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Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay is pictured with her newly adopted daughter Amaya Josephine at the Children’s Musuem of the East End (CMEE) Host Hamptons Family Fun Fair in Bridgehampton, Long Island.

“I’m deliriously happy,” the actress told People magazine earlier this year. “From the minute she was born, she was just surprisingly alert and so full of love.”

“We were considering both international and domestic adoption and we’re thrilled that this is the way our prayers were answered,” she adds. “We talked a lot about mixed-race adoptions, and we are very excited that we are now a multi-racial family. We’re just so happy she’s here.”

Amaya  joins 4-year-old brother August

More pictures below!

Credit: INFevents.com

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  1. There is only 1 race: human.
    U mean multi ethinic!

    It is cool that this is an Afro girl
    (is she from arican or african american ?)
    girl who will be raised wealthy in USA & speak Hungarian!

  2. @Pisces, you cracked me up!!! You hit the nail right on the head because she sure does look just like Esther Rolle!!!!!

  3. Dear Vixx,

    There’s a big wide infinitely diverse world out there, beyond the fences of your experiences and what you’ve seen on TV, just waiting for you to discover…

    In the mean time, why don’t we stop writing biased, insensitive assumptions about other peoples lives?

  4. That child is probally one of the luckiest children in this world. She got adopted by parents who glow just when they talk about her. Look at the other pictures with Mariska just looking at her daughter and you can tell just how much she loves her no matter what color she is. And not to mention she’s a positive role model for ANY girl or woman and will teach her daughter to be self respectful, kind, and generous. She’s an activist for abused women and children, there’s no rumors or scandels involved with either of them, and her and her stable loving husband make a junk load of money, and what other celeb would take time off from a job she loves to spend more time with her children?

  5. Vixx,
    I am a biracial woman, but do not look biracial at all. I look black. I was never raised by my black father. Instead, I was adopted by my white step-father, and grew up with my white younger brother. Hense, I was raised by a white family. I agree that you are being very disrespectful and that the “truth” you speak of is actually only your own limited opinion.

  6. Mariska is a very sweet, kind hearted woman with a HUGE HEART! You shouldn’t pity that child at all! Thats a lucky little girl! She is set for life with AWESOME parents! Mariska really wanted that little girl, and she will be loved and well taken care of. Mariska is not the type of person youre thinking of.

    Ive met her on numerous occasions! She’s cool people! That kid is lucky! I wish Mariska would adopt me too! haha I mean I already have an awesome Mom, but the more the merrier lol

  7. Mariska seems like a thoughtful person. I’m pretty sure she will learn about black hair and how to handle it. I’m also sure she is going to do her best to make sure Amaya feels secure and has friends she can relate to. Amaya will learn to be comfortable with people of all races and will probably be far more tolerant than many of the people posting here.

  8. WOW, what cynicism. You see a white person adopting a black child and instead of being happy that that child got a great opportunity you dismiss that child’s life by saying that child might just be a plaything, what an expensive plaything.

    There are so many more black kids up for adoption than white kids, a black couple would NEVER adopt a white kid because they would worry too much about what other blacks would think about them, the woman especially. They would worry that all the black folk would look on with derision at the woman thinking that she cheated and that they would be laughing at the man because he ‘accepted’ the ‘obviously’ white child.

    I wish black people would stop all this complaining because you are the first to judge if you saw a black person with a white child calling them mom or dad and obviously you are the first to judge when white people adopt black kids. That’s just being racist, be happy for the kids, they are adopted, they are loved, they get opportunities they would never get if they stayed in and aged out of state homes with nothing and learning nothing at the age of 18.

    I guess though that you would rather that they stayed in state run homes, aged out at 18, be thrown out on the streets with nothing and no-one to fend for themselves.

  9. Awww congrats to Mariska and her family! That’s a beautiful baby–even if she does look like a boy in the face!

  10. This baby looks like the late Esther Rolle from “Good Times”. I just realized who she reminded me of. So much character in this baby’s face at such an early age.

  11. I think it’s a blessing when people adopt children no matter what the shade. They should just be aware that a black little girl should have positive black role models growing up as well. Having a loving white family is a gift, but she should be able to see people who look like her as well whether they be family friends or kids at school. There is no doubt that growing up as the only black child in a community can be difficult and make you feel very different. Having other black people, especially other brown kids who were adopted by parents of another race can be very helpful for a child.

