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According to website StraightFromTheA, this is the first official photo of Lil Wayne and Lauren London’s son Cameron Carter.

Cameron is the first child for the actress and the fourth for the rapper. In all, Lil Wayne has four children:daughter Reginae born to Antonia “Toya” Carter; Dwayne III (born in 2008) to Sarah; Cameron Carter(born in 2009) to Lauren London; and Neal(also born in 2009) to Nivea.

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  1. He’s a beautiful boy, on that we can agree upon. To have two kids born in the same year, and not be twins, can only be achieved by a player who obviously cut school during sex ed. (lol) When/If Lauren (assuming and hoping that she’s the primary guardian) decides to put up some photo’s, I’m positive the kid will be gorgeous.

  2. Why does everyone say stop having children? I think he can have as many kids as he wants as long as he can afford them and is going to take care of them… All of his children mothers say that he is a good father including Lauren London who stated that in a recent interview. I would have ten children if I could afford it…. because being a parent is a wonderful thing… But since I can’t afford that many, I stay within my means with one.

    • not sure what their definition of a good father is. How good of a father can you be if you have 4 kids by 4 baby mamas all over. I mean even a celebrity who ismarried to the mother of his children and they all live under his roof has a difficult time spending adequate time with them. Anybody can send a check.

  3. Aww he is adorable. I’m thinking its him but i remember lauren saying on twitter that he had dimples. so maybe. but he has the eyes like lil wayne and reginae and dwayne jr big and cute

  4. Why isn’t he Wayne’s? he looks just like Wayne’s daughter. All of Lil Wayne kids are beautiful. Don’t forget that all the mothers are pretty, from what I have seen. Lil Wayne isn’t unattractive…..its the tattoos,gold teeth that throw ya off.

    • that’s what im thinking too you know on lil wayne’s album covers his baby pictures are so adorable. so maybe its all the drugs and tattoos and alcohol and lack of sleep that’s ruined his looks.

    • That & his attitude that comes across in his songs. His way of speech when he’s performing & sometimes his personality.

      I always said Lil Wayne wasn’t raised the person he has turned into. But he did join Birdman when he was just 15 so that influence could explain an aweful lot.

  5. if im not mistaking doesn’t lil wayne have 2 sons name Wayne II? This lil guys cute, can’t say for sure if its really wayne and laurens baby though!

  6. if this is really him….WOW…..i mean not in a bad way its just like with waayne’s other kids they like just a like wayne but he dont. HOPEFULLY THIS KID IS REALLY HIM!

  7. Actually this little one is beautiful……I don’t know why they have that pic of him. Saw him on another site and he definitely have mommy’s complexion,hair and looks. This pic isn’t doing him justice.

  8. If this is really Cameron he’s cute. I like he kinda lookks like Kasseem Dean, Jr. Kinda sort of, not really, looks like Dwayne Carter, III. (I’m reaching, lol)

  9. Okay if this baby does not belong to lil Wayne then he must have a secret child lol. Because this little baby looks like the older brother, but does not look like lil Wayne. That might sound weird, but he don’t. And they went through all this hype. I guess Lauren just didn’t want him in the spotlight, which is understandable.

  10. He looks more like one of Swizz’s kids than Lauren and Wayne’s. I don’t see a resemblance to either of them, which is why I kind of doubting this is even the child.

  11. He looks like both Lauren and Dwayne III. and out of all the fake pics we`ve seen this one def. looks like the real picture. he has Lauren all over him he is very cute

  12. If this is him he’s not what I thought he would be nonetheless he’s a handsome lil man hope this is really him!

  13. look at lil wayne nose. i allways see lauren and that baby. when im in the city but i didnt kno it was by lil wayne.

  14. There’s been too much drama over this child’s name and pics. I won’t believe it’s him until one of his parents confirms.

  15. He cute…I honestly don’t understand all the hype w/not showing his pic before. He looks just like any typical little boy.

  16. Ok, are we sure this time this baby is Cam? Lol. Since this baby been born, I’ve seen about 5 different baby Cameron Carter haha. There was just a pic going around of Reginae holding a little boy people kept saying was Cam, but come to find out it was Toya’s friends son.

    But if this is Cameron, he is too cute. He kind of looks like Lauren. I’m a need him to smile so i can see if he got those dimples :)

  17. Ummmmmmm..ok. I only say that because I cannot really tell if that is him.

    Lil Wayne & Swizz must have had a competition going on.

  18. Wow…I thought we wouldn’t see pics of this child until he was well into his teen years. He’s a cutie. Lil Wayne does need to stop spreading his seed though.

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