The-Dream was spotted carrying his daughter Violet Madison Nash to his Mercedes-Benz SUV after having lunch at The Ivy with ex-wife Christina Milian(not pictured) Los Angeles, California on 7/26/2011.

The former couple,who divorced last year, share custody of their one-and-a-half year old girl.

The Dream has three other children with former wife and singer Nivea.

More pictures below!

Photos: Wenn

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  3. SERIOUSLY, I wish you and others would tell me why its not a good thing that she looks like her daddy? Violet is absolutely gorgeous…….period. How many of us that doesn’t look like our fathers? very few. So does that make you, me or anyone else in here unattractive because we look like our fathers? I tell ya, some people are so ignorant. Why in the hell is he carrying her like that? as if he doesn’t want to be bother, trifling. I have neva seen Christina carry Violet like that.


  5. Funny comments here. She just may have not been in the best of moods, does not mean she does not want to be with her father. Children are not always happy – even when with Mommy. :)

  6. I saw pics on another site where Christina was with him. They all had lunch together according to that site. Violet is such a cutie pie!!

  7. pooor thing.Look at the sad face.this man ,holding a baby like that! the dream clearly needs babycarryingclasess.i jst hope little violet will be okay when she gets home

  8. Yes, little Violet sure looks like one uphappy little princess…she’s probably thinking who is man? MOMMY SAVE ME (lol)

    PS why is he carrying her like a bag of groceries?

  9. Why he dont ever have his kids together? Thats a chump move when your children dont know their siblings but everyone else knows them. Swiss may have a ton of children mothers(and not one of his children mothers care for eachother at all) at least he has his kids together… and one of his kids live in another country… so what is Diddy and The Dream problem? their kids live in the same country but their always saying “my babymomma’s dont like eachother” SO WHAT! those are your kids. Have them together so they will know eachother so they wont hate you years later… and for the women who say its either my kids or your kids with the other women are low self-esteemed women…. Let these men spend time with all of their children at once so they will know each other Please… Brothers and Sisters will either have jealousy in their hearts because they will feel years from now that they see photos with you and this child but not them that create years of animocity… or your son will be coming home saying he is getting married to his sister.

    • The Dream has never said Nivea does not like Christina Milan. As a matter of fact, I can’t imagine Nivea even caring about The Dream. That woman is/was all about her last baby’s daddy, Lil Wayne.

    • It annoys me how some posters think that just because they haven’t seen a family picture with all of the siblings together, that it means the kids don’t know each other. I’ve never seen a picture of Dream with his other children either, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t see them.

    • It is hard to assume that he doesn’t just b/c u don’t see the proof. WE don’t know what goes on when the cameras or not around. U can’t expect to see everything and they don’t have to prove anything as long as they know.

  10. I have a problem with him not taking photos with his children with Nivea. I have only seen him one time in a photo with his daughter by Nivea. Once. And that was maybe a week after he cheated on Christina with the assistant… and then in an interview he admits that nannys and mothers takes care of his kids which means to me that he think money is all a kid need. Neyo’s seems to be a man like that too! Anyone seen his baby yet? Now the way he is carrying the baby I would not say is uncomfortable because that is her dad… eventhough he seem to suck as a dad, but thats who christina married soooo… but I hold toddlers like that when Im playing with them and they like it… this is a picture so maybe she laughed after that… who knows…and FYI The Dream is not that bad looking… his decision making is horrible because he seems to not be stable with one woman especially when he starts making more money than the women he is with its like he stays with a woman and when he starts to get more fame he looks at them to be beneath him.

  11. Smh, people sit behind their computers and just insult people they know nothing about. Violet is fine and the way he is carrying her is fine. Her mother was there and if she had a problem with it, she would have said something. Geez, the man was probably trying to get away from all the photographers. All we know is that this man cheated on his wife and yes, he has said some insensitive things, but that doesn’t make him a bad father.

  12. I don’t comment, but reeaaally wanted to here. I HATE how he is carrying her! She is such an adorable baby and I don’t understand why he wouldn’t hold her up and close to him which is what most parents do! She’s a baby, not a football or a piece of luggage!