    • @meme Amaya already has interaction with black kids because Mariska isn’t only friends with white people besides white people usually have black nannies and yes Mariska has a black nanny. It’s usually the nanny who raises the kids although Mariska is taking time off from work to spend more time with her kids.

    • ITA every black child needs positive black role models. Unfortunately I grew up in a black community with hardly any POSITIVE Black role models. It is important that Black people who are accomplished and successful mentor young Black kids and show them what is possible with education and hard work.

  12. Heck Adopt me……………Darn Over The Age Limit……..I find nothing wrong it…………Happy for her and her Family …embrace us ……is all I can say….

  13. I think it’s beautiful and amazing that some white couples (although I’m not sure if Mariska’s husband is also white) are willing , proud and considerate enough to take the decision to adopt black children and do their best to give them everything that a child should have (Love , attention , etc..) because from what I have been hearing, these days black parents, ESPECIALLY BLACK MEN do not seem to want to have black (dark skinned) looking children ; I don’t know if that is true but I was told that nowadays , black people, ESPECIALLY BLACK MEN intentionally have children with non-black women , just to not have black (dark skinned) children , they want nice looking bi-racial children ; so if there are white couples out there like Mariska and her husband and all the other white couples that adopt black children to raise and love black (dark skinned) children , I think we should be very grateful/thankful for that : as a young dark skinned black west-African 23-year-old woman , I know I am !!!

  14. I admire Vixx for sticking to her guns lol… I think the problem(if any) would lie in identity.. what the child is exposed to, how much she is taught about her race and her origins and making sure she is comfortable in her own skin so she doesn’t feel left out or “different”. If all of that is taken care of then everything will be fine. But I do get Vixx to a certain point tho.

    • As a dark-skinned little girl visiting a loving white family for a month out of the summer through the fresh air fund I do remember feeling different and wishing I was “lighter” like everyone else. I visited the same family from the age of 7-13 every summer and they were the best. They made me feel like part of the family and loved my complexion. However, I noticed there weren’t that many black ppl in the community and I was the darkest person at every event and felt different. Sometimes I wonder if these adopted black babies will feel like that. Maybe, maybe not. Anyhow, they are blessed to be raised in a loving household.

  15. how many black children have YOU adopted? If none, you seriously need to take a chill pill or see Dr. Phil because you have issues.

  16. As a former adoption worker, look up the statistics. Black women are the number one single parent adopters in this country

  17. According to people in Brad’s hometown they visit 4-5 times a year. They were there 2 times this year and after Christmas. Also they have 2 Black nannies who I’m sure have relatives that interact with Zahara. Where is the concern for Connor Cruise w/ no Black relatives.

  18. Sweet baby. And Mariska looks so happy. Of course, she adopted this child with all his boundless love. Mariska is lovely. A great actress and a beautiful woman verdadeiraamente. Inside and out. Love it.

  19. Wow! that beautiful baby. It will be a beautiful black woman to be proud of its beautiful white mother. What matters the color of the baby, I’m sure Mariska love this child with all his great love. And that girl is lucky because one raised in a family set. Congratulations to the family Hargitay / Hermann.

  20. Maybe you don’t know this, but Brad’s sister Julie adopted two boys from Ethiopia a few years ago. She also does alot of humanitarian work there too. So yes, Zahara has cousins who she can relate to. Not trying to start a huge mess here. You do have a right to your opinion.

  21. Vixx is truly an @sshole not worthy of us giving her anymore attention. On a MUCH BRIGHTER NOTE..Baby Amaya is ADORABLE, Congrats to Mariska & her family on her new bundle of joy, quire sure Lil Amaya will receive all the love she deserve!!!!!!!!!!

  22. @ Juice: My thoughts EXACTLY. A good home with a caucasian couple (especially one with money?!) is better than no home at all. She is loved, cared for, looked after, will be educated in a stable, apparently Christian, intact nuclear family. Please: This child is blessed.

  23. @ Vixx my friend was raised by a white couple with their three children after going from one shelter to another. And yes, she is loved and has turned into a beautiful young lady! Believe me you, being adopted by a white couple is better than spending your whole life in foster care or in a children’s home. Are you planning to adopt? i hope that you are since you are so critical!

