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Actress Halle Berry picked up her daughter Nahla Aubry,3, from preschool in Los Angeles, California on July 25, 2011.

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  1. smh my hair does…similar things. lol…

    i love her outfit! that dress and those shoes … simple but adorable.

  2. If Halle can’t do hair, she needs to hire someone that can. Halle hair is neva out of place. I wish some of you would cut the crap about Nahla messed her hair up. Nahla hair is neva combed, so stop lying. Yes Nahla hair is closer to black texture and she needs light oil in it. That child does not look white to me, she have always looked biracial.

  3. I still cannot believe that people are insinuating, that these invasive A holes are helping Halle’s career by stalking her and Nahla. Do you seriously believe that? I’ve said it before, and still believe they should be kissing the ground she walks on!! Some BIG payouts have been provided courtesy of Halle and Nahla, and doubt she gets a cut or a movie role behind it. I mean how frequently is Halle in movies these days?? And the other actress mentioned above had two big summer hits, yet they still chase Halle/Nahla hmmm… Wether we like it or not, as irrelevant as people want Halle to be, she is a big commodity for the stalkers!!!

  4. I wonder if the picture of the monster on her Mom’s T-shirt is scary to Nahla? I like that it’s not a picture of a flower, the Surfs or Dora The Explorer. Nahla is going to be fearless like her Mom. Life is not always a bed of roses for everyone and I bet Halle is teaching/prepping her baby for this.

    Is that a picture of a Transformer?

  5. I really enjoy seeing photos of Nahla, but not every day. After awhile it gets to be too much and by Nahla’s faces, she probably thinks the same.

  6. I live in the LA area and my son goes to preschool with a famous black couple’s kids and I’ve never seen media at the school. Sometimes I wonder how meuch of these nahla photos might be to keep someone’s career in the limelight. I really hope I’m wrong.

    • @mommashane How many black celebrities/famous people do the papparzzi chase? You can probably count them on one hand
      They may be famous but unfortunately or fortunately (for the children’s sake) they are not of intrest to “mainstream media”
      Nahla looks like any three year old at the end of the day, if Halle Berry is going to put pressure on a three old to look picture perfect I would be very, very concerned. There are enough pressures that are put on young girls to look a particular way let Nahla have her childhood

      • The famous black couple I spoke of the woman is very mainstream. Photos of her coming and going would be popular. I really think at times either Halle or maybe her team push for these photos. It keeps Halle current. Think about it when did she last appear in a movie. The black celebrity female that I spoke of was in two summer hits and still working. Sadly I hope Halle isn’t using nahla to further her career. I really care less about the child’s hair

  7. Nahla’s expressions make me laugh. She’s always looking like she wants to give someone a piece of her mind lol. Her little red shoes are cute.

    As much as i love this blog, I’m starting to believe certain pics are posted for the most reactions. Hair is always a big topic on this blog, for some reason, & i’ve noticed pics are usually posted of kids w/ their hair looking crazy, especially Nahla. In the gallery there are pics of Nahla out w/ Halle, & her hair is out looking very pretty & neat. Those pics will shut a lot of people up who feel the need to keep asking why her hair isn’t combed. Just like there’s a pic in the gallery of baby Lou w/ her hair tied back, another baby people feel the need to complain about. & Like why isn’t Baby Hank featured on here more often, or Ellen Pompeo’s daughter? They are in the gallery, but never get a post. Is it b/c they don’t bring in the most reactions? The same handful of celebs are featured all the time, & they are the ones that “controversy” tied to their names. (Just my Opinion)

    • You make sense & probably are correct.

      But then again, this is a blog & it wouldn’t be visited much if everyone just kept saying, ‘oh how cute’.

      You forgot to mention MJ’s children..now that is a post that will generate over 500 comments in less than 2 hrs. I avoid those posts at all times.

      • Oh, yeah MJ’s kids. People come in the posts & complain about the same thing over & over again. Its like ok, people. You can’t change it, so why complain lol.

        Like I’m looking at Antonio Cromartie’s pics in the gallery of his family (idk who he is lol) but his kids are so gorgeous. I think they deserve a post, instead of halle picking up Nahla from school (pics we’ve seen like 100 times already lol)

        • Oh my goodness, girl get out of my head! I was thinking the same thing. I have no idea who he is but the pictures of his children made me check them out in the gallery. His wife is pretty & his children are precious.

          Once a week, we are guaranteed to see Nahla, Heidi’s crew & Zahara. I’d love to have a day a week where we get to see a new face featured and a semi-bio on them. Just because they are not in-your-face celebrities, does not mean they do not deserve to have their children featured on here often.

