shows she doesnt take herself too seriously if she obviously doesnt care.

    They all look adorable & Z is workin that sidewalk…beautiful kiddos!

  4. Zahara absolutely could do run way modeling. She is such a beautiful child. Shiloh and the twins all look like Brad. I think it is sad that Angelina seems to already be dressing Shiloh like a boy. Why doesn’t she do this with the other girls? I love Angelina, but I don’t think this is right.

    • What is the big deal about children picking out their own clothing?
      It’s teaching them how to do many things:
      Being independent.
      Having an opinion.
      Creating their own “unique” individual style.
      I have a friend who has not worn a dress since she was Shiloh’s age and newsflash she is a perfectly functioning member of society.

    • I would think that this picture alone would’ve been a great indication to prove to the naysayers that since Shiloh is the only one who dresses in a ‘tomboyish’ style, she most likely isn’t being forced to wear ‘boys’ clothing” but rather she’s allowed to choose what she likes and feels most comfortable in. I highly doubt that her parents would just choose to dress her ‘tomboyish’ and not the other girls. Look at her younger sister. I’ve always seen her in dresses and skirts. ALWAYS!

      • Oh and get over the whole “it’s wrong for girls to wear ‘boys’ clothing’. This is the 21st century there is nothing inherently “wrong” with it. We’ve just been taught to think that it’s more appropriate to wear gender specific clothing that were assigned to us from birth but who cares? I wish my mother let me dress how I wanted to at her age not in 29473941 poofy and frilly dresses and bows. I hated that, it was embarrassing to me even as a child and now that I am a young adult and I can buy and choose my own clothing I wear what I feel comfy in. It’s better to let your child be comfortable once it doesn’t harm them than to force them to conform just to please naysayers in society IMO.

        • I don’t agree with boys dressing as girls like that “Princess Boy” kid and I don’t agree with girls dressing like boys. This society is all screwed up on so many levels that its just isn’t funny anymore.

          • You are entitled to feel that way but which society hasn’t been screwed up for the past 6000 years?
            I don’t like seeing little girls and women in skin tight clothing that reveals too much skin and bikinis when man and boys are all covered up and loose but do I get a say? Nope.
            Girls dressing like boys and vice versa are the least of our problems imo.
            “Society” wants you to stay in a box and whenever someone deviates… PANIC MODE is initiated.

  5. @ Sherley: Knox is the only boy in the picture! Shiloh is the one everyone always complains DRESSES like a boy – she’s in the red t-shirt! lol Zahara is looking a little mad – maybe the sun is in that baby’s eyes. But yeah, they are all beautiful kids.

    • I realized I made a mistake in using Knox name instead of Shiloh, however, judging by my sentence, it is obvious which name was meant to be in that sentence.

  6. I’m going to keep it simple since Pisces’ and I always start a war. They’re cute kids and all seem very happy

    • :) Appreciated, Misunderstood. I am going to follow your lead and agree that they all look cute along with their Mom in the picture. I saw a baby picture of Brad Pitt on another site recently and Shiloh looks just like he did when he was younger.

      • I’ve seen pics of AJ when she was 2 or 3 and she looks identical to Shiloh. Its amazing how some people say they (bio kids) look like Brad and others say they look like AJ. I think Knox looks like AJ, Vivienne looks more like Brad and Shiloh has AJ’s lips but looks like Brad.

    • I’m not trying to start anything but :) is it just me or is Zahara’s hair always in a ponytail?

      I checked a few of the other pictures & it seems the style is ponytails. Now how is that having her hair ‘alwyas done perfectly’? I get the non fly away pieces & the smoothness, but it’s just a ponytail. How is that dffrnt from Nahla hair being in a ponytail or other girls hair being straight down (like Suri’s)?

      Can you explain it to me because I seriously do not see it.

      • I totally agree it’s 4 comments on Nahla’s profile talking about her hair not being done we as ppl choose who to pick on.

        • Both Zahara & Nahla are pretty girls & I adore them both. Both of their hairs are usually in ponytails. Nahla’s is usually a messy ponytail, Zahara’s is usually smooth, but a ponytail is a ponytail. At least to me. Maybe Nahla is more active while Zahara seems more like a mello girl. Maybe the hair texture is diffrnt & Zahara’s can hold a tie easier than Nahla’s smooth hair texture.

          So much going on because both children are black but DIFFERENT. Anywho, both girls are adorable to me so guess I’ll never get it.

      • I totally agree it’s 4 comments on Nahla’s profile talking about her hair not being done we as ppl choose who to pick on!

  7. Loooove Zahara’s walk! Get it baby girl!!

    The other kids look so much alike.

    Regardless of Knox dressing tomboyish, there is no mistaken she’s a girl. Look at her facial features compared to her brother’s, whose hand she is holding.

    Love the fact that I do not see a nanny with Jolie when she has her children. Looks like she’s handling it well.

    • You got Knox & Shiloh confused lol. (i understand why, they all look alike haha) Shiloh is in the red, Knox is the little boy holding Angelina’s hand.

    • They have lots of nannies and security guards with them often, they just make sure to hang back far enough not to get in the pictures.

  8. I have never seen siblings look so much like I get that the two younger ones are twins but Shiloh could be their triplet they all look so much alike.

    And Zahara is the cutest thing even when she’s not smiling

  9. All the children are gorgeous! I especially love how well cared for Zahara’s hair looks. Beautiful, thick, and full of body. Love those curls. Angie is doing a great job.

  10. The twins are soo cute! I see they are taking them out more, now that they are older. I remember magazines saying some mean things about the twins since brad & Angelina didn’t take them out w/ the other kids. Vivienne had to pick out that outfit herself, b/c babygirl is not matching lol, she’s adorable.

    Zahara is getting so tall. It seems like her wardrobe just consists off jeans & tank tops lol. Her boots are cute, Go head Z!!

    • The tabs said the same thing about Shiloh when she was little that they said about the twins. I see Vivienne loves her pink shoes and she always carries a purse(smile)

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