  24. Mariska looks so happy. My grandmother had 9 children of her own and adopted 5 more, not in that order. They were all of different races and they grew up to be great people regardless of what color their brothers and sisters were. my mother had 4 of her own and adopted 2 more of different races not in that order. I was always taught to see a human being before i see anything else. Being black and being raised by a white woman or vice versa in my experience has actually helped me to see people as people and not just as the color of their skin it in no way hinders me or doesnt allow me to experience my culture or what ever reason people tend to have a problem with HUMANS adopting HUMANS. i have 1 of my own 1 on the way and will be adopting 2 more. And i could care less what color they will be.

    • just beautiful!! people that make comments like vixx have just been so isolated they’ve never experienced these kinds of relationships, that erase colors and strip us to humanity. Not everybody has freed their minds sadly. GOD is LOVE!!!

  25. If Black Women believe black children should be raised by black mothers, then they should adopt. FYI I am a black mother that has adopted children of different races. I can only speak for my region, there aren’t many other black adopting parents who adopt unrelated children.

  26. There’s a lot wrong with raising a child of a different race but a lot of the people who see nothing wrong with it haven’t seen it first hand or experienced it to recognise it for what it truly is.

    On a diff point I don’t agree with white women collecting black kids.
    Imagine a black couple adopting a white baby and see what white people would say. I wouldn’t imagine it “catching on”

    • Here we go with the racist garbage!

      “White women collecting, black babies”

      How many homeless black babies have you openend your heart and home to lately VIXX!!!!

      Give it a darn rest!!!

      I have this “discussion” with my friend about him thinking that “GAY” people should not raise children.

      If “ANYONE” is KIND AND LOVING enough to open their HOME and their HEARTS who are you the RACIST to say differently!!

      Would you rather see these thrown in TRASH instead!!!

    • Love Mariska!! she better start learning black haircare now b/c little Amaya is going to have some beautful coarse hair.

    • Vixx, you need to do research because its done all the time. If someone, regardless of color, wants to take on the daunting task of raising someone else’s child because for one reason or the other the real parents choose not to….who are you to put them down? Get over it for real. By the way, the blcak family dowm the street have 5 white kids they adopted, and everyone is happy

      • I love M.H., but I wish black people (as a whole) could lift ourselves up to the point were we r not the main faces u c being adopted by white families. If adoption was not such a MONEY MAKING SCHEME, I would have adopt a child already. It can cost anywhere between 10,000 and 200,000 to adopt a child. Truth be told, that’s why sooooooooo many white families adopt…they can afford it! Plus how can they really learn about their heritage? They will learn about being black soon enough. U can not hide our skin, but certain things r hard to teach when the teacher can not experience it for himself.
        Don’t get me wrong I am still very happy for every child and family that adopt and have the best intentions. I just wish that our children didn’t have to be the less fortunate being adopted everytime.

      • What? — You know Black people who’ve adopted WHITE kids with so many of our own needing adoption? YIKES!

  27. Awww she looks like a little chubby doll! I’ve always liked Mariska and I’m happy for her, Amaya and their entire family.

    • Vixx has been making some disrespectful comments throught different posts actually. I’m surprised her comments haven’t been deleted.

  28. As long as she is happy, healthy, and well cared for why should it matter what color the adoptive parent is?

    • Yes LBslittleLady, that’s very LIBERAL minded of you. Don’t know what adoption circumstances were that caused child to be “available” but if this is a better environment that will cause child to blossom instead of wilt, then YES it’s a good thing. But what strikes me, since we’re supposed to be in this a post-racial society all of a sudden (HA!- sure) is why Hargitay mentions “mixed race” adoption and “being a multi-racial” family as being important. Why is it important? Just adopt a “child”. White women adopting Black children (preferably African) is the “IN” thing in Hollywood, but as long as it has a happy result … (sigh!)oh well WTF.

      • she probably looked into mixed raced adoptions because mixed raced children are the least likely to be adopted. and her statement about now having a multi-racial family is accurate so i don’t see the problem there. sometimes u cant help who u connect with, maybe she just connected more with this child out of all the others. Its not about the color of the child’s skin. A child is a child and they all need a home with loving and caring parents. Not everyone can adopt and for the ones who can, its nice to see them not show preference, because these children all need love. Not just black white mixed what ever, not just the ones over seas or the ones in the states but all of them and we should be happy when there is one less child in need of a loving family.

      • DF have a mind of your own first!!! I dont care if people with money are adopting black babys.Should we just keep them in homes wishing some black people come along and adopt

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