          • I agree. Someone mentioned that she would like to see more pics of Baby Hank or Ellen Pompeo’s daughter (Stella) and I would also add Jessica Alba’s daughter(Honor). I see pictures of her other places but just not here. Zahara, Nahla, and Heidi’s kids are beautiful but so many more BCK exist

          • I agree with you guys. It gets a bit boring to me, the same people and the same tired comments.

        • Don’t forget the Smith kids either. Antonio Comartie sorry if I spelled it wrong is a professional football player for the Jets he is married now and has 1 daughter by his wife and 8 other kids by 7 different women.

          • @Misunderstood, yup, the Smith kids, Halle and Nahla, MJ’s kids, AJ and her kids, and Heidi produce the most posts every time, without fail. Yes, Antonio is a professional football player. He was featured on here before. There was a clip which showed hime or gave the impression that he couldn’t remember all of his kid’s names and another post showed his wedding pictures.

          • Oooooohhhh..he’s the man that Lil Wayne & Swizz are inspired by. I remember him now.

            Well I don’t need a posting about him & his raunchiness but I would love to see his children.

  8. Grown folks be killing me on here talking about a 3 year olds hair. Nahla obviously has curly, fine hair that doesn’t take much to go…. When we see them, normally it’s a school pick up, playdate or some other eventful outing. Why must Halle put products, pull tight and barrette up just to please society’s norms?? I’m sure the heat plays a role too. There is nothing wrong with Nahla’s beautiful head full of curly hair… The two are quite lovely no matter the attire/hairstyle!! Love them…

  9. @ the negative comments before, children play hard. My son’s hair used to be that texture and no matter how much I combed it, it was fuzzy like this after he played hard. I guarantee her hair was looking great when she got to school in the morning.

    • I agree with you, I just wrote a comment above saying the same thing

      When my nephew was little (he is 18 now) his mom would style his hair in one ponytail with a braid lol. He’s black+white and had hair long down his back and had a similar hair texture to nahla and girl ..his mom would spend 30 minutes on that ponytail greasing it and brushing it into a tight ponytail and it was PERFECT ….and everyday without fail come the evening time it looked like he had never seen a comb in his life lol

    • She probably did comb her hair. They take naps in preschool and maybe thats why her hair looks a mess and it looks hard to comb.

      • Nahla has Black DNA in her hair texture, so Halle needs to treat her hair with a light moisturizer every week, if not everyday. Especially after washing her hair and I hope that Halle isn’t washing that girl’s hair everyday. “Our” hair benefits from the natural oils produced by our scalp. If Halle used a moisturizer on her hair, it wouldn’t be quite so frizzy, even after a nap. It also cuts down on the breakage caused by dry hair.

        • LOL, I don’t see one trace of black DNA in Nahla’s hair. If Nahla’s dad was a black dude, her hair would not look anything like that, lol. People really like fooling themselves into believe that these kids are still black. At some point you have to stop counting traces of black blood especially now that we are no longer slaves. The one drop rule is DONE.

          • @WYB I have to disagree I definitely see black in that baby. You can tell that she’s multiple ethnicities but you can definitely tell that she’s part black.
            She has those unique curls and the texture that a lot of mixed children have.

            I’m sure Halle does her hair but I will say that she could benefit from some more moisturizer cause it does look a little dry. To be honest she looks like any kid (black or mixed or any child with curly hair) who goes to school with one ponytail. when they come home there’s barely any hair left in the ponytail holder LOL
            I used to put a whole thing of “Baby Love” in my daughters hair hahaha and she’d still come home looking like that cause kids play and jump around lol

    • @sam,
      Lol, I’ve questioned that many times myself. Halle might just be horrible at doing hair. Both of my sisters can comb and style hair (not professionally) like nobody’s business. But, I can’t style my daughter’s hair to save my life, lol. I at least know enough to put some moisturizer in her hair everyday. Now if you want to see someone who didn’t comb their hair and should know better… check out that picture of Usher over there on the side. He should be utterly ashamed to be seen in public looking like he literally just rolled out of bed and posed for that picture!

  10. Ppl always talk about Nahla and Halle being on here I wish the pazz leave them alone. Why can’t she just be able to pick up her baby without them being all in their face. BTW Nahla is beautiful and I’m loving the little red sneakers.

    • Me too Msunderstood. She’s taking her to school or picking her up from school. Let her do that in peace. My goodness.

      Nahla looks like she’s saying..dang you guys again?

      I come in just to see her expressions..too cute.

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