  13. I agree with Pisces she looks very uncomfortable with this stranger. I also was wondering why he is caring her like that I know he’s not hurting her but geesh. Violet is one of my favorite she is so cute to me.

    • I saw them all on another site and the baby nor Christina looked happy. So the Dream is just what I think he is

  14. I’m not understanding why everybody is saying Violet looks unhappy or uncomfortable w/ her dad. I would understand if there was 5 pictures & she was crying or something. But its just ONE picture. You can’t conclude anything from 1 picture. The only reason everybody is saying that is b/c of what The Dream said & did to Christina. She looks fine. She’s giving the camera a questioning look b/c they probably was yelling out her name. & it looks like she was about clasp her hands together. She’s most likely w/ her dad a lot, its just that the Dream is not for the camera’s. If anything, she was probably crying b/c she had to leave mommy. Which is what a lot of babies her age do.

    • I agree with you. I saw all the pics on another site and Christina is right there with them as they all had lunch together. In the other pics she looked fine.

      • I just saw the rest of the pics. & Christina was right there with them. But like i said in another post, I think certain pics are posted for reaction. B/c i bet if the picture of Christina standing near them was put up, people wouldn’t be saying what they are saying.


    • I’m not saying this in a negative way so don’t take it as I am. I for one couldn’t care less about what happened between Dream & Christina..they are adults..they will be ok. Clearly it stated they were out to lunch together so I knew Christina was with them & I too saw the other pics on another site. You barely see Dream’s other kids so he really isn’t a camera person.

      I’m focusing on solely Violet. You do not see the pout on her lips? You do not see the sad look in her eyes? I’m not saying she’s not liking being with her father, I’m saying she may not like being carried like that. Think about it, would you like to be carried like that, even for a few minutes?

      • Ok, she may look uncomfortable w/ the holding. But people are saying she looks unhappy w/ The Dream & calling her father a stranger. To me thats ignorance. The sad eyes you see maybe b/c she could have possibly been crying before in the restaurant, not b/c of how he’s carrying her. The pouty lips you see could b/c she wants something she can’t have, not because she’s with the “stranger” like people are saying. When i’m out w/ my nieces & they start acting up, i sometimes pick them up like that to hurry up & get them out that place. All I’m saying people in here are trying to portray The Dream as a bad father/man by calling him a stranger & saying his daughter looks unhappy w/ him, when we have never heard of The Dream being a bad father

        • I wasn’t one of the ones who believe Violet’s unhappy with being with her father. The other commentors can feel any way they want.

          I think simply, she doesn’t like being held like that. I have carried my son like that when he is acting up or I need to rush him somewhere, he didn’t like it & he pouted & eyes look just like hers. That is all I’m saying.

      • I agree, Sherley. She could very well be in distress with having to leave Mommy and go with this “stranger” (if she doesn’t know him very well, for the rest of y’all). Just because Christina was there doesn’t mean that everything is amicable. My ex and I had to meet at a public place for the “exchange”, so we met in the food court at the mall. Things may not be as they seem, one way or another.

        • The Dream is helping Christina w/ her album lol. They are together a lot. They showed tweets they sent to each other about working on her music. So if they are together working on the album, most likely their daughter is there w/ the BOTH of them. So her dad is not a “stranger” like you think. & The rest of the pics show Christina leaving w/ The Dream & Violet. So Violet is most likely not unhappy about leaving her mommy (like i originally thought.)

  15. I’m sorry, Violet is so unlucky to have Dream’s genes. She’s going to be a cute dresser tho! I can tell she isn’t comfortable being with her dad. She doesn’t even look secure!! Looks like he isn’t used to caryying his kids when they are small..

  16. The look on her face is priceless.

    It seems to say at the camera person, you see it’s wrong for him to be carrying me like that don’t you?

  17. Little chunky thing, she’s cute
    i carry my nieces like that when they acting up & gotta hurry up & taking them out the room lol.
    BCk he has 3 kids by Nivea. A girl and twin boys. The Dream lost weight

    @Pieces how can you tell she’s unhappy, its only one picture lol.

    • I did not mean unhappy in life…only in the picture. To me she looks like she is about to cry. Maybe she’s more used to her Mom…I don’t know. Just speculating because like everyone else commenting here, I was not there having lunch with them.

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