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New mom Lauryn Hill has issued a statement regarding the birth of her sixth child, which was first reported by Blackcelebkids.com:

Mr. Marley and I have a long and complex history about which many inaccuracies have been reported since the beginning. To speculate without the facts can only cause people to form wrong conclusions. We both value privacy and for that reason defend and preserve our right to it.

Contrary to the numerous reports, Mr. Marley did not abandon me while pregnant with his child. We have had long periods of separation over the years but our 5 children together remain a joy to both of us.”

Thank you for your concern and I appreciate all of the well wishes regarding the birth of my new son. Until next time, Ms. Hill.”

Click here to read BCK’s exclusive report on Ms. Hill and the birth of her sixth child.

Congrats to Ms. Hill!

Source: MsHillMvngTrgt

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  1. I don’t by it.. I have seen photos of the family, including Rohan,out at a Spiderman premier in NYC on July 1. How she is snapping back from this pregnancy and taking a more youthful feminine look…so fast..this woman in my opinion plays for keeps..this is her family. She has an out of control undisciplined man, who she still is in love with,which is clearly visible at the Spiderman premier..My guess is that this baby boy Marley is his. She is also dealing with a bold model who doesn’t care if she is consuming his time over his family..I love Lauryn Hill for so many reasons.. her integrity is first and foremost.. what u do for love..just my opinion.

  2. I am so glad Lauryn seems to have moved on from that loser Marley. Any man that would not marry the mother of his 5 children doesn’t deserve respect or the time of day. He probally was only using her for financial support. I am glad she woke up and moved on. I know it had to happen when she was ready. I hope the father of her new baby has plans to marry her and I hope he is not already married. I loved Lauryn. She is so talented. I hope she has finally realized her potential.

  3. I don’t see the big problem with Lauren having 6 kids with 2 different men it’s not like she had 6 kids with 6 different men, she had 5 kids with one and 1 with the other. She could be in a relationship with the new baby’s father, her last child was born in 2008 maybe she was with this new father for years who knows. I see more of a problem with the fact that they had an off and on again relationship and she kept having more kids with him for whatever reason a kid is not going to fix a relationship or keep a man and I can’t image seeing mommy and daddy getting together and breaking up so many times if healthy for the kids.

  4. Diana Ross lead the way…5 children and 3 fferent fathers. The kids turned out pretty well, too. For some reason, people don’t seem to look at or care about Diana Ross’ big family, which from all outward appearances, she’s done well by, so far.

    I guess she is just another era’s scandal.

  5. God, I know you don’t make mistakes but some of these people you give talent to don’t know what to do with it! Why couldn’t I sing like Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, or Amy Winehouse??? These people are a mess!

      • I absolutely totally 1000% agree with u I keep hearing ppl say poor Lauren that’s bs. Lauren is a grown a** woman she knew what she was getting herself into. Lauren made one solo album and been a bust ever since.

  6. I guess BCK got me censored, none of my comments post only my replies… I’m starting to take this real personal lol…

    • Yeah, the same thing happened (is happening) to me. I don’t know what their malfunction is or if it’s just a glitch in their system. But like you said, I’m beginning to take it personal too, lol.

  7. Motherhood is beautiful, especially when you can afford it. I’m not mad at Lauren, I think she’s blessed and her children will bring her joy for a life time. She won’t be able to imagine herself without any of them.

  8. Seriously, I don’t get it either. The word “marriage” is like a bad smell to some people. It’s very offensive. It boggles my mind that people will speak highly of just having a boyfriend/girlfriend situation, yet turn their noses up at marriage. I mean, some people get darn right hostile (I’m waiting for them to show up now). LOL!

    I’ve heard the arguments, “Marriage isn’t a guarantee that…” (fill in the blank), “Marriage is just a piece of paper,” blah, blah, blah, yet I still don’t understand how these same people can think that a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship holds more water than a recognized COMMITMENT as if being a “play” wife/husband does.

  9. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge her she has been with one man for a considerable amount of time. Things happen. The fact that the child’s father cannot be revealed is the only thing I am concerned about because then that raises questions as to whether he will be present in her baby’s life. Then again who knows what’s going on that we cannot see.

