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Singer Mariah Carey is speaking out on her ‘difficult’ pregnancy. During an appearance on the Home Shopping Network(HSN) on Sunday (July 24th), the new mom said:

“I was so uncomfortable.  I am kind of proud of myself…. Pregnant with twins is different than anything.  [People] were always saying to me, ‘Oh, but it’s all worth it!’ Yeah, but it’s easy to say when you’re not the one whose feet are this big! It turned into like a really difficult time.”

She added, “My body went through so much.  Holding those twins in — you have to keep them in as long as possible. It’s a sacrifice you make for them. Literally I was like, 47-weeks pregnant.”

Mariah welcomed her twins Moroccan and Monroe with husband Nick Cannon on April 30th.




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  1. Blah, blah, blah, blah….Just show us the darn banies. She was EVERYWHERE her last few months of pregnancy now she want to go in hiding w/the kids. Not fair, please dont be like Akeys & hide the babies for a year. Her son is cute but it wasnt that serious.

  2. Yall need to leave Mariah alone. lol. She was just trying to be funny when she was talking about the products, it just didnt come out like she meant it to. Give her a break, you can tell from her voice that she’s tired. She’s a new mom, & as she said, it was late when they recorded this. we all know, new parents cant help but talk about their kids & exaggerate a bit. Who hasnt…just sayin, relax a bit people. Yall act as if Mariah just ran over your cat or something.

  3. Either she’s on drugs or needs to be…get real Mariah! Anyhoo, I wish her and Nick the best with the babies.

  4. Mariah is a drama queen I saw how nasty she was being to those ppl at HSN get over urself treat ppl they way u want to be treated. I’m glad she finally have her babies good luck.

  5. Mariah brings the “diva” criticism on herself. But, I think that she’s getting a bad rap on this one. Anyone who has been pregnant knows that it’s no joke! And unless you were one of the rare women who had a difficult free pregnancy, it was hell. You can’t say, “women should expect that during a pregancy”, because each pregnancy for each woman is different and so unexpected, that even the doctors can’t predict what kind of pregancy you’ll have. I was so deliriously sick in my first trimester, that I contemplated having an abortion. That’s how miserably, out of my mind with sickness that I was. Not to mention the preeclampsia at the end of my pregnancy that almost killed me and my daughter. So, on this one… I’m with you Mariah. And I can’t imagine going through all that I went through and doing it with twins also!

    • I hear you. I was deliriously sick from day 1 till I delivered. I saw the toilet more than I saw my mother. It was aweful & one of the reasons I only have one child.

      However, you proved my point. There are not many dream pregnancies being verbalized by women out ther..so again..after hearing that what should she have expected? Byno means is preganancy easy on a woman. Mariah should have known she was going to gain weight, be in pain & fall in love with her babies at 1st sight.

      She is a diva & not a very good one in my opinion.

      • I hear ya, Sherley! There was six of us and I loved having a big family, but one is all that I am destined to have. No one that I knew personally went through what I did with my pregnancy, so it wasn’t a common experiece that I could draw from. But, after what I went through with the one pregnancy, I have no desire to chance it again. And like I said, Mariah brings this criticism on herself. From what I’ve heard, she was being a loopy jerk during the entire show, so I can understand people not having sympathy or empathy for her. Poor Nick, he was probably cringing the whole way through that live show.

  6. @Sherley, I agree, after all that she should be thanking God for giving her children since she had difficulty in conceiving not how big her feet were or how much weight she gained. My coworker’s wife lost a child during her pregnancy and still hasnt conceived and that’s been 5 years ago.

    • I also carried twins to full term and by my 6th month I already measured 40 weeks (and I only gained 20 pounds during that pregnancy). So, Mariah most likely was 47 weeks pregnant.
      I KNOW she’s glad that part is over! Now the real fun begins :)

  7. I have mixed emotions about this post. On one hand I understand how difficult it must be to have to carry twins till full term. On the other hand, I think she’s being dramatic about her feet getting big. What did she think was going to happen when she got pregnant..she was going to remain a size 6?

  8. I’ve always loved Mariah’s interviews b/c everything she says is done in like a dramatic voice & it makes me laugh lol. She’s a proud mama, b/c everything turned to be about her twins haha.

    I see her & Nick being one of those really embarrassing parents when their kids get older lol.

    I like those earrings.

  9. “Literally 47 weeks pregnant?” I don’t think so Mariah.
    This woman is such an attention seeker. Yes being pregnant is sometimes uncomfortable but she’s not the first woman to go through it and she won’t be the last. She had her babies almost three months ago, they’re healthy and happy(as far as we know) so she needs quit bitching about swollen ankles and move on.

    • When carrying twins, the womb measures minimum four weeks further than it actually is. So, depending on how long Mariah was able to stay pregnant, she could actually feel close to 47 weeks pregnant, as singleton pregnancies can go over 40 weeks… However, that being said, most twin pregnancies due well to get to 35, sometimes 37 weeks, so she was exaggerating, for sure :-)

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