  10. Now for my real opinion. If this message she put out isn’t evidence of how much she loves that man, nothing is. It has made me realized just how deep she is with him..she is faaar gone. No the fact that she had another child that isn’t his doesn’t mean anything.

    Her message defended HIM. She not once defended herself. Throughout all his tweets, I don’t recall him ever defending her. Lauren Hill needs major years of counseling to regain her true self, for she is seriously lost in Rohan. Wow!

  11. People saying we are passing judgement, but those very same people know if they had a family member who is doing what Lauren Hill is doing, they have laughed at them, shook their heads at them, even whispered behind their backs. Just because she is in the celebrity status & can afford them does not negate the fact that she is in an unhealthy relationship (no matter how she defines it). If it’s not right for my cousing to do it, it’s not right for Lauren Hill too.

    Celebrities, black white purple orange, do not get a pass just because they have money. I think the Duggars need to stop investing the world with their children & I’m not supporting them neither. It is not a necessity to have a large amount of children. It does not get you a pass to heaven or a parent of the year award.

    Just my opinion.

  12. Is this the part where I stop anticipating a new Lauryn Hill album?? She has such great talent and I would love to jam to some fresh music from her, Lord knows i’ve been waiting for years lol Anyway, congrats to her on her new bundle of joy! :)

  13. Off and on or whatever, she had 5 kids with one man, now if she had 5 kids with 5 different men, now that is what looks truly bad. This is apparently her first kid outside of their relationship. With some of the things some people on this website find acceptable, I’m not gonna crucify Lauryn

  14. You know I’ve never heard anyone refer to a white couple with the “baby mama/daddy” monikers. And here we are judging and demonizing out own. Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon never married their last partners and I have yet to see them get vilified for children out of wedlock and not making their men “put a ring on it” and other nonsense. It’s ridiculous how we project our own values on to people and judge and criticize. Until Lauryn and Rohan come to your door asking you for money to help support any of those kids, mind your own business!

    • White people usually don’t get vilified for what they do, ESPECIALLY in the media. However, there was a movie that came out several years ago called, “Baby Mama” and the lead was white. LOL.

      P.S. If you want people to “mind their business,” maybe you should make that known to blogs, entertainment TV, etc., because as long as we (including you) click and listen, their business will out there and will be commented on by the public. Just saying.

    • What I don’t understand is why people are always bringing up white people and what white people do or don’t do. Never got that. What does that have to do with our community? *shrugs*

      • @ Fashioned… so true!!! I can never understand the comparisons with white people and how it is even relevant to the black community… should we act like them, think like them, or live like them???

      • @Fashioned, hey sweetie :-)

        The times when I compare white people to blacks is when people make comments such as, “We (black people) gotta do better” or when there is a thread about a black person doing some criminal activity, and the supposed “black” readers say things like, “This is why people look down on black people,” or “This is why people stereotype black people.” Some things are just human and has nothing at all to do with race. Usually, I try to make a human comparison, i.e. black people are not the only ones doing x,y, and z. Why are we making “us” more accountable than anyone else?” Why is this situation a “black” issue?”

        In the case of attitudes toward marriage and the “baby mama” culture, I think somehow the black community has been detrimentally affected more than anyone else. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am. In this case, it’s not even about white people; it’s about our attitudes and how our children are being raised.

        P.S. I am NOT downing single mothers. I was raised by one, and I know there are some magnificant single mothers holding it down (some of them are right here on BCK) I just want to make that clear.

      • I know right! I don’t recall seeing white people say to each other, what would Black people do if they were in our situation?

    • @Truth Seeker
      I agree. I’ve read several posts about Angelina and Brad’s family, and I don’t really recall anyone ever questioning why they’re not married. I’m all for marriage, but it just seems kind of funny that as Black folks, some of us will ohhh and ahhh over the (white)Jolie/Pitt family, but want to starting preaching when it comes to Lauryn, seems kind of hypocritical to me-I’m just saying.

      • Pisces comments quite frequently on the marital status on Brad & Angelina. Maybe in their case, they have only 3 biological children & 3 adopted but are claiming one another without being married. Also in their posts, you get a lot of Zahara is cute & Shiloh looks like a boy comments, more than you get what are AJ & BP up to comments.

        With LH & RM, he’s not even claiming her & they have 5 children together. Personally, I do not comment on other’s marital status because I understand clearly that women may not want to be married. I for one, do not see myself being married, however, I am not going to be popping out any children, either.

  15. Rohan wrote on Twitter “I’m forwarding all well wishes to Ms Hill on the birth of HER son I’m sure she will appreciate it…” SMH. Whatever the situation is, I wish her well, I’m sure she will be a great mom and that is all one can reasonably ask at this point.

  16. Congrats to the beautiful and ever so talented Lauryn Hill. You know what irks me with ppl…the fact that they are so quick to judge her based upon what you do not know. We donot know what her relationship was like with Rohan and as long as they love and provide for their children then donot pass judgement. Yall Throwing stones from a glass house no one is perfect and you all have made mistakes in life i respect her for staying out of the public eye because you ppl act as if you are God and Crucify every thing ppl do with out living or walking in her shoes. I support you Lauryn! Do your thing and raise your children to be as strong as you.

    • Golden, I visit several entertainment blogs during the day. I don’t always like the comments or the mentality of the readers, but I take it for what it’s worth.

      People get so bent out of shape and accuse others of “judging” when, to me, it’s only speculation and banter (unless the reader knows the celeb personally).

      Hey, some people are judgemental. We all are at times whether we want to admit it or not or whether we recognize it or not.

      I’m really sure Lauren appreciates your support, but in all honesty, I’m sure she isn’t losing sleep either.

      Just saying.

      • @Teri, basically. You can tell when some people are going in hard and other times, it’s just talk amongst blog visitors. We all have to be accountable for our actions and one has to be careful, but I am unsure why some posters start in with their diatribe and get so defensive.

  17. Poor Lauren she ain’t been right since she got with that dude. Her mind is fried that message comes from a woman who has been mentally & emotionally abused. Why she subject herself to that given her beauty & talent one will never know. Although I hope she seek mental health treatment, stop bing a human baby making machine and attempt to salvage what is left of her career as she will need to support all those babies alone b/c Rohan has checked out on her.

  18. Good that he left her; she has been unfaithful to Rohan.
    The son of the great Bob Marley deserves better then this.

  19. @ AplMacLady: Harmless speculation going on here. No, we’ll never know, but celebrity sites like this one exist to fulfill the needs of fans and detractors to express generally harmless SPECULATION. LH and RM are not going to be hurt by complete strangers guessing at their lives. Whom I do feel for are the children, but it is likely that they aren’t allowed to access media like this and are sheltered by the fact that they *do* know what’s going on and speculation are just lies to them.

    It seems odd to me too that she would bear six children in an admittedly off-on relationship… but to each her own. I’m glad the baby is well; the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck – I’ve watched too much of the “Baby Story” and that can be scary and fatal in some cases! It’s wonderful that it’s all worked out for her and (wink @AplMacLady) whatever their situation is I hope it remains successful for all involved!

  20. You can clearly tell from the statement, that this isn’t his child. Congratulations on the birth of your son!

  21. let’s not speculate folks; we really do not know what went on between RM and LH, and if they were or weren’t married…

    Anyway, congrats!

    • I dont get your logic on terrible example..

      Terrible example is Lil Wayne with 4 baby mamas and 4 kids or Shawty Lo with 10 kids…or those moms who dont even know who the dad is..

      your example was terrible..

  22. Why did she say their 5 children in stead of 6 children…and birth of “my” new son..is she implying that it’s her son and not Rohan Marley’s? Or am I reading into the statement too much?? lol.

    Anyway..congrats either way!

    • Nope! You’re not reading into the statement too much. I think that’s exactly what’s she’s saying in between the lines.

    • Yes, this statement clearly says she has 5 children with him, and that this new one is not his.

      I don’t understand people that just keep bringing children into the world when they don’t have a stable relationship.

      • So you guys didn’t read the part where she said ‘pregnant with HIS child’. I don’t care who’s kid it is. Wish her and her family all the best

        • It seems that her statement about him not abandoning her while “pregnant with his child” could represent that they were not together and that she was not pregnant with HIS child. It is a very safe/technical way to say it. It is kind of an around the way statement, instead of just saying “look people, if you must know, this is not Rohan’s baby.” lol

          • @haydnikki, this is how I interpreted as well after a couple of re-reads lol. Oh well, best to